A day after Lechler’s rant, Raiders sign a new punter

On Tuesday, the Raiders opted not to pick up the option on coach Tom Cable’s contract.  On Tuesday night, Lechler unloaded on the organization for dumping Cable.

On Wednesday, the Raiders signed punter Glenn Pakulak.  The team announced the move on its website.

We doubt that it’s a coincidence.

Lechler, a Raiders since 2000, is signed through 2012.  Pakulak spent eight games with the Saints in 2008, and two with the Redskins in 2009.

86 responses to “A day after Lechler’s rant, Raiders sign a new punter

  1. I thought the Raiders looked relatively good this season and showed alot of promise. From my perspective, Tom Cable was a good fit and had Oakland in a good direction.

  2. Hmmm for a while there I thought the Jet’s were about to take over the mantle of the most defunctional NFL Organization but then again the Raiders never disapoint!!!

  3. Jeez, Lechler is the best punter in the league. Drop him I say. I am sure he would be picked up by somebody (maybe the Giants) in a New York minute.

  4. A blind man could see this coming! Wonder what he as to say about this signing! Will he call Al for answers now?

  5. well lets get to the facts…this is the 3rd time that he has signed with the raiders since shane lechler has been on the team…that is quite a coinincidence, almost as much as the fact the raiders signed 10 other players yesterday that you do not mention, but it is all a coinincidence

    What is well wacky is that the highest paid punter in nfl history is whining like a little baby….that dude makes enough to buy a box of kleenex.he should go buy some.

  6. Lechler showed a lot of disrespect for saying what he said. Especially after the respect Al has shown him with that huge contract. Anyone that talks like that should be fired. You’re a hired hand, take your paycheck, say thank you and STFU, punter.

  7. When Al shows his loyalty to a player(overpaid) and this is how his loyalty is returned………well this type of thing is considered mutiny of the highest order……

    No wonder Lechlar got punched in the mouth by a teammate.

  8. Hilarious.

    Everyone loses.

    Lechler winds up on another team for a fraction of his 2010 salary.

    The Raiders go from having one of the best punters in the league to a guy who was out of the league this year and has spent 10 weeks in the last 3 years on an NFL roster.

    Just business as usual in Raider land.

  9. As a Steeler fan, I would love Shane Lechler on my team. Please drop him Al. Your stupidity will be our gain.

  10. Typical Raiders! This franchise is not satisfied unless its a perennial 4-12 club. But I don’t even think that the old man is senile enough to cut the best punter in the league.

  11. What you guys dont understand is the Raiders run their team like a family, like the sopranos.
    You do not speaK to the media about family business thats like talking to the cops about what the family does.
    You keep your mouth shut and say the right things and do good on the feild you get rewarded like asomough and lechler was one of those guys but he talked to the bad guys.
    If he leaves he will never get the money he was getting in the family…..

  12. The team barely announces high profile moves and they put the signing of a punter on the website! I love it. They won’t necessarily cut Lechler but I bet he is on the trading block and won’t open his mouth again

  13. Just because they signed a punter does not mean they are cutting one.

    But if they want to trade, the Giants DESPERATELY need a punter.

  14. hahahaha, I love it, daily dysfunction by the hapless raiders! Addition by subtraction AL!!! DOOO EEETTTT. (a little bird told me Nhamdi was talking about your mom! you gonna let him berate you like that AL?)


  15. It seems Al is trying to make a statement. Sadly, his statement leads to every player and others on the staff to have to walk on eggshells which leads to poor production. They may go 10-6 next year but the years after will be a return to 4 fer. His staff will respond better to leadership and knowing they own their positions than fear.
    Tony Robbins

  16. What a bunch of idiots. He said he is tired of all the coaching changes. Im sure if he said he doesnt care how many coaches come and go and didnt care if they keep losing as long as i get my check everything is great you people would rag on him for that too right?

  17. kegpack says:
    Jan 5, 2011 10:01 PM
    Goes to show – An All Pro punter is still… a punter. Put a sock in it Shane and kick the friggin ball


    Shows how much you know!

    Lechler’s only the best punter in the NFL the last 10 years. He won’t be unemployed long.

  18. It’s about principle. Anyway you look at it players are employees and to openly bad mouth the company you work for is insubordination and could be grounds for termination. Lechler probably wants out and thinks this is the way out. If he stays he could turn out to be a cancer in the locker room.

  19. Isn’t that the same guy they signed when Lechler pulled his hammy a couple of weeks ago? The very same tools that mocked Davis for over-paying a punter now hope that same punter lands on their roster.

  20. Al needs a first round pick so Lechler is now on the clock. This franchise will never be a winner until Al meets the grim reaper. Give up on Gruden or Cowher coming to Oaktown. Al refuses to pay the money for a quality coach. Granted he’ll find another puppet but let’s hope for a lockout next year so we will be spared another losing season.

  21. they also signed P Danny Baugher to the practice squad on December 22, then they released him just 6 days later…

    so guess they knew the Lechler Rant was coming or else they wouldn’t have put all of this on the transactions page that shows every transaction the team makes!!!!!!

    O, and lets not forget that this is only the 3rd time the Raiders have signed Pakulak to the roster… and Lechler was on the roster during all of these previous signings!!!!!!!!!!! O NO!

    typical… making something of nothing

  22. note to all Raiders players:

    if you want out now, just talk to the media about how mind boggling it is to have an owner change coaches more often then he changes his track suit.

  23. Wow… apparently, Al Davis is as thin skinned as he has appeared lately (I mean really, have you SEEN him lately?).

    Sigh, well after reserving judgment this past season, and with good reason, it appears that Undeal Al, once again, for the umpteenth to the Nth degree time, fails to get out of his own way again.

    If you factor in Undead’s penchant to “release the Kraken,” one thing is for sure: Raiderkarma can’t be far behind. The Curse of the Undead is upon us again, Raider Nation. Go hide your children.

    According to Raiderkarma the following should occur:

    1)Hue Jackson leaves for greener pastures
    2)Lechler is indeed, traded
    3)As Lechler predicts, Gallery, Bush, etc. high tail it outta there via free agency
    4)The team recoups a first rounder by trading a disgruntled Nnamdi
    5)Seymour begins grumbling again (seriously, does anyone really think it’s just Lechler?)
    6)Undead hires either a puppet to be HC or someone smart enough to produce results for a few years before cashing in his chips elsewhere
    7)We, as Raider fans find ourselves “Back in Black,” as in cancer black, after enjoying this past season’s progress towards eventual remission

    ALL Raider fans know this: once Undead begins to impose a more hands on approach, the rats start jumping overboard, the ship starts taking on water.

    Sigh. Not Again.


  24. “The Greatness Of The Raiders Is In Its Future”. Not until brain dead Al Davis is no longer part of that future…..

  25. #
    huejackson says: Jan 5, 2011 10:51 PM

    What you guys dont understand is the Raiders run their team like a family, like the sopranos.
    You do not speaK to the media about family business thats like talking to the cops about what the family does.
    You keep your mouth shut and say the right things and do good on the feild you get rewarded like asomough and lechler was one of those guys but he talked to the bad guys.
    If he leaves he will never get the money he was getting in the family…..
    That all depends. If all of the teams wait for him to clear waivers before going after him, then he’ll be signing a new contract with another team if the Raiders cut him. If, however, a team wants him bad enough that they don’t want to risk being outbid or finding out that Lechler simply prefers to play for another organization for whatever reason, then they’ll put in a waiver claim. If he’s picked up off of waivers, his current contract stays intact and the new team simply takes over the payments. If he clears waivers, then he’s free to sign a contract with any team he wants for whatever he can get (which will still be quite a bit for a punter given his skill and the number of teams that could use a top notch punter). On top of that, if he clears waivers, Al will still be on the hook for any guaranteed money left in the contract (if any), allowing Lechler to double dip. Of course, all of this would happen only if Al dumps Lechler for a punter not good enough to stick with another team. I know Al has a bit of a “rogue” streak in him, but that really would be crazy. The Raiders depend on Lechler’s ability to change field position. By the way, Lechler isn’t saying anything a lot of other players aren’t already saying. The only difference is that Lechler feels comfortable enough in his opportunities for other jobs that he’s willing to say it on the record. Who knows, maybe Lechler sees the writing on the wall and is trying to talk his way out of Oakland before what he fears will happen (another backslide) happens.

  26. So he says something Al doesn’t like and his punishment is possibly escaping Oakland? Sounds like a win move for Lechler.

  27. Lechler had a poor season anyway. he never comes up with a clutch punt, hes a garbage time punter. Not saying hes not good but at this pint in his career hes only top ten, yet hes being oaid like a phenom.

    kick rocks shane, or stfu and try to earn your salary….punter

  28. @thereisalwaysnextyear


    If released, Lechler would only draw interest from 31 teams.

  29. Dude probably said what he said so Al would get rid of him. Smart man. Enjoy your new team.

  30. yes they signed a punter, and TEN other players as well. Got the big oar out stirring the pot as usual.

  31. I really don’t understand how numerous coaching changes would affect a punter. It’s not like there’s a west coast punting or a 3-4 punting. The guy just punts the ball. Right? except for a trick play here and there.

  32. At one point I heared some tv guys saying he might be the first HOF punter in history. Al is an idiot if he cans him he should be listening to him. I have no doubt he wouldn’t clear waivers (if they have those off season) and someone would take him at his current wage.

  33. Hey Al, remember Mike Eischeid and Jerry Depoyster? They were both “great” kickers in the mold of the raiders yada yada. Ridiculous.

  34. What kind of message does it send to the rest of the team if the Lechler is allowed to air dirty laundry in public?

    The Raiders are full of very young players, let this go and they’ll all start doing it.

    It just can’t be tolerated.

  35. While it would be disappointing to lose a kicker of Lechler’s caliber it is obvious that he isn’t the difference between winning and losing for the Raiders.

    If Lechler had done this when Gruden left (who is a legit playoff caliber coach) then I would have understood that.

    But to throw away a lucrative contract (anyone who thinks that another team would pick up his current contract through 2012 is INSANE) supporting a coach with a losing record (who isn’t going to be anything more than a OL or OC for the rest of his career) strikes me a “cry” to be released.

    Cable=Joe Bugel (who was one of the best ASSISTANT coaches ever to work in the NFL, but failed miserably as a HC).

    Lechler has cashed $20 MIL of Al Davis’ money playing for the Raiders and looks like he is ready to go elsewhere. If he doesn’t want to be part of the franchise anymore that is his right. He probably thinks (rightfully so) that he has another 10 years or so left in the NFL and wants to be somewhere else. If that is how he truly feels then he and the Raiders need to move on.

    I would hope he would tone down the rheteroic long enough to see who Al Davis go with as Cable’s replacement, but I am sure by signing another punter the Raiders are just simply planning a worse case scenario where Lechler keeps running venting to the media and eventually you have Randy Moss Part Two.

    However if anyone can look at the way he is “venting” to media and think of him as a high-caliber “team guy” for their team I would say “buyer beware”.

    Granted the NFL is FULL of divas, but a “diva” punter? Last I checked it is still a team game and if a player (i.e. Moss/Owens) thinks they are bigger than the team then it is time to move on.

  36. Al Davis has become a true agent of chaos. Unfortunately, for Raiders fans, it’s only affecting his team.

    At some point, this guy just lost his mind. That 2002 super season seems so far away now.

  37. Who knew at 8-8 that they would still be such a mess of an organization? Let’s see…

    1) HC should not have been fired
    2) All-Pro Punter should have kept his mouth shut
    3) All-Pro Punter should not lose his job

    This little sequence is just a demonstration of the Raiders in a nutshell.

  38. Wll then, Darren McFadden and Michael Bush should be worried because they also signed Louis Rankin. Jacoby Ford and Louis Murpy are done now that Shaun Bodiford was put on the roster. Come on people.

    Silence by the Raiders is not confirmation that your made up story is true.

  39. @huejackson:

    Most hysterical post ever. What a bizarre thing to be proud of.

    Sure, my team never wins, but at least they run their organization like an Mafia crime family.

    If the Raiders are the Sopranos, then Al Davis is Uncle Junior, chasing around Gennaro Malanga six years after he was already dead.

    The only crimes this family ever commits are against it’s own fans.

  40. I don’t know if anyone heard Phil Vilapiano on Sirius NFL Radio last night, but you could just hear the pain in his voice talking about this current debacle. As a Broncos fan, I was brought up hating the Raiders (my little sister married a Raiders fan and we all call it a mixed marriage), but it is so sad to see such a proud franchise getting run into the mud by a senile old man.

  41. Redskins could really use lechler,send him to us! maybe janokowski will go on a rant tonight?we could use him to! since steinbrenner died,al davis seems to be making his move as leader of the evil sports empire!Raiders will never win with him running the team!!!send him back to the deathstar!

  42. Get rid of him, Al! We could certainly use him in Green Bay. I’ve never really cared for Nasthay Masthay.

  43. 1historian says:
    Jan 6, 2011 9:05 AM
    Jerry Jones is taking Al Davis lessons but there is only ONE Al Davis.

    Who traded the team’s 1st round choice to the Patriots.

    So what trade was worse? Jones’ for Roy Williams or Davis’ for Seymour.

    Seymour was a good addition and brought a great amount of respect and leadership to the Raiders organization.

    Why don’t you live up to your name “1historian”?

  44. huejackson says: Jan 5, 2011 10:51 PM

    What you guys dont understand is the Raiders run their team like a family, like the sopranos.


    The 1970-80’s Raiders ran it like the Sopranos. What has Raider Nation upset is that, for the better part of a decade, they’ve been running like the Corleone Family… if Fredo was the Don.

  45. Once again, people that don’t follow the Raiders have to open their mouths to show the ignorance they have of not only Al Davis, but also football in general. Those of you who are saying Cable never should have been let go, are the same ones who 4 years ago were saying “Tom Cable?” The simple fact of the matter is yes, Cable did go 6-0 in the division. But he went 2-8 against the rest of the league, including losses to Arizona and San Francisco. Not only that, in most of those games they eventually got blown out. I liked Cable. I think he’s a good offensive line coach, but he always was over his head as an NFL head coach, and until he got let go, everyone thought so. Now all of a sudden, he’s a great coach and Al is an idiot for letting him go. Once again people, he did not get fired. His option wasn’t picked up. Whether Hue Jackson is the answer or not, I have no clue. But as much credit as Cable gets for turning 4-12 team into an 8-8 team, you’d think we should already put his bust in Canton. As for the Pakulak signing, he has already been on the roster 3 times this year, and Lechler was banged up by the end of the year, so who is to say he doesn’t need surgery or something and they hold on to Greg in the meantime? Everyone wants to bash Al, including “young” Raider fans that don’t realize what he truly has meant to the NFL over all his years. Don’t forget, he ultimately was the one that hired the talent that allowed a no name like Cable to turn them into a .500 club. When everyone is giving Cable such a great grade for turning the franchise around, don’t forget he also had the most talented Raider team in 8 years. McFadden finally showed he can be what we drafted him to be. I would love to hold onto Michael Bush, but just like when we took Lamont Jordan from the Jets, I think he truly wants to get a chance to prove himself as a #1 back, and with McFadden blowing up, that isn’t going to happen in Oaktown. Gallery actually restructured his original deal to stay in Oakland a few years ago, and if Al wants to keep a PLAYER, he will overpay more than anybody else. Coaches, he sees as easily replaceable. If Hue Jackson gets promoted as speculated, there won’t be a whole lot of wholesale changes on the coaching staff. Nor in their philosphy. If he let Cable go and is going on one of his 21 day Coaching searches, and tries to bring in an entire new crew, then yes… Al needs to be blamed for that. But letting Cable go wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Lechler will eventually come around and collect his paycheck. For those of you who think that Lechler will field offers from other teams, you are right. Probably all 31 teams. That said, I guarantee none of them except maybe Daniel Snyder or Jerry Jones is going to pay a punter 4 million a year. When it’s all said and done, this is absolutely much ado about nothing.

  46. Where does it say they are cutting him? Seems like a move made to say shut the hell up.

    Last I checked, he was a free agent who chose to stay with this team who hadn’t had a winning season in 5 years at the time, for a boat load of money. That means STFU, you put yourself in this situation.

    If another team is dumb enough to trade for him with his current contract, great. He’s a great punter, but he’s still a punter. The Raiders have been horrible with him on the roster, how bad could it be without him. Plus they get players or draft picks.

  47. Anyone who is saying he’s just a punter should really just STFU. He has been there 10 years, he knows all of the disfunction better than anybody on this website and he’s sick of it. He’s also the best in the league, and maybe, just maybe he’s like to be on a stable team that, you know, may win the Super Bowl. New flash for you arm chair quarterbacks, these guys play to win the big one, not to be bottom dwellers. Lechler sees this move as a step backwards, another season of drama and uncertainty. He knows first hand how crazy Al is and he’s probably sick of it and knows there are plenty of other teams that will gladly pay him to play.

  48. Raiders would be nuts to let him go and any fool screaming ‘well the kicker/punter is blah blah blah’ knows nothing of the game. A punter’s responsibility is huge and lechler is better than all.

  49. I gotta love these posts…because the raiders signed 11 players the other day, one of which whom they have signed a number of times before, it means that shane lechler has been cut……well one thing we should really improve on MIke is your editorials…you need to say “that you heard from an unamed source that the raiders are going to cut Shane Lechler” I mean is that not what you are trying to say here…just say what you really mean, and then you can look like more of an idiot thaen you already are.

  50. oh and also another fact for you Mike, is the raiders also signed another punter just 2 weeks ago as well…i guess that was a coincidence as well.

    Get Real PFT.

  51. i love how people keep calling him one of the best in the nfl. make no mistake he is the best and one of the best the game has ever seen. last year he came within 2 tenths of a a yard of sammy baugh’s net yards record. the only pure punter that even compares to lechler is ray guy.

  52. Geeze, I wonder if he can find another job…Giants anyone??

    On another note, now that he is not a Raider, does he wear a white T-shirt while playing during the Pro Bowl?

  53. Ole skeletor is brushing up on his Powerpoint presentation to justify cutting Lechler for daring to speak out. Lechler has been around the Raiders long enough to know how vindictive Al is.

  54. al davis is a complete moron. guaranteed worse than 8-8 next season (if there is one?). cable should have been given at least one more year. wtf AL. Side note skins should have sticked with Campbell in retrospect.

  55. How did I miss this story the other day.

    I love the Godfather reference. Perfect. Lechler could become the Fredo of Godfather II. Jamarcus Russell already sleeps with the fishes (from a career standpoint anyway). Who becomes Michael?

    Ya’ know, maybe the Raiders ought to go into the olive oil business!

  56. When I heard Lechlers interview on Sirius, I knew it was going to ruffle some feathers. However, i think he hit the nail right on the head. The Raiders probably aren’t dumb enough to release the best punter in the last 2 decades, but if they are he’ll be a free agent for about a day.

  57. You know I keep seeing the comments about he’s just a punter… Well if its that easy why don’t we all become punters… I mean just ask Coughlin he’ll tell ya anyone can kick a ball. Punters and Kickers are kinda like air… You don’t realize how much you need them until you don’t have them.

  58. This sucks. Now the Giants have a chance to sign him. They are just fine with Matt Dodge.

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