The return of Marvin Lewis should create the departure of Ochocinco

Recently re-signed Bengals coach Marvin Lewis and owner Mike Brown joined the media Tuesday for a surprisingly contentious press conference.

Lewis and Brown didn’t reveal much. They even chose not to tell reporters how long Lewis’ contract was for.  Someone forgot to tell the guys that already reported it was a two-year deal.

The team’s website also says that Lewis’ return “would seem to seal the departure of wide receivers Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens.”

Brown expressed confidence the Bengals would play so well in 2011 that he’d extend Lewis for even more years.  The lack of a collective bargaining agreement also weighed heavily, as Brown feels that continuity gives the team the best chance to succeed.  (We agree there.)

Brown says his scouting department is just fine, and an indoor practice facility will wait for another CBA to happen.  While they were vague, it appears Lewis will have a bigger say in personnel matters.

26 responses to “The return of Marvin Lewis should create the departure of Ochocinco

  1. No scouting changes, no GM, no castration of Mike Brown. so what did Marvin want?
    A bubble in 2 years and a chance to pick a coach or 2?

    Unfortunately its the same ol same ol. Marvin didnt get anything that is needed in cincy. so poor bengals fans will continue to suffer

  2. It’s nice to see things are returning to normalcy. Cats and dogs no longer live together, The Raiders are no longer the worst team in the NFL and the Bengals will remain a doormat for years to come

  3. Have you seen the Bengals schedule for next year? Dump the diva receivers, make Bernard Scott the lead back and even keeping Carson Palmer will get them 10 wins.

  4. Didn’t Marv want a better practice facility? Is he getting anything he’d hoped for? But hats off to him for keeping his job … really thought he was a goner.

    Don’t care how many catches he had, the worst thing the Bengals ever did was bring in Owens. The guy is poisonous to team chemistry. Yes, he played well–but no one else did, and the team fared better without him. #85 did better without him, too. He’s never been my favorite player, but at least he’s not the viper Owens is. Too bad if he leaves because it seems he’s been a longtime fan favorite in Cincy.

  5. Marvin re-signed w/out all concessions met, but TBD in the future. Katie and Troy were backing Marvin throughout this process (which is a good sign). Changes will be made, just not today. I can live with that as long as Bobby Brat is gone as OC!!!!

  6. I saw the press conference and I detected that Mike Brown was uneasy and angry at times in his answers. It doesn’t say anything specific, but it does suggest he may have made concessions that he really didn’t want to make.

  7. This is great news for cincy fans. Each of those two probably cost the Bengals 3 wins each. Suddenly Cincinnati is a playoff contender.

  8. Epic underachievers on O here. With all their weapons + they spent 2 of their top 3 picks this year on receivers and a 2nd last year they should have led the league in scoring.

    The O seems too complex to be practical on the road or the WRs just never bother to break their routes off or help the QB out under pressure. This team with a good TE and too many good slot receivers to count could easily have run a competent short passing game. Just baffling.

  9. Ocho will be back!!!

    I hate to say this, but Chris Henry was cut and came back; Pacman tried out once for Cincy and was given another chance a couple of months later.

    Hell, T.O. could be back!!! They’ve actually done the opposite of what’s been predicted under Marvin Lewis, including bringing back Marvin Lewis.

  10. I listened to the press conference and it sounded like Marvin conceded more than Mikey boy did but I guess that can be expected – it’s Mikey’s ‘business’ not Marvin’s.

    The thing that irks me the most is that Mikey boy believes his own BS. He always thinks that they’re one player away from winning it all (Antonio Bryant?), they have plenty have scouts because they rank #10 in the NFL on drafted players making the team, and they don’t need an indoor practice facility because they have to play in cold weather anyway and they need to wait to see what a new CBA brings.

    In reality, they:

    – Are about an owner, a GM, 2 -3 coaches, and a few good players away winning it all.

    – Have the fewest number of scouts in the NFL. Ranking #10 in the NFL for players drafted and making the team means nothing. What means something is the player’s impact and stats. That’s how you have to gage it. Hell, you can be ranked #1 if you wanted to keep everyone you drafted.

    – Building an indoor practice facility has nothing to do with a new CBA or playing games in the cold. It has everything to do with $$$$$. They currently bus them 45 mins away to Mason to practice at an indoor soccer facility (probably for free).

    The NFL needs to step back in and force Mikey boy to making significant changes to the organization……………….

  11. Many have sold out their morals for less than the few million a year Marvin is making from the Bungles. I guess he figured it’s better than being a DC somewhere and hoping to be the hot prospect to get the head coaching gig somewhere else.

    I almost feel sorry for Marvin. The guy is a good coach totally hampered by his owner who doubles as the GM. They have the worst scouting dept in the NFL and he can’t even get the tightwad to build him a modern day practice facility. How in the hell does Brown believe that any free agent worth having would even consider going to Cincy. He certainly isn’t going to be overpaid.

    The Bengals will continue to have an occasional good year followed by one or two bad ones. That has been their history and it isn’t going to change. Meanwhile Mike Brown is banking millions on his product in which he invests as little as he can.

    Good news for Raven and Steeler fans. The Bengals will continue to fight Cleveland for the bottom of the AFCN for some time to come. And for all of the Bengal fans who crowed about sweeping the AFCN last year and how it was terrible that in the beginning of this year they got no recognition, well…. I guess the majority of the football world was correct. Your team still hasn’t posted two winning seasons in a row in decades and you head coach that has been with your for 8 years still doesn’t have a winning record.

  12. patriotsworld says: So who will be the next idiots who pick the 3 amigos, Moss, Ocho, and T.O. Amazing cancerous —holes.

    Moss was anything BUT a cancer for the majority of his time with the Patriots. At the point he was more trouble than his value, Belichick traded him for value and rebooted the offense to the consternation of every DC in the league (especially the Jets who spent a lot of money on CBs intended to contend with Moss)

    If Chad gets signed it will be a low risk short term “show me” contract like the one Moss originally signed with the Pats

    Belichick has always seemed to get a long well with Chad and vice versa. That suggests he might be a “good boy” playing here as seen in the past by Moss, Corey Dillon etc

    The only element that the Pats are “missing” from their offensive forte is a proven deep threat WR – I wouldn’t be shocked if Chad at least had interest in the Patriots as its a good place for a WR to kickstart their career. He’d know that the second he became a distraction he’d be cut anyway.

  13. Can someone please explain why they soul keep him? The QB has to go, the secondary is terrible and they don’t win many games. Without even checking I know he below .500. Mediocrity breeds mediocrity.

  14. I’d like to be hopeful for Marvin Lewis but it sounds like the same old soup. Another CBA may not ocurr for another 6 years. An indoor practice facility doesn’t need to expensive like something Jerry Jones would build.

    “If you want me to cook the dinner then at least let me pick the ingredients.”
    Bill Parcels

  15. (1) Welcome to New England, Chap (BB loves the guy)

    (2) Good luck trying to get jersey 85 from Hernandez. Have you seen the guy? He’s a monster! Better change your last name back.

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