Panthers owner Richardson “not optimistic” about labor talks

One of the most influential owners in the NFL isn’t optimistic the league can avoid a work stoppage.

“I personally am not as optimistic as some are that we are making much progress,” Panthers owner Jerry Richardson said on Tuesday, via

We’ll have more from Richardson on John Fox and the Panthers later, but his comments on the collective bargaining agreement negotiations stole the show in his press conference.   His words add a dose of reality to previously sunny forecasts about avoiding a lockout.

“I’m not optimistic we are making a lot of progress,” Richardson said.

Using a notepad with a NFL shield, the Charlotte Observer says Richardson drew a piechart showing the respective revenues of the players and owners.   This approach continues a trend from both sides to prove to the fans that they are in the right.

The sooner that both sides understand there will be no right side to a lockout — that both sides will huge losers — the sooner we should see the progress that Richardson says is lacking.

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  1. Like many of us learned during the Lions 0-16 and 2-14 seasons with numerous blackouts, there’s plenty of other things to do in the fall than sit in front of a TV watching football(particularly when your team is a loser with little hope like the Panthers).

    If the owners delay the start of the season with a lockout, that’s exactly what will happen–people will realize there is life without NFL football.

    Those who can’t live without it will attend and/or watch more college and/or high school games, which would be a boon to them.

    In sum, if the owners and players engage in another strike, it will damage the NFL brand. There will be no winners on either side of the equation.

  2. The average share of NFL payrolls going to the highest-paid 20 percent of players in 2009 was 62.4 percent, higher than the 59.5 percent share in 2008, and much higher than the 56.3 percent in 2000.

    In other words, there is significantly greater income inequality in the NFL than in the general U.S. population, with 62.4 percent of team payrolls going to the top fifth of NFL players in 2009, compared to 50.3 percent of total national income going the top quintile of American households.

    While the share of income going to the top 20 percent of U.S. households has been constant for more than a decade, payroll inequality in the NFL keeps increasing each year. So the greedy get greedier & outearn everyone else in their own profession.

    Start with more equality inside your own profession & earn more as a group collectively first, you’ll be suprised as to how much better you’ll be treated as a huge group of money earners versus a small group of huge money earners.

  3. Screw the union and the players…..they’ll crack first….we’ll go with replacement teams for $10 a ticket per game and make those college drop outs come back with their tails between their legs.

  4. Isn’t he the owner who is pushing for a lockout the most? Seems he doesn’t care for a resolution. Looking at the way he conducts his business I don’t think he cares about the welfare of his team, nevermind the NFL.
    Put him with the old AFL gang of owners who need to get out of the league.
    These guys are like incumbent senators who’ve been in washington too long. The league needs quality owners as much as it needs quality QBs.
    Maybe the lock-out could be good if we lose some of these old, lame duck owners.

  5. I remember the lockoutout and strike-shortened ’87 season. That was a great season for me as the ‘Skins won it all.
    The owners are greedy, self-serving pricks.
    I wouldn’t mind at all to see scabs playing next season.
    I agree with the above statement, run these over-the-hill/worthless owners out of the league and install some fresh blood that cares about the integrity of the game and their fanbase.
    Jerry Jones, Bud Adams, Jerry Richardson, Al Davis et al – get the f*#& out!

  6. If the owners are so willing to draw up arbitrary pie charts on NFL shields why are they unwilling to make their books open to the public? I guess we are just suppose to take their word for how much money the owners are pocketing. Stick to these dusty old farts. Go players!

  7. Jerry Richardson is a quality owner. The is a business side to football it’s not just about the game in the nfl. If you owned an nfl team just like any other business you would do whatever it take to maximize your profits right?

  8. I don’t know if I buy that completely. Richardson has been cheap for years and it’s hard to see him spending $60 million on 1 player. Stands to reason it might be tougher for him to cry poor in labor negotiations if he’s just spent $60 million on a draft pick in what is potentially the last year without a wage scale.

  9. Well that explains the crappy state of his team.

    I’m wondering if you could divy the league by teams on the rise vs team in decay and figure out which owners are thinking what.

  10. The owners are seizing upon the hard economic times to force lower pay for the players, while at the same time demanding two additional games on the regular season schedule. This is theft of the highest order. Owners have not lost one red cent, but want to use the economy as an excuse to shake down the union. The profit from team ownership is in the stratosphere already. I really do not believe anything the ownership side of things says.

  11. Its the CARTEL owners versus a labor union; the owners are greedy and have no need to negotiate; their revenue from the networks is guaranteed!

  12. This should come as no surprise considering the recent transactions regarding coaches. Ownership groups are taking the safe route with retaining losing and mediocre coach’s instead of taking a risk with a new hire at this time. Having a employee you know to take care of the unknown flux through the walk out is a clear indicator of the impending course of action by the players.

  13. Well said dwoofer. By the way the NFL can’t enlist scabs anymore, it’s either NFL players or no football at all with the way things are written up now. Schefter reported this on espn the other day.

  14. don’t worry, don’t worry, I heard that Paris Hilton is very optomistic about the negotiations!

  15. Millionaires fight each other. How about the 1000s of support personnel that will be laid off? When the millionaires cannot decide where to pay a quarterback $600,000 or $700,000 per week? Most people are just trying to make the mortgage payment.

  16. “Jerry Richardson is a quality owner.”

    Are you on drugs? Jerry has made a number of really, really stupid mistakes over the years. Look at where the team is now. I’ve never understood why so many people respect him as an owner.

  17. I wonder what EA sports will due with Madden if a lockout happens and drags on for awhile? Without a deal in place can they even use a players likeness?
    Hopefully these questions will never need to be answered.

  18. mvpanthersfan11 says:
    Jan 4, 2011 3:00 PM
    Jerry Richardson is a quality owner. The is a business side to football it’s not just about the game in the nfl. If you owned an nfl team just like any other business you would do whatever it take to maximize your profits right?


    Do you mean running a business like he ran Hardees/Dennys into the ground?

  19. Jerry Richardson is a quality owner. The is a business side to football it’s not just about the game in the nfl. If you owned an nfl team just like any other business you would do whatever it take to maximize your profits right?

    Hardee’s, according to my friends who love fast food, was always the worst.

    Mistakes Jerry has made.

    Appointing his son as president and running Bill Polian out.
    Sean Gilbert trade.
    Marty Hurney has been mediocre at best.
    Keeping Fox dangling for two seasons.
    Putting his son Jon in charge of anything.

    You maximize profits by winning. Jerry’s about to find this out as people surrender their PSLs.

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