Sparano’s presence doesn’t stop Harbaugh chatter in Miami

After extensive meetings in Miami on Monday, Tony Sparano remains the team’s head coach and Jeff Ireland the team’s G.M.

Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald writes that the actions taken by owner Stephen Ross and CEO Mike Dee indicate a team “willing to clean house” but not necessarily looking to do so.  Ross called the meetings “productive” and was described as calmer than he’d been in weeks.

Ireland’s job looks safe, but Sparano’s continued employment hasn’t stopped speculation about the head coaching position.

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora expects the Dolphins to make a push to hire Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh while Sparano twists in the wind.  Ross and Harbaugh are both Michigan alums.   The two sides have reportedly “had contact.”

Meanwhile, La Canfora reports that sources “close to Bill Cowher” would only go to Miami if he could bring his own personnel guys.  Basically, Ireland would have to be out for Cowher to be in.  That looks very unlikely.

Harbaugh continues to be the “hot” coaching name like Jason Garrett a few years back.  Even Cowher’s Super Bowl ring isn’t changing that.

23 responses to “Sparano’s presence doesn’t stop Harbaugh chatter in Miami

  1. Why have there been no talks of Harbaugh to Carolina, he can pick up his own QB (Andrew Luck) in the draft. I mean it would make sense right?

  2. It’s only been 35 years since their last Super Bowl win. That’s practically a blink of the eye in dog years.

    Stay the course guys. All is good. Almost there……..

  3. ‘meh’ I have no thoughts on this matter. First off, College coaches don’t have a good track record, lets all remember SABAN. Second… I’d rather have a NFL coach. Third… I suppose it can’t be all that bad since he did QB in the NFL for a long time, and has even took the colts to playoffs. Maybe he might be able to help one particular qb on our roster that needs some shoe polishing.

  4. As a Dolphins fan Harbaugh excites me more than anyone else.

    As for Ireland/Sparano, I think Ireland is more to blame for the teams current situation than Saprano is, assuming Ireland has made the personnel decisions.

    Ireland passed on Matty Ice, Ireland drafted Pat White and Pat Turner. Ireland passed on guys like DeSean Jackson, LeGarret Blount, and Josh Freeman in the draft. We had terrible FA signings like Earnest Wilford, the AZ Safety. they destroyed a solid OL this year, and let JT go for no apparent reason.

  5. nick saban and bobby petrino. have teams not learned yet? don’t get why this guy is hot. college coaches do not translate into the NFL. jimmy johnson was the exception.

  6. If we can get Cowher and don’t it would be foolish. Don’t get get me wrong I love superfan at coach but Cowher is an elite. F Ireland. F Henne. F Henning. F you Tuna.

  7. phamt02 says:
    Jan 4, 2011 11:20 AM
    Why have there been no talks of Harbaugh to Carolina, he can pick up his own QB (Andrew Luck) in the draft. I mean it would make sense right?

    I have actually seen it addressed many, many times. Is this the only website you read?

    The consensus is that there is no way in h*** that the Panthers will pay the kind of money Harbaugh wants after all the cash they gave Fox and have already public said they will be pursuing an NFL assistant who has not previously been a head coach.

  8. Fins fans are mostly idiots and they deserve Sparano. When I posted on one of their message boards in week three that the Fins were second rate and Sparano was in way over his head, I got banned. That very same message board has a poll with 88% NOW agreeing with me. I hope Sparano keeps his job–and the Fins go 4-12 next year. For defending this moron, the dumbass fans in Miami deserve the sorry team that he is going to bring them. As I used to tell them on that site, I “get it” earlier than most. They scoffed then…look at’em now–completely on board with me! C’mon Ross….Keep Sparano!

  9. Ireland’s track record:

    Year Rnd Pick
    2010 1 28 Jared Odrick
    2010 2 40 Koa Misi
    2010 3 73 John Jerry
    2010 4 119 A.J. Edds
    2010 5 145 Nolan Carroll
    2010 5 163 Reshad Jones
    2010 7 212 Chris McCoy
    2010 7 252 Austin Spitler

    2009 1 25 Vontae Davis
    2009 2 44 Pat White
    2009 2 61 Sean Smith
    2009 3 87 Patrick Turner
    2009 4 108 Brian Hartline
    2009 5 161 John Nalbone
    2009 5 165 Chris Clemons
    2009 6 181 Andrew Gardner
    2009 7 214 J.D. Folsom

    2008 1 1 Jake Long
    2008 2 32 Phillip Merling
    2008 2 57 Chad Henne
    2008 3 66 Kendall Langford
    2008 4 110 Shawn Murphy
    2008 6 176 Jalen Parmele
    2008 6 195 Donald Thomas
    2008 6 204 Lex Hilliard
    2008 7 245 Lionel Dotson

    A couple notable hits, a few more notable busts, and a lot of question marks.

    If Cowher is available, how do you not take him?

  10. Just to set the record straight on Jeff Ireland as some of you are having a hard time grasping his history with the Dolphins:

    Why is Jeff Ireland safe when Sparano isn’t? Do the Cameron Wake, Randy Starks, Davone Bess, Jake Long, Dan Carpenter, Richie Incognito, Sean Smith, Vontae Davis, Kendall Langford, Karlons Dansby, Brandon Marshall… outweigh the Chad Henne, Pat White, Pat Turner, Shawn Murphy, Ernest Wilford, need #1 QB, need #1 TE, need to upgrade the OL, need to upgrade the RB, need to add a compliment to Marshall?

    When the regime took over the 1-15 squad, we had nothing…literally nothing. I think we’re further along than we were back then, if we take a deep breath and a step back and actually look at the talent on the roster. If Jeff Ireland does indeed stay, I won’t complain.

  11. As a Jets fan, I don’t really know what kind of coach Sparano is because they ALWAYS play us so tough. But when you look at the record, its mediocre.

    There are two kinds of bad teams in the NFL:
    1. A team without big talent that fights hard
    2. A team with big talent but finds a way to loose

    Houston and the Dolphins seem to have the talent to win games, but it just hasn’t happened the last 2 years..

    Personally, I don’t want to see Cowher in miami because I don’t want to have to see him twice a year.

  12. I like Sparano and think he is a good guy, but this team needs a good kick in the pants and a fire that Cowher could bring. Ireland is not good enough to warrant not signing Cowher. The Dolphins would do best to keep Nolan, hire Cowher, and go find a good OC. (McDaniels might be good if he could get along with Marshall) Henne has shown flashes of superior ability but his decision-making and lack of leadership far outweigh any potential benefit from arm strength. We need a smart QB with good leadership skills. Trade Thigpen, find a capable vet (Collins) and draft a stud QB (Mallett)Pennington was a great fit but his shoulder is shot. Keep him as a QB coach if possible. This team is very close but attitudes need to change. When you are content with field goals, you are content with mediocrity. Williams is done and Brown might be as well. Not using that last draft pick on Blount was dumb. Rarely would a guy drafted that low make the squad but Blount’s skills were apparant.

  13. chapnastier says:
    Jan 4, 2011 12:57 PM
    “No Superbowl winning coach has won one with another team” – Jerry Jones
    True, but no QB ever threw for 5,000 yds until Marino, no QB ever threw 50 TD passes until Brady, no head coach ever won a NCAA championship and a SuperBowl championship until Jimmy Johnson…that is a factoid rather than a viable point of argument.

  14. hey chapnastier, tell Jerry Jones that Don Shula won superbowls with both the baltimore colts then the miami dolphins.

  15. I don’t want Sparano back because he’s too conservative and loyal to his asst coaches.

    This “pass when we have to” offense will limit any QB. Look at what a similar philosophy did to Marino at the end of his career.

    How can you go 1 WR, 2TE on 3rd and 10 so often? Does that fool someone? Does it put your offense in a position to succeed?


    As to Cowher, I have 2 things to say, and 1 sort of supports Sparano.

    First, Cowher would have been fired if held to this standard. His teams were up and down with a long line of marginal QBs UNTIL Big Ben dropped in their laps.

    Second, although he got to the dance, he didn’t win the SB until he had a big time QB. He will not have that in Miami unless they get real lucky.

    Finally, as to Ireland, I don’t hate him. He has fielded a tough, physical team. He’s missed in the draft, and seems to love drafted defensive ends. They turned the D around this year via FA and the draft.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him bring in an offensive draft. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with QB no matter who is in charge. They don’t have the ammo to move up in the draft.

    I also want to see what this same offensive personnel can do with a good OC. But Sparano needs to stop messing with that OL. That’s on his shoulders completely.

  16. If Ross is dumb enough to keep Sparano and Ireland, then they better get used to being in the middle of the pack. That is all Miami will ever be with Sparano. There are so many top quality coaches available, WHY? WHY? would you keep Sparano. So they can keep kicking field goal instead of scoring touchdowns. Sparano is no better the Wade Phillips for Gods sake!

    MUST GO:


    If not they will stay in obscurity in the middle of the pack.

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