Ricky Williams tees off on the Dolphins, Sparano


He arrived in 2002, he retired in 2004, he was suspended in 2006, and now he’s leaving in 2011.

Running back Ricky Williams made clear on Monday that his time with the Dolphins has ended.

Williams described playing for coach Tony Sparano as “not a great fit for me,” via Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post.

“It was an experience for me, and I learned a lot about myself and I got better as a football player, but at the same time, I didn’t enjoy it,” Williams told Sid Rosenberg during his weekly radio show on WQAM.  “For me it’s about playing football, it’s about having a good time and it’s about working hard.”

He didn’t have to work very hard in 2010; Williams said that he didn’t have to take an Advil all season.

But Williams still ran the ball 159 times for 673 yards, 14 yards more than his full-season totals for 2008, and he became the franchise’s all-time leader in rushing attempts on Sunday, passing Hall of Famer Larry Csonka.

Williams criticized Sparano for micromanaging the team, and Williams believes Sparano lost the locker room.  Williams also said that the team was not prepared for the regular-season finale at New England.

“Usually after a rough season there’s a sense of relief when it’s over with, but I didn’t feel like that,” Williams said.  “It’s the contrast with what they have going on in New England and what we have going on here, and it’s a very stark contrast.”

The good news for Williams is that his contract is expiring, so he can leave.  “It seems like now is time to move on,” Williams said. “I was drafted in 1999, and this is the first time I’ve been a free agent.  I’m excited to see what happens.”

Somewhere in New Jersey, Jets coach Rex Ryan’s interest has been piqued.  And Williams threw in one more message aimed at doing so.

“I like watching the Jets play,” Williams said.

Though he’s 34 and has plenty of wear and tear, he also has a lot of tread left on the tires.  The fact that he teed off on his current head coach could be viewed as a possible negative, because it means that Williams eventually will do the same thing to his next head coach.

Of all the coaches in the NFL, Rex Ryan seems to be the last one who would worry or care about that.  The bigger problem is that the Jets have a crowded house at tailback, with Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson and, suddenly in Week 17, Joe McKnight.

25 responses to “Ricky Williams tees off on the Dolphins, Sparano

  1. Guess Ricky still is looking for “I” or his cousin “me”. Same old Ricky. I wonder if he was wearing a jet’s football helmet while he was being interviewed by Sid? Must have smoked some courage before he was on QAM!

    I can see it now, rex and ricky on the cover of SI. Ricky in a wedding dress with his feet propped up talking about his pretty feet and gool ole rexy with his camera talkin’ up how pretty Ricky’s feet are. HA.

    You know ryan has promised each jet a personlize “foot” video for making the playoffs.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes to the 49ers. Then suddenly develop a case of glaucoma.

  3. Doesn’t Belichek micromanage everything too Ricky? You enjoyed the Jets offense the last time you saw it in New Jersey? Dude’s not making much sense.

  4. this is a strong indictment against Sparano. All the fans know about the losing and the problems with Henne’s development, but I suspect there is a ton of locker room turmoil we dont know about becasue they keep such a tight ship there. You could see the discontent Marshall has with the team and the coaches. No doubt some players dislike Marshall for some of his antics. this team may have some serious disfunction. I cant see how they turn it around next year without cleaning house. Bet we find out today.

  5. With Fred Taylor and Sammy Morris likely moving on, perhaps Kevin Faulk as well, there may be a spot in New England next year to complement BenJarvis Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead.

    Ricky would have to show a little in workouts. Has anyone seen him break a tackle recently?

  6. I don’t think Ricky wants to play special teams or fullback (like Sammy Morris.) But he could definitely fill the Fred Taylor role on the Patriots (sign a big contract, then be hurt for 2 years.)

  7. kevinfromphilly says:
    Jan 4, 2011 7:52 AM
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes to the 49ers. Then suddenly develop a case of glaucoma.

    Now that’s funny.

  8. “Williams said that he didn’t have to take an Advil all season.”

    It wasn’t that long ago that he was whining about having to carry too big of a load and how he preferred sharing carries with Ronnie Brown.

    Ricky must be off his meds again.

  9. Ricky is my favorite player in the league, i’d love to see him get a ring…just please not with the Jets.i. I think seeing him in green would be the most disgusting thing I could ever experience in the football world. Don’t go, Ricky, Miami loves you, and no one wants to see you go. Coach Sparano might be gone very soon, and (if the fates are on our side) Cowher might be in – a coach who LOVES to run the ball.

    By the way, Ricky is 33.

  10. I actually think most teams would like these comments in some way from Ricky. The worry about him for many is whether he’s got the passion to play. Well, it sure sounds like it.

  11. At 33 years old, he will turn 34 in May, Ricky Williams has a lot of tread left on the tires. Over the last three years he has rushed for nearly 2,500 yards and has averaged 4.38 yards per carry. Before the season started I thought Ricky had a good chance to pass Earl Campbell on the all time rushing list and he did. Ricky is now number 28 on the all time rushing list in NFL history. Big names that are next up; Ottis Anderson (in 708 yards), Eddie George (in 876 yards), Tiki Barber (in 884 yards), Jamal Lewis (in 1042 yards), Ricky Waters (in 1078 yards), and Warrick Dunn (in 1402 yards). I think Ricky has a good chance to catch and surpass all of these guys if given a chance to play with the right team. I could easily see Ricky getting over 1,500 yards rushing in the next two years. There is still a remote chance that Ricky could catch and surpass one player I know he would like to pass, Edgerrin James (at 2681 yards). No Gain James has no tread left on those bald tires. While, Run Ricky Run, is still going strong.

    Ricky, we would love to see you back in New Orleans, maybe you can come back for Three Dat?

  12. First of all, you call THAT “teeing off” on the Dolphins? Umm….okay. Maybe if you’re the extremely sensitive sort that would be considered “teeing off”.

    Second of all, is Ricky under the impression that Belichick doesn’t micro-manage in NE? The same guy who systematically taped the oppositions signals for over 6 years?

  13. From the same interview:

    “They had less to play for than we did … and they played harder than any team we played all year, and I just expect that from my team,” Williams said. He added, “I’m not angry at my teammates. I’m angry at the situation. That’s the coaches, myself, teammates, that’s everyone. That’s the whole environment that we have there, and I’m just frustrated that it’s not better.”

  14. “The fact that he teed off on his current head coach could be viewed as a possible negative, because it means that Williams eventually will do the same thing to his next head coach.” -MF

    A coach can alleviate this situation by not sucking as a coach. Very simple solution to cover this “possible” situation.

  15. Nothing Ricky said is wrong, how can anyone be unhappy with him? Color me thankful that athletes can be honest sometimes, and not have to worry about being PC or offending people.

    The Dolphins should have kept Ricky and let Ronnie walk. I know Ronnie is younger but he’s coming off a major injury he didn’t bounce back from. Ricky also hasn’t averaged less than 4 yards per carry since 2003, and in 4 years of playing with Ronnie has only trailed Ronnie in ypc once.

    Ronnie – 3.7 ypc
    Ricky – 4.2 ypc

    That’s actually a huge difference

  16. Guys Sparano was great as a coach his 1st year and then lost it. Im hoping dolphins keep ricky and reap the benefits. The guy is older but is still an elite back that a certain coach bet the farm on to get in the draft.

    Ricky getting the ball as a #1 back and his chance as the main guy will break some defenses, he still can be the best RB in the league because he is a complete back able to do it all. BLOCK, CATCH, POWER, SPEED, EXPLOSIVE, and he is healthier now than ever probably. Dolphins I believe will keep him but the coach will hold him back. I watched all the Phins games and when ricky was in they were a whole different offense. Compared to the terrible playbook and Offensive scheme we had he always would come in and find a hole or make a block and revive the team. Then after gaining some momentum they would let him watch us go 3 and out or throw an int from the sidelines. He’s still got it and will for another 2-3 years. I just hope he gets his chance. Mistakes he has made but he is still got it and its going to waste in MIAMI 😦

  17. And how has he backed up the Brown train for these years is a huge mistake. Stats say it all Give him a chance a complete honest chance anywhere as #1 and he will fix the problems and make a good team great.

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