Raiders give Niners permission to interview Hue Jackson

Earlier today, word emerged that the San Francisco 49ers sought permission to interview Raiders offensive coordinator Hue Jackson.

Per Jerry McDonald of, Raiders owner Al Davis has granted said permission.

The 49ers asked and Al said yes,” senior executive John Herrera said.  “He’s happy for Hue.”

Of course the Raiders said yes.  They really had no choice.  Since Jackson is being interviewed for the head-coaching position, the 49ers have the right to talk to him and to hire him.

Whether they will or not remains to be seen, especially since it has been reported that Raiders coach Tom Cable won’t be returning, and that he presumably will be replaced by Jackson.


27 responses to “Raiders give Niners permission to interview Hue Jackson

  1. If you ask me, Al should coach the team himself.

    Sure he’s 103, but he’d still do a better job than most of these guys, and it sure would be fun to watch!

    HBO Hardknocks – get someone on this ASAP

  2. On another note, Hue Jackson was meeting with Marvin Lewis the week before the Cleveland game at Cincinnati’s Jeff Ruby’s Carlo and Johnny, presumably for the offensive coordinator position. This seems to be a moot point since Jackson will more than likely get either the 49ers job or the Raiders job.

  3. What you jacklegs don’t understand is that Al Davis doesn’t Twitter, Tweet, Facebook, Smoke Signal, or Carrier Pigeon Adam Scheftler his next move. A true player never shows his hand. Cable has a good grip on his locker room. If Hue Jackson leaves so be it. It might sting for a second but I guarentee that Al will find the next great mind who would love an oppertunity to take advantage of all of the talent on offense. Another solid draft, a little OL/WR help and we not only dominate the AFC West, we also give the rest of the conference a run for their money. I bet Hue is only being interviewed because of the Rooney rule. He would be a moron to leave for some subpar Head Coaching gig. He can give Oakland another year or two, make a deep run in the playoffs, and pick which ever head coaching job he wants in 2012/2013.

  4. thats great!! every time i see Anakin(I mean AL), i cant get that horrendous weird grey sweater… and muttering the words K-iii-fen…… Que. the also weird green desk lamp, and desk. Who does that..

  5. (what will you people look like when you get old?)

    you going to get botox? face lift.

    Do you not have any ‘grandparents’…

    will you be able to look at yourself in the mirror at that age….

    Please ask your mom why she didn’t show you the movie “bambi’, ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.’

    I’m very mad at saturday night live… if nothing sacred any more…

    respect your elders…

    on and on…

    geezohman… com on man

  6. You guys better get up your 18+ warning before you post explicit and unexpurgated pictures of Al. There are legal ramifications.

  7. Al went to an art gallery to see “The Scream” a couple weeks ago. The Scream hasn’t slept a wink since.

  8. When did the Crypt Keeper buy the Raiders?
    Remember the only way to destroy a Zombie is to shoot it in the head

  9. To all you IDIOTS commenting on how Al Davis looks… sure to take a real close look in the mirror when you are in your late 80’s….that is if you are even able to live for that long.

  10. yall who speak bad of Al Davis and his looks have no respect or balls…. the man is like 82, how the hell will you look at that age, or will you even make it??? morons!
    only way to go is up and the nfl is always better when the raiders are winning….
    cable stays and so does hue…. RAIDER NATION!

  11. any team can interview assist coaches for a HC spot and hue jack’s under contract! why would you go to SF anyway.
    A good write up on topic on
    I hope the coaching team stays intact with possibly ? of marshall, but d-line help may due the trick!
    latest post from pft that cables contract option isn’t picked up– not buying it yet– time does not expire until the 18th and al is never in a rush–unless it is to fire a coach for cause and his name is not Lance!

  12. CHP has issued an APB warning.

    In the words of spokesperson T. Petty, “All the vampires walkin’ through the Valley, move westward, down Ventura Boulevard”.

  13. Why are you posting a photo of a zombie extra from The Walking Dead ? I thought this was a Raiders article.

  14. Yeah because Harbaugh would turn down several other offers to go back to a team he didn’t like to begin with? He already has turned Al down to go back on several occasions. This time is no different. as for All this talent on offense you got Miller and D-Mac. Where is the rest? Murphy and Bush are ok. DHB is a 4th receiver on many other teams. Campbell is up and down. No Harbaugh will likely end up in Michigan, or maybe Miami. $9ers have more offensive talent, they just need a QB. I don’t see him going to SF though, or Denver. He has already turned the raiders down before so nothing will change there. Besides everyone knows that Jackson is only interviewing to fill the re-diku-lus rooney rule

  15. Raider Nation? Har Har. Yeah you swept the weakest Div in the AFC and still didn’t make the playoffs. What a joke. The only team to do that since the AFL-NFL merger. Congratulations on that dubious distinction.

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