ProFootballTalk Live is off and running


As you may know (thanks to some excellent promotion from our friends at NBC), we launch ProFootballTalk Live today at noon.  It’s a weekday, 30-minute football-only show that will stream on at the guaranteed-to-get-your-money’s-worth price of zero dollars and zero cents.

Guests for the first week include NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Buccaneers General Manager Mark Dominik, and NBC’s Cris Collinsworth and Mike Mayock, who will be working the two wild-card games on Saturday.

We get started Tuesday at noon with the newest non-interim coach in the NFL and the eighth head coach in Vikings history, Leslie Frazier.

Also appearing on the first show will tight end Alge Crumpler, one of the many pass-catching Patriots who run their routes and catch the ball when it’s thrown to them and never, ever complain that they’re not getting it enough.

We know that 30 minutes will go quickly.  But we’d rather have a fast 30 than a slow 60.

So tune in at noon e.t.  And if you miss it live, you can watch it any time — also free — at

Bang it right here to watch the show at noon.

33 responses to “ProFootballTalk Live is off and running

  1. Hey Mike, try to keep Crumpler between yourself and that Vulcan death grip. In case things go south.

  2. Mikey, as you continue to ascend into on of the sports media stars of our generation, don’t forget the scrubs like me who helped you get there.

  3. No Brocato in those? :-/

    Bob Costas looked chroma-keyed in that shot…reminds me of the fake fireplace during the Olympics,

  4. Mikey, as a long-time follower and fan of the site I have watched your rise to media prominence with pride. This season in particular, with the way NBC has employed you as an equal to the likes of Bob Costas and Peter King, it is hard to believe that it is the same Mikey that we used to give a hard time about because of the site hamsters letting us down, and who we used to make smart remarks about during the old live blogs.

    Congrats on your success and the launch of the new show. Now that you are a national star, don’t forget us little people who made it all possible.

  5. So that’s why you’ve been toting the Goodell line all season.


  6. Man, good for you guys.

    Now it’s time to get you a new logo. 1998 was great but I think we can move on …


  7. I’d like to know if Commissioner Roger Goodell could ask the networks to stop over-producing the television broadcasts. It’s gotten out of hand. Flying logos before and after each replay. So many close ups and quick edits its hard to tell where the line of scrimage is. This over produced product is less welcome to the viewer than a more moderate presentation.

  8. I would like a video apology to the Buccaneers. You did say 9 wins in 3 years and they won 10 this year.

    As William Wallace once said “I’m not finished. Before we let you leave, your commander must cross that field, present himself before this army, put his head between his legs, and kiss his own ass.”

    GO BUCS! Freeman had the 9th best efficiency mark in NFL history just to mention it @ 22 years of age.

  9. I will check it out for sure but timing may be bad for you. I hope you don’t get penalized on the timing–fantasy football is over plus lots of fans favorite teams are not in the playoffs.
    These are 2 huge things working against your traffic right now.

  10. Frazier gets his own advice from Super Bowl rings and winning when he has been put in the spot to do it. I’m sure he’ll be talking to Tony Dungy a lot too.

  11. Who has time/availability to watch a 30 minute video at work??

    I hope this doesn’t take any time away from your cutting and pasting of relevent NFL stories in one place. That is why we love this site….that is why we come here.

    There are already countless networks offering underqualified video analysis……we don’t need one more.

    Please don’t let this become an obsessed hobby. Stick to PFT’s foundation – Break news.

  12. I think you’re doing a good job Mike seeing as how this is your 1st show. You starting to wear a lot of hat nowadays..I just hope you won’t forget about the site & the littel people.

  13. greenall12 says: Jan 4, 2011 11:55 AM

    will it be available to fans outside America?
    I don’t know about outside North America, but I watched it here in Canada.

  14. Just a heads up. Your graphic about the Vikings’ wins and losses during Leslie Frazier’s interim coaching is incorrect. It has the wrong opponents and scores.

  15. Mike, you don’t have to stare at the computer the whole time. You can look at your audience.

    Crumpler is an offensive lineman these days and a tight ends coach for Gronkowski and Hernandez. He doesn’t even have the build to play TE anymore. Hernandez really isn’t a tight end either. He’s more of an additional receiver.

  16. Pretty good first effort Mikey. I’m glad that unlike snfextra, it is available to us in the Great White North.

    My only caution is that you be careful not to spread yourself too thin. You’re doing a lot for that NBC cash, and it’s all great, but remember what got you to this point and don’t lose that.

  17. Hey Mike. I liked the interview, but have someone double check the graphics thrown up. The W/L record of Leslie was SOOOO bad you had the Vikings playing the Eagles twice in the last couple of weeks, and NO six weeks ago (that was week one for the Vikings, you might remember it was a Thursday night game on NBC…)

    Also I believe AP had 13 TDs not 12, all that aside the interview was great and I look forward to hearing more. Good job.

  18. “So, I’m talking to Brett Favre the other day, and mentioned that I’m going on PFT Live. He said ‘Do me a favor Les, when you get close to the PFT guy, hold your right hand like this, then squeeze his pencil neck for about 5 minutes. Thanks.’ “.

  19. Wow, this was a HUUUUGE letdown. I’ve read all the hype about this with a great enthusiasm and then I get this: “This NBC Sports content is not available in your area. Please check your local NBC station for television coverage.”

    My most local NBC station is about 3800 miles away.

    I’m very disappointed.

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