Bo Scaife leaves Titans with “ill will”

As he walked out of the Titans’ locker room for what could be the last time Monday, tight end Bo Scaife said there are certain people he’s not sorry to part with.

I might have ill will towards a few people, but I am not going to let nothing get my blood pressure up. Life is too short,” Scaife said, per Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “I had a good time here. I don’t feel like they owe me nothing and I don’t owe them anything.”

Scaife, whose contract expires and who isn’t expected to return to Tennessee, didn’t say who he has “ill will” toward. But he presumably means coach Jeff Fisher, with whom he has clashed. Scaife also seems to have lingering resentment that the Titans have put the franchise tag on him the last two years, rather than either giving him a long-term contract or letting him test the market.

Still, Scaife said that even if he’s ready to move on after six years, he’s not sorry for the time he did spend in Tennessee.

“I enjoyed myself,” he said. “I have a lot of great memories.”