Greg Manusky to interview for Panthers job

While speculation about the 49ers G.M. and coaching search doesn’t end, we haven’t heard much about the fate of Mike Singletary’s former staff.  Until now.

Well-regarded defensive coordinator Greg Manusky will interview for the Carolina Panthers head coaching job, according to Matt Maiocco of Comcast Bay Area.

Manusky ran the usually solid 49ers defense over the last four years.  He coached under Marty Schottenheimer for six seasons.

While he’s not a big name, we like that the Panthers are doing their homework rather than just chasing the hot coordinator of the year.

5 responses to “Greg Manusky to interview for Panthers job

  1. Looks like they’re definitely going to find the guy that will accept the lowest salary.

    Great strategy though…

    1. Unload top players and their salaries for two years.

    2. Throw Head Coach under the bus for the team’s lack of success.

    3. Hire cheapest coach available, all while the fan’s have low expectations from being blindsided by 1 and 2.

  2. Not as famous as his uncle the notorious Balkan warlord, “Mad Man” Manupski, but Greg inherits his no nonsense persona.

  3. I can’t think of a single name coach who is available (ie Cowher, Gruden, Billick) that I would want my team to hire. I don’t think they are going after a guy who hasn’t been a HC yet because they are cheap. If you are getting another guy anyway, why not a guy who may blossom into a good coach then get rewarded after they perform(remember what JR paid Fox after his SB appearance??Not chump change.)? The only owner who went after a name and high $$$ guy last year was predictably Snyder. And Shanny is a godawful HC/GM. Great offensive mind and offensive coach though.

    The Steelers, Ravens, Falcons and Saints all spring to mind as teams who in their most recent hires did NOT go after “sexy names”. Payton was really the only one who had any kind of buzz. But I guess SB trophies and playoff appearances and wins are SOOOOO overrated. They ALL would have been better off with some name guy. 😛

  4. Couldnt agree more with lebronski’s comment.

    If owning an NFL team is too difficult for Mr. Richardson at this time then do what little fans you have right now a favor and sell the team.

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