Brandon Marshall continues to bag on Chad Henne, coaches


While Dolphins coach Tony Sparano twists in the wind, his players continue to take shots at his staff and each other in the media.

One day after Ricky Williams went off about the coaching staff, Brandon Marshall continued to express his displeasure for certain aspects of the team’s offense.   Marshall said he wasn’t on the same page as Chad Henne all year.

“Tyler [Thigpen] gets it a little more,” Marshall said on Michael Irvin’s radio show on WQAM via the Palm Beach Post.

By “get it,” Marshall means throw the ball to Marshall in single coverage.

“He had an opportunity to play with Dwayne Bowe in Kansas City and they made some plays out there so I guess he understands [about] throwing the ball to a big receiver a little more than Chad Henne,” Marshall said.  (More of the extensive interview can be read here.)

Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel writes that Marshall and Thigpen changed some of Marshall’s routes in the huddle against the Patriots on Sunday.  That led to a heated discussion on the sideline with quarterback coach David Lee.

“They expect me to run an in-route, but me as a player, when we get singled with no safety over the top I want to take a shot and just converted it to a go,” Marshall said.  “Seemed like an easier throw, easier play was the go route.”

Earlier in the day, wide receiver Brian Hartline echoed the sentiments.  He said the Dolphins stick to the gameplan too much and need “make some plays off schedule.”

The Dolphins certainly haven’t stuck to the script since the season ended.

25 responses to “Brandon Marshall continues to bag on Chad Henne, coaches

  1. For sure, something needs to change in the Dolphin O.

    That said, genius Marshall wouldn’t be my pick for OC.
    1) Throw me the ball
    2) Throw me the ball
    3) Fake a hand off, and throw me the ball

    Classy boys. I’m sure NONE of this is your fault.

  2. That seemed to work for them this past Sunday didn’t it.

    It’s a QB league. If you don’t have a top notch QB you won’t win. You won’t see the Trent Dilfer just manage a game/strong running game/great D combo for awhile.

    (to Dilfer’s credit he did everything he was asked to do and didn’t make any dumb moves – not something every QB can do and he still got dumped the following season after winning the SB)

  3. Please Gregg, Brandon does not mean throw the ball to him. It is clear that the old school regime of Parcells is going to protect OC Dan Henning. Henning did one of the worst offensive coordinator jobs in the NFL this year. He is most likely retiring so he is being protected after a long career. In 2010 with the Dolphins he was horrible. The offense will be completely changed for next season. Chad Henne will not be the starting QB. All these things are so obvious that there is no strory on the Miami Dolphin changes.

  4. As a dolphin fan since 1969, to see the team collapse at the end ofthe season again hurts. Now that I live in California, I get to see very few games. Of the few that I do see, I don’t recall Henne ever calling an audible at the line of scrimmage. We need someone who can think on the move. I don’t think he has progressed enough to hold onto the #1 QB spot.
    Injuries really hurt us this year, but the play calling didn’t help our cause either. Sporano can only do what he can do with what he has to work with. Keep Sporano and get a new OC.
    Fin fan 2nd to none.

  5. Sorry Brandon, guys like Tom Brady and Sam Bradford are proving that you don’t need marquee receivers to move the ball downfield through the air. Actually, Randy Moss helped make that point this year too. Anybody still under the ridiculous impression that Moss helps your team win? Didn’t think so.

  6. Henne is being made the scapegoat in all of this. You have a coaching staff that emphasizes preventing mistakes over making plays, and seem to view his natural talents as liabilities. How may QB’s would survive in that environment? Seems to me if Marshall and Hartline had spent more time catching balls that hit them in the hands, instead of tipping them to defenders, this seasons might have had a different outcome. There is plenty of blame to go around, but it all doesn’t belong on Henne’s neck.

  7. Maybe, just maybe Brandon Marshall and Ricky Williams could have played a little better and made Henne and the offense look just a bit better. Maybe he shouldn’t have had as many drops as he had. Maybe the problems are the fact that NONE of the offensive guys played up to their potential….until you’re game is better, Mr. Marshall, we fans suggest you shut up and work on being better.

  8. Stop bashing on Marshall – he’s not saying they need to throw it to him every play, just that they need to take advantage of coverage and opportunities. Henne doesn’t get when to audible and when to change routes. Corner lines up press man on Marshall with inside leverage, you don’t run a slant or an “in” route – you hit a fade. Experienced QB’s now when to keep the play called, and when the change things up – take what the defense gives you. Henne’s one of the only QB’s who’d force a checkdown 9/10 times rather than throw it up to a WR who’s in single coverage and 6 inches taller than the corner.

  9. dolfan220 says:
    Jan 5, 2011 10:09 AM
    As a dolphin fan since 1969, to see the team collapse at the end ofthe season again hurts. Now that I live in California, I get to see very few games. Fin fan 2nd to none.

    Fin fan to the none indeed.
    I real fan, like myself, would have DirecTV Sunday Ticket as not to miss ANY games.

  10. Worth every nickel of that 50 mill..huh fin fans..lets see it got you a grand total of 0 wins over the previous season ,and he comes with the T.O. package of derailing his teammates ….what a steal!!!!Continue having fun watching the Jets in the playoffs!!!

    Sincerely ,

    Every Jet fan

  11. kimcon22000 says:
    Jan 5, 2011 11:39 AM
    dolfan220 says:
    Jan 5, 2011 10:09 AM
    As a dolphin fan since 1969, to see the team collapse at the end ofthe season again hurts. Now that I live in California, I get to see very few games. Fin fan 2nd to none.

    Fin fan to the none indeed.
    I real fan, like myself, would have DirecTV Sunday Ticket as not to miss ANY games.
    Not everyone can afford DirecTV and access is not possible for some folks. If they offered an option that cut the price in 1/2 but the subscription is limited to only the games for a specific team, they would likely get more subscribers…like me out in AZ.

  12. I’m curious if the play they changed resulted in them trucking down the field for a TD.

    Either way, I have to say there was something terribly wrong with the playcalling if Marshall/Thigpen had to change things. Perhaps Henne is smart not to change them (Ricky did say they took away his Audible ability from last year) so he seemed more like a script to read than a random fire storm. That just goes to show: Henning is the problem!

  13. nyjetsholdupsbtrophyin2010- confusing screen name..whose sb trophy are they going to hold up? you arent talking about the actual lombardi trophy are you?

  14. Nice. Keep going Brandon. Anything to keep these losers in turmoil. I am loving every second of this. Tell the truth on the site and get banned. Oh well, now look here…the truth can’t be banned. The truth is still…THE FINS ARE SECOND RATE. Hate me all you want, the players themselves know it. Enjoy Sparano for another year. ROFLMAO!!

  15. B Marshall sounds like a young R. Moss, “me – me – me … oh me”

    The Dolphins got throttled in their last game and finished a difficult season. It’s one thing to try to air out concerns it is certainly another to not realize that your team needs to be on the same page – and keep the laundry / issues in-house rather than point fingers. This might be a way to understand why they failed to make a legitimate run for the playoffs.

  16. On Henne’s throws that Marshall dropped, the drives ended.


    A new OC is needed and Henne needs to get smarter (or at least allowed to audible). I personally don’t think Henne has what it takes to be great. He could be a good back-up that can play for a long stretch, but he is not a guy that can strap the team on his back and carry them to the playoffs…Hey, Ross…go tamper with Peyton 🙂

  17. @ nyjetsholdupsbtrophyin2010

    Big deal, the Jets season lasted 4 hours longer than the Phins!!


  18. Henning and Henne have to go…. pay up the bucks for a big name QB and they’ll be lighting it up….

    It’s gotta be frustrating as hell to get a new staff, turn that into the biggest 1 year w/l turnaround in NFL history, then fade to black with 2 years of crappy play calling and inconsistently safe QB play…. the majority of the blame is OC without a doubt

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