Pat Shurmur to interview with Browns on Thursday

A lot of Rams fans complained about offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur all year and wanted him to get fired.

Well, maybe he’ll leave town for a promotion instead.  The Cleveland Plain-Dealer reports that Shurmur will interview with Mike Holmgren for the head coaching position in Cleveland.   (The Rams’ season-ending offensive explosion must have clinched the opportunity.)

Shurmur cut his teeth under Andy Reid in Philadelphia, so he’s from the same coaching tree as Holmgren.  The Browns are also expected to interview Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey, Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, and possibly Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.

Shurmur would appear to be a real long shot for the job, but that’s also what we thought about Mike McCarthy in Green Bay and various other surprising coaching hires over the years.

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  1. I remember watching that game Sunday night thinking to myself, “the offensive coordinator for the Rams should be fired on the plane ride home”.

    11 carries for one of the best backs in the league, and maybe three or four throws all game over 5 yards.

    Maybe they are trying to satisfy the Rooney Rule by interviewing a retard.

  2. The most likely reason for this interview is Holmgren doing Shurmur a favor. His uncle was the late Fritz Shurmur who was Holmgren’s D-Coordinator during the Packers SB run in 96-97.

    My money is on a Morningwig reunion in Cleveland.

  3. Who?!?!

    “Shirley you can’t be serious!”

    Maybe for a coordinator position at most and likely a position coach…

    Big Show has to choose someone with a little more rep…he has deep pockets of Randy Lerner to work with…maybe Gruden afterall?

    Anyway, with the 6th pick in the 2011 draft the Cleveland Browns select…

  4. Pat can show Colt McCoy how to throw all of his passes sideways or backwards like he did for Sam Bradford. “Great for your completion percentage, kid.”.

  5. Mornhinweg deserves another shot at a head coaching job. Except the “take the wind” decision, he and his staff did a pretty good coaching job on a team where the existing veterans were in decline, the free agent signings were below average, and Millen’s drafts totally sucked.

  6. “Shurmur would appear to be a real long shot for the job…”


    God, I hope he’s no more than that.

    Maybe Holmgren is interviewing losers like this and floating rumors about some of these bozos to create some misdirection of media attention away from the real target. Jon Gruden, I’m looking at you.

  7. Shurmur’s agent is Bob LaMonte who is also Holmgren’s agent. Holmgren and LaMonte are basically business partners which is why Shurmur is getting an interview and will get way more consideration than his resume dictates.

  8. It’s just out of politeness that he is interviewing the guy. Mornhinweg has a legitimate chance at the job, and I’m unsure on that one too, he was less than stellar in his time with Detroit. But in fairness who was the last coach of the Lions who did have success? Plus that was almost a decade ago now if I remember right, surely he has learned much in ten years under Reid. Either ways, Holmgren did a great job when he hired our GM, by selecting Tom Heckert. I am confident whoever he chooses will do well.

  9. People in Cleveland must be estatic about this this of interviewees. If Realitypolice is right about the Rooney Rule, the Browns can drop Mornhinweg off the list if Shurmur comes in first.

  10. As a Rams fan, I’d like nothing more than to see Shurmur get the job in Cleveland.

    The gameplan on Sunday was absolutely atrocious. He should have been fired at halftime.

    To only give Steven Jackson 11 carries in the biggest game of the year is a joke, and it shows how incompetent an offensive coordinator he really is.

    Then there was the decision to hand the ball off to Mike Freakin Karney — who entered the game with four carries all year — on 3rd and 1 early in the first quarter. It’s not like he had a Pro Bowl running back he could have gone to. Oh wait, he did.

    The gameplan put way too much pressure on Bradford, who was playing at Qwest for the first time.

    Sorry for the rant, but I’m still pissed about that game.

  11. Daboll is the man! If the Browns can’t get him to be the HC they should go for a lesser candidate like Gruden or Cowher!

  12. “Maybe they are trying to satisfy the Rooney Rule by interviewing a retard.”

    Nah… that’s the Ryan Rule.

  13. Big Show, do us Rams fan a favor and TAKE HIM. Obviously doesnt know how to use a young talent like Danario Alexander, doesn’t know how to use one of the best backs in football in SJax, and those “dink and dunk” throws he had Bradford completing all season just pissed me off. The Rams “game plan” was probably the most predictable and horrible game plan in football besides the 49’ers.

  14. Well at least the Browns have the personnel to pull off the “dink” part of ” dink and dunk”.

  15. What about Jim Mora. Holmgren hand picked him to replace hin in Seattle. Holmgren was being second guessed in Seattle and Cleveland is next.

  16. brownsclown says:
    Jan 4, 2011 4:49 PM

    Daboll is the man! If the Browns can’t get him to be the HC they should go for a lesser candidate like Gruden or Cowher!

    Funny- you posted the exact same comment in another Browns story earlier today.

    What’s the matter? Bummed out that no one bit on your oh-so-obvious trollery on that story, so you thought you’d try it in this one?

  17. In surprising news: After interviewing the candidates, Holmgren then interviewed Holmgren. Holmgren was said to be so impressed by Holmgren that he offered the job on the spot to…Holmgren.

  18. Won’t matter who the coach ends up being, they will still be the Cleveland Browns and doomed to failure until Toni Grossi takes the hold off of Art Modell’s entrance into the HOF. The curse lives.

    Personally I’d like to see them get Gruden. It would make the AFCN even more interesting to watch his head explode after losing to the Ravens and Steelers in sequential weeks.

    Whoever it is, we’ll be having our standard Browns fans coming on the site and predicting the playoffs and the SB. The song remains the same. At least they are good fans. Too bad their team is mired in mediocrity. (well not really to bad, but you kinda know what I mean….)

  19. 1. thanks RAM fans.. i lost the football pool for picking st louis over seattle…, i didn’t know the OC was an idiot

    and as a Steeler fan… I just love who Holmgren is interviewing, favor or not, it makes him look like an idiot also…

    then again… i love the Randle El to Hines Ward TD pass in Cleveland this last Sunday… see the media is missing the fact, that Randle El to Hines Ward TD pass put the 21-10 hit on Holmgren Seahawks in his Super Bowl..

    HA.. Wack ! take that Holmgren, welcome to AFC North… lol That had to get Mangini fired in Holmgren eyes ! Holmgren had to have a ‘flash back’ there in his booth watching the game.
    watch next year.. write this down. It will be mandatory, that Cleveland will have a receiver pass to another receiver in the end zone to ‘repay’ Pittsburgh !!! lol , lol

    oh.. you’re also interviewing the previous HC of Buffalo Bills? what tree branch is that west coast offense of? (not a tree – STEEL).. lol
    anybody remember Mike as a tight end for Pitt

  20. You gotta be kidding !?! Pat Shumur ?!? Where are Rich Kotite and Les Stuckel when you need them ?!? lol

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