Mornhinweg says he’s not thinking about Browns job


On Sunday, the Eagles will host the Packers in the wild-card round.  But on Monday, a head-coaching job in Cleveland became available.  And Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg is regarded as one of the top candidates.

For now, though, it’s not on his mind.

“There’s no other way to do it — you have to have all your focus on this football game.  That’s what we expect of all the coaches and all the players,” Mornhinweg said, per Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News.
Does he expect to get interviewed?  “We’ll see,” Mornhinweg said.
Under league rules, assistant coaches from teams with bye weeks may be interviewed this week.  Assistants from teams that play in the wild-card round may be interviewed next week, with the consent of their current employer.  (Falcons coach and former Jaguars defensive coordinator Mike Smith, for example, interviewed for the job after the Jaguars won a wild-card game against the Steelers after the 2007 season.)
Mornhinweg won five of 32 games in two seasons with the Lions.  Apparently, Browns president Mike Holmgren is willing to consider the “Millen factor” when it comes to assessing Mornhinweg’s performance.
Or maybe Holmgren just wants a coach who’ll win the toss in overtime and choose to kick.

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  1. A coach being asked a question about an open head coaching job and not giving a straight answer/saying he is only focused on the game ahead….never heard that one before! Thanks for the info!!!!

  2. WOW…the “millen factor”…now that’s funny….so here again we have a proven loser (according to his 5-27 record) who is going to interviewed for this job and is reported to be near the top of the list. yet, they will pass over countless other less recognizable names to interview this clown….simply amazing how you can be so unsuccessful in your previous post and be on anyone’s “short” list of candidates.

  3. good! don’t think about it … we do not want you! if it came down to it i would hope Holmgren would step in as a last resort to this (expletive) guy.

  4. I like the fact that he’s not talking about it right now. As a Chiefs fan, it’s not fun when you have coaching changes and distractions heading into the playoffs. Wish we would have kept everything quiet until after the season.

  5. Also in that game, accepting a penalty against the Bears that would have made it 4th down, and a long field goal against gale force winds. Instead, it was 3rd and long, and the Bears made it. Then scored to tie the game.

    As for the electing to kick..

    I watched that game with my best friend, and his kids. When he elected to kick, my 5 yr old goddaughter turned to her father and said “Daddy, I thought you were always supposed to receive the kick in overtime?”

  6. This guy is a loser. The guy who decided to kick off after winning the coin toss in OT.

    That said, it does not surprise me to hear that the York’s and 49ers are looking at him.

  7. As a Lions fan, I can tell the Browns that they’d be better off hiring Bozo the Clown to be their coach than this guy. Or, maybe they could have the best of both worlds – hire Mornhinweg, but make him wear a big red wig and nose on the sideline. That would be perfect.

  8. He’s not thinking about it because his pea-brain is unable to do that many things at once.

    Seriously, the guy was a complete disaster as a head coach, who in their right mind would be considering him?

    Some guys are great coordinators, but terrible head coaches. Marty Mornhinweg is one. Move along.

  9. “Mornhinweg says he’s not thinking about Browns job.”


    What a coincidence! It turns out that, here in northeastern Ohio, the fans aren’t thinking about him either.

  10. Why is this guy an upgrade from Mangini? because Vick is playing out of his mind this year, so the O.C. is considered a genius? because he was a QB. for Holmgren in H.S.? Or probably because he shares an agent -(Lamont) and its the good ole boy network. You can’t blame a 5-27 record completely on that doofus Millen. So Ridiculous! We want Gruden or “The Chin”. Go Browns!

  11. I remember the Lions were having a bad practice so to punish them, he just left practice on his motorcycle. It was a big deal up there when it happened. This guy was bad for the Lions and will be worse for the Browns!

  12. proven to be not a terrible offensive coordinator but a proven terrible head coach. nobody would consider him a top candidate for the browns just because heckert is the GM. *authors name* should get *authors name*’s head of of *authors name*’s *slang for rectum*

    seriously, ease off on the censors.

  13. Daboll is the man! If the Browns can’t get him to be the HC they should go for a lesser candidate like Gruden or Cowher!

  14. Fact is who cares what he did in Detroit, they were awful then and are awful now.

    His work in philly is pretty damn good, as we have one of the most potent offenses in the NFL.

  15. I remember his disasterous stint as a HC. What idiot in their right mind would even consider this puke as a HC? At least he faded away eventually while that hurrendous failure Millen stayed on to further destroy the Lions.

  16. Wow, some of you people have no clue, do you? Holmgren wants to bring in a coach who has a good grasp on the west coast offense, and Marty has a pretty deep playbook in that style of offense. And who cares about his record in Det.? Did Robert Kraft care about Belichicks record when he was in Cleveland? His record with the Browns was terrible. There are a bunch of factors that come into play. You cant judge Marty on his record in Detroit. Look at what he had to work with.

  17. JERRUHJONES, OK, so name some teams that have GREAT offenses but dont have any bigtime players. Every good team has a few stars on it. And dont give me any crap about the Pats, because I consider Brady, Welker, Woodhead and Gronkowski as bigtime players. Packers have Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings, Driver. . .Saints have Brees, Bush, Colston. . .Bears have Cutler, Hester, Forte. . . .Falcons have Ryan, Turner, White. . .I think you get my point.

  18. That pretty much means there’s been “tampering” and he is definitley a candidate for the job.

    Mark Ingram, Daquan Bowers or AJ Green #6 overall???

  19. steelerdynasty2010 says:
    Jan 4, 2011 1:55 PM

    ….simply amazing how you can be so unsuccessful in your previous post and be on anyone’s “short” list of candidates.

    First off- you’re a Steeler fan. if the Browns were in talks with your almighty idol, Bill Cowher, you’d probably find trash to talk about him, too- just ’cause the subject is the Browns.

    That said, if Mornhingwheg landed in Cleveland, his last post would have been OC for the Eagles- a team that’s not exactly “struggling” to find it’s offensive identity.

    Also, you don’t think there’s a “Millen factor”, but you’re also sure that someone’s last stint as a HC is probably an indicator of how he’ll do in his next stint. OK, so Steve Mariucci was a pretty damn good coach in SF, right?

    How’d he work out for the Lions?

  20. Its the good old boy network Morinhinweg gets hired by his buddy in Cleveland and Reid hires his buddy Brad Chilly from MINN. to replace him as OC. They talk about the Rooney Rule what a JOKE.

  21. He can catch a late flight out of Filthy on Sunday he will have nothing to do after Vick is sent to the VETS to be PTS

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