Broncos to interview Mike Mularkey


The Broncos were the first team to ever break news of a head coach firing via Twitter.  Now they’ve broken news about a candidate to replace Josh McDaniels via Twitter.

The team announced Tuesday that Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey will interview for the head coaching position on Friday in Atlanta.  NFL rules allow coaches working during the playoff bye week to interview for a position.

Mularkey had his ups and downs in Buffalo, but no Bills coach since Marv Levy has truly succeeded.  Mularkey loves gadget plays and a creative run-first offense, so Denver could see him as a logical fit to coach Tim Tebow.

With Kyle Orton likely on the way out, it appears the Broncos will search for a coach that can maximize Tebow’s strengths.

UPDATE: Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports Mularkey will also interview with the Browns.

23 responses to “Broncos to interview Mike Mularkey

  1. This would drive me bonkers if I was a Falcons fan. Realize it’s part of the business, and the birds do at least have a bye week before their playoffs begin, but if I’m ATL’s GM I want my offensive coordinator focused on his squad 100%, not trying to plot his next move.

    Haven’t heard his name mentioned in conjunction with any HC openings, but if Dom Capers was spending his time prepping for interviews right now I’d be going berserk.

  2. An offensive minded HC? Sure, as long as the defense is addressed this year. Unlike the previous FIVE YEARS! Bronco’s D has not been the same since big Al Wilson retired.

  3. What has happened to the Broncos? A once proud organization that now instead of looking for the “best coach” they have limited themselves to hiring somebody that can work with tim tebust first.
    Here is a thought, hire the best coach and let him select a “real” QB instead of the hb option/ FB/TE we have now. He may not be a bad kid and a great cheerleader but he can’t read defences and his windup gets clocked with a sundial. McDummy shafted this teams in a lot of ways and one of the worst was trading back into the first round for FB.
    Teams have already adjusted to him by putting 8-9 men up and making the savior of inaccuracy throw to beat them. Going to be a disaster next year for us Broncos fans

  4. Well, I’m a Falcon fan and it’s just part of the biz when your team starts to have success. It’s a compliment, really. I don’t really think he’s gonna get either of those jobs though.

  5. Here are the real power rankings. . . Vegas odds on winning the Super Bowl.

    New England Patriots: +130

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  6. I wish we still had Mike as our OC in Pittsburgh. . .

    He was the best we had in a long long time.

    I wish him the best. . . I just don’t think Cleveland is the place he should go.

  7. Couldn’t agree with snaponrules more. The Broncos need to acknowledge that the last two years have been a complete waste and start over. Making HC choices around the predecessor’s blown draft picks is just throwing good money after bad.

  8. The Broncos need to acknowledge that every year since Elway retired has been a waste and start over.

  9. OMG – this can’t be happening Bronco fans.

    Boycott, Petition, do whatever you need to do.

    The Org condition is basically a pile of dog doo, about to be TWO piles.


  10. “Mularkey had his ups and downs in Buffalo, but no Bills coach since Marv Levy has truly succeeded.

    Yee gods Mularkey was awful in Buffalo. Pats fans were very bummed when they got rid of him. And what, just because nobody else has been successful there since Levy you give Mularkey a pass ?

    Great coordinator, absolutely horrible HC.

    “Mularkey loves gadget plays and a creative suck-first offense”

    Fixed that quote for you. Mularkey is no answer for the Donks, that’s for sure.

  11. A variety of guys who were head coaches made some mistakes along the way ….Mike Mularkey is hopefully gone thru the bumps which will help him get the next team he controls ‘on track’

    Mularkey’s resume includes helping the Steelers get to the Super Bowl under Coach Cowher back when Neil O’Donnel was QB. Than Mularkey was the HC for Bills – not long but, he must know a thing or two about adversity. And now he has helped to groom and get Matt Ryan to succeed with the Falcons over the past two seasons.

    Good Luck Mularkey – you deserve it. I just feel that he would benefit from having a smart & logical GM for personnel moves, and structure of the team (organization).

    Steeler Fan

  12. Mularkey deserves the chance to be a HC again and I’m simply highlighting the fact that he can now string together his experience and figure out what seems to work and what doesn’t.

    But no matter how good a HC is – or qualified, none of them will taste success without a solid QB and a promising / good Defense. NO matter how smart Bellichick is he doesn’t succeed without Brady. Shannahan doesn’t finally get his rings unless Elway (and TD) lead the team. Payton isn’t sniffing ‘dat’ Lombardi without Brees terrific accuracy. We can all add to this list …. HC’s who really showed a terrific style for getting SO much out of so little (without a star QB) would have Billick in the top 5 since the entire team got carried by an incredible D ….Dilfer didn’t make mistakes to cost the Ravens the ring that season. Even when Reeves took the Falcons to the SB but they came up short, that was a wonderful job coaching.

  13. this team has made a bunch of bad decisions for the last couple of years. cutler, marshall, and hillis were on this team and they replaced them with tim tebow. i think the falcons offensive coordinator job is way better than head coach of the broncos.

  14. He doesn’t have a chance. they want Harbaugh and are drolling over the fact that with the low draft pick they could get luck as well if he convinces enough teams he won’t sign with them, holding out for denver.

  15. “Mularkey loves gadget plays”


    We rarely even throw a screen, much less anything gadget-y.

    A lot of people here in Atlanta are all over Mularkey for predictable play calling and not spreading the field, but I think he has done a great job and I’m really hoping he ends up staying.

  16. Some of you people must have just completely fallen off the turnup truck yesterday. If you took two mins to read the article, it says they are scheduled to INTERVIEW HIM.

    I did not see anywhere that it said he was a LOCK! Come on people, they are going to interview a bunch of guys. I don’t get the hoopla of people thinking he has a contract signed. Sheesh people, read before you react.

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