Bud Adams chooses Jeff Fisher over Vince Young

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Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams has finally come to the realization that his coach, Jeff Fisher, and his quarterback, Vince Young, simply can’t coexist.

And in a surprisingly sensible decision, Adams has decided to go with Fisher.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that Adams has made the decision that the team is moving on without Young, and he won’t be on the roster in 2011. Sources tell Wyatt the Titans plan to either release or trade Young. Considering that Young is due a $4.25 million roster bonus on March 10, a release seems a lot more likely than a trade.

Although the Titans haven’t officially announced that Fisher will be back to coach the Titans in 2011, all indications are that he will — and the Titans will be on the market for a new quarterback, one who can play for Fisher.

And Young will be looking for work.

UPDATE: The Titans released the following statement from Adams, which suggests that while Young is definitely out, Fisher isn’t necessarily returning:

“As you are aware, we have been engaged in a series of internal discussions over the last month about the future of our football team. We have two critical decisions to make – the direction of the coaching staff and the future at the quarterback position. They are separate issues to me and will be dealt with separately. Today, I informed our general manager Mike Reinfeldt to move forward with plans to begin the process of identifying the next quarterback for our franchise. He will inform Vince Young’s agent that Vince will not be on our roster next season. I want to offer my personal thanks to Vince for all of his positive contributions to the club. These kinds of decisions are never easy and this is especially true for this particular player. I certainly wish that things would have worked out better, but I think it is best for the franchise that we move on at this point. I also informed Jeff (Fisher) today that I was continuing the evaluation of the coaching staff and I am hoping to make a decision soon.”

107 responses to “Bud Adams chooses Jeff Fisher over Vince Young

  1. Smart move. Fisher is an excellent coach.
    Young just really never seemed to get that being a QB in the NFL takes work, lots of work.
    Your not in Texas anymore baby.

  2. not that surprising.

    fisher and some other coaches probly sat down with bud. bud had likely only really heard or listened to uncle rico’s side. via tweets.

    they probly ran the whole conversation (fish vs rico) by bud. and if rico was going to talk that way to fisher, and tossed chow under the bus… just how would the underachieving (some might say) rico talk to a new coach?

    rico hasnt underachieved. he has overachieved.

    and that also helped bud make the call.

    besides, bud probly asked around on the sly to see who would come in and take over the titans with rico under center.

    no one worth a damn…

  3. come to the broncos!…just kidding…

    the Titans should be fine! They have Rusty Smith!…..also just kidding…

  4. wow…. an NFL owner making a sensible decision and sending a message to a prima donna… shockingly respectable…

  5. Since he just said that he will not be on the team next year, who is going to trade for him, when they know he will be cut?

    Oh yeah, Snyder traded for Brunell.

  6. Why does everyone think Jeff Fisher is such a great coach?

    I don’t get it. What exactly has he done that is so great?

  7. Fisher evaluates the coaching staff, not Bud Adams. If Fisher has the job moving forward, why pretend otherwise???

  8. Vince is 30-17 as a starter in the NFL. Fisher is 14-18 without Vince since ’06. Moves like this is why Bud Adams is the butt of jokes and the Titans/Oiler have been a laughing stock for decades.

  9. Like a Jamarcus Russell….only faster!
    Not often you see owners side with a coach over a player. Wise move. Watching this guy in Texas, pulling 7 on the Wonderlic, and all the high school-esque drama that he’s brought to the team, it’s about time.

    Looks like Prima Donna’s are on warning! Randy Moss? VY? Ocho Cino? Haynesworth? Maybe the era of “Shut up and play up to your contract” has finally arrived!

  10. With the twelfth choice in the 2011 NFL draft, the Tennessee Titans pick Ryan Mallett from the University of Arkansas!

    Unless Bud wants Cam Newton. 😉

  11. Although I think fisher may be overrated, u can’t have ur qbs pulling the crap he pulls

  12. Wow, that is somewhat shocking indeed. Good decision though. Vince Young doesn’t seem to have the mental capacity to truly succeed as a championship QB in the NFL. He has athletic talent but lacks the accuracy and decision making of a true franchise QB. If you’re going to look at the two people (Fischer/Young), only one of them seems to represent what it takes to win in the NFL: Hard work, determination, and discipline.

  13. to bbpats ‘excellent coach’


    he might be an ‘excellent’ coach.

    Though I thought i saw his stats which the first would be his overall win loss record, just over .500,
    having just 6 winning seasons in 16 years.

    We like the guy and 6 seasons shows, but no SuperBowl ring,

    Don’t get me wrong… Cowgher isn’t much better as far as rings go… just one.

    Its a tough business, tough job… has the owner meddled too much?

  14. Wise choice. Don’t be like Skeletor in Oakland and undermine the authority of the coaches. Raiders knew they could go over the coach’s head to Al and complain. If he had fired Jeff Fisher, the next coach wouldn’t have stood a chance in instilling any discipline or authority.

    Also, announcing that Vince is gone essentially destroyed any trade value. Knowing the Titans are desperate to unload this guy, why would any team offer any decent draft pick or player? Dumb dumb dumb announcement.

  15. Without a labor deal, Adams would be crazy to bring in a new coach. Once the new deal is in place I think Fisher’s seat will be warm from the gate.

  16. My guess is that Bud will tell Jeff he has to drop Chuck Cecil as Defensive Coordinator. Jeff is notoriously loyal to his staff, so we’ll see if he will agree.

  17. bbpats says:
    Jan 5, 2011 6:54 PM
    Smart move. Fisher is an excellent coach

    6 winning seasons in 17 years as coach = excellence? By what absurd definition?

  18. :points to Mike Williams in Seattle:

    It IS possible Vince might get a clue. Williams finally did, and Vince does have enough talent to play in the NFL, just like Mike did.

    Sadly, like Mike in Detroit, Vince never really worked at it.

  19. I don’t see what all the hype is over Jeff Fisher… If I’m not mistaken, I think his teams have been over .500 only 6 times out of 16 seasons with the Titans.


  20. It was likely the opinions of Bud’s right hand man in Nashville, Steve Underwood, that helped him realize that for all of Young’s physical gifts, Young has acted disturbingly unprofessional on numerous occasions.

    Still, not 100% convinced Fisher is safe. Maybe Bud also realized that if he has any intention of ousting Fisher and going after any kind of experienced coaching candidate, it’s not in Bud’s best interest to let his “help wanted” ad include the stipulation that you must like immature quarterbacks who act like spoiled brats, and be prepared to start one in 2011 since Young was due $12M.

    At least Bud got the first part of the equation right.

  21. Definitely the right move…and I suspect this “I’m still evaluating Jeff talk” is just cover to try, as ineffective as that will be, to make it seem as if it was not a Fisher-or-Young scenario…when we all know that it was….

  22. Going into this season with a lock out looming keeping the coach rather than the qb is the smartest thing he could do. Also only an idiot would take Young over Fisher no matter what the atmosphere .

  23. They should both be fired. Vince Young needs a wake up call and develop some maturity, Fisher shouldn’t be allowed to continue in a job where he’s only made the playoffs 6 times in 17 years. Tennessee needs a fresh start.

    That’s what he should do. I’m hoping that Fisher stays on staff though, that way if Harbaugh decides to go elsewhere my 49ers won’t try to pick up Fisher under some mistaken idea that he’s an elite coach, when really he’s a just good enough not to get fired by the very forgiving Bud Adams.

    Really with Vince Young he didn’t have a choice. Fisher basically threw down the gauntlet taking the “it’s him or me” position, putting Adams in a bad position. Because if he did keep VY based on his very good year statistically, he would only exacerbate the immaturity of the player. What’s worse then a temper tantrum Vince Young? A Vince Young that believe’s he’s more important then the team and that he can get his coaches fired.

    On the other hand, if Fisher doesn’t deserve to be fired because of his underachieving record (.542, six playoff games in 17 years, no superbowl wins) then he deserves to be fired for putting Bud Adams in a bad position so publicly. If he had told Bud Adams privately it would be a different matter, but he did it in the worst possible way he could, by making statements to the media. So instead of being able to come with some sort of middle ground, Bud Adams was put in a position where he had to do what Fisher wanted or risk looking foolish. And for that he should be fired. Fisher has consistently put his own welfare above the good of the team, and for that he’s run out of reasonable second chances.

  24. jeff fisher may be the most overrated coach in nfl history. it’s funny how tom coughlin of the giants gets killed after winning 10 games this season and a superbowl just a few years ago, but someone like fisher manages to stick year after year.

    6 winning seasons in 18 years? one superbowl appearance? when was the last time fisher even won a playoff game?

    soooooo overrated.

  25. Vince Young soon to be a Minnesota (Los Angeles?) Viking.
    Vince will look good in purple.

  26. If I was a Titans fan (and I’m not) I wouldn’t be too happy with this.

    “Hurray! Jeff Fisher’s coming back! 8 and 8 here we come!”

  27. How is this not bigger news?

    They dumped a young, successful QB (arguably) who was a top 3 pick with NO depth on the roster.

    Sure he’s a mental midget, but still.

  28. Although, I’ve seen him play against the steelers, so I completely understand their decision.

  29. As a former Vikings fan, I would love to see Daunte Culpepper (only 33) come back and compete for the QB or back-up QB job. “Culpepper to Moss – TD!” had a really good ring to it in Minnesota! Culpepper played for UFL, I think, in past year, was 100% healthy and played well, setting records for completions, yards, etc. Would be great for Coach Fischer to return, too.

  30. -Vince Young’s record through his first 47 starts is 30-17. Steve McNair’s was 26-21.

    -Vince Young’s shortened season finished with the 5th best QB rating in the NFL

    -In 2009 Vince Young had the 5th best Win probability added and Extra points added, behind only Schaub, Brees, Manning, and Rivers. He also had the 2nd best WPA and EPA ratio in the entire league.

    -Jeff Fishers win percent .538 is worse than Vince Young’s .638 and 14 active head coaches who coached a game last season.

    -Jeff Fisher is 117-109 without Vince Young’s wins/losses.

    -VY is undefeated against the houston texans and has an 11-5 record against the AFC South.

  31. Little sad that there was even a question here, Glad to to see VY go, now Fisher can build this team the way he wants, no excuses now Jeff, win or go home.

  32. It was an easy choice between Fisher and Young. You can’t fix stupid so Jeff wins by default. I’m not so sure Fisher stays. He is an excellent Head Coach but his record is mediocre. A fresh start would do him some good but the potential lockout makes it harder to let go of a coach unless he has truly worn out his welcome (Tom Cable not withstanding)

  33. I don’t see where there was any choice to begin with. What team fires the coaching staff to keep a quarterback? Madness.

  34. This team is now rebuilding. Time to dump Fisher – can;t give him 3 more years to re-build. Over the last decade, this team that was built on defense has been in the bottom half of the league in total yards and points allowed – pretty embarrassing when that is the foundation of your team. Cannot give this coaching staff any more draft picks. Time to move one.

  35. 49ers,Vikings,Dolphins, Cardinals,and Seahawks are all nice landing spot even if it short term fix,but why are people so quick to sign him on their team if he’s such a diva and a head case?

  36. Maybe Vick should reach out to VY and show him what it means to finally make the most of incredible physical talent by working hard as well. VY has pulled the same “last one in, first one out” stuff that Vick did when he was in Atlanta (by all accounts), and the same inconsistent play along with sheer moments of brilliance has been the result. I hope VY doesn’t go the way of JaMarcus, but instead turns it around like it appears Vick has.

  37. Time to finally see what that whippersnapper Kerry Collins has to offer.

    Just kidding, it’s a good move regardless of whom they get. Guys who quit mid-game because they can’t take boos or a coaching reprimand aren’t cut out for the league, and guys whose Wonderlic scores indicate mild retardation are probably not deep enough to mature over time.

  38. Vince Young: 30-17 record.
    2 Pro-Bowls.
    82.8 QB Rating (2009).
    98.6 QB Rating (2010).

    Fisher took his team to the Playoffs 7 times in 18 YEARS. In those 7 years he got passed the 2nd round TWICE. Would you hire or keep a coach if you are an NFL owner, who has put your team/investment within 1 game of a title ONLY 2 TIMES IN 18 YEARS. Almost 2 decades of futility. Titans will regret it. I’ve always hated the Titans and Longhorns, truly. But this will doom Chris Johnson and Tennesee for years to come. Jeff used his cozy relationship with the media to over hype his marketability else where, and the old man bit on it. People would NOT be beating down Jeff’s door had he been RIGHTFULLY fired.
    Now he will draft and underdevelope another QB, all the while blaming someone else. Jeff ran Eddie George into the ground by not getting a real passing attack. A 23 carry a game average for the the first 8 years of his career broke him down. Now, he will do the same with a back who is 25 pounds lighter than Eddie was. I love Chris Johnson, but Chris not getting a long term contract might have been a blessing in disguise.
    Bud you screwed up badly. Just to recap, 6 times this man has gone over .500 in 18 YEARS. 2 times he has moved passed the 2nd round of the playoffs, in 18 YEARS. CHRIS JOHNSON, PLEASE, GET THE H3LL OUT OF TENNESEE WHILE YOU ARE STILL IN YOUR PRIME.

  39. FinFan68 says:
    Jan 5, 2011 8:07 PM
    It was an easy choice between Fisher and Young. You can’t fix stupid so Jeff wins by default. I’m not so sure Fisher stays. He is an excellent Head Coach but his record is mediocre. A fresh start would do him some good but the potential lockout makes it harder to let go of a coach unless he has truly worn out his welcome (Tom Cable not withstanding)

    What makes Fisher an excellent head coach? Certainly not success at the NFL level. Whatever he’s paying his PR staff isn’t enough.

  40. What is it about Jeff Fisher that has every member of the national media and most of the people on here constantly gee-gawing about what a great coach he is?

    Can anyone name one other coach who has missed the playoffs in 66% of the seasons he’s coached (11 misses in 17 seasons), has coached for 17 seasons without winning a Super Bowl, and hasn’t won a playoff game in 7 seasons that is still so highly thought of?

    This guy has a bigger cult of personality than Stalin. Seriously, I hear over and over again how great he is, yet he has literally accomplished next to nothing in over a decade and a half of coaching.

    And don’t tell me about his winning percentage. Three 13-3 seasons pad that percentage and in two of those seasons he lost in the first round of the playoffs.

    This guy is the very picture of mediocrity. Stop worshipping the ground he walks on. Seriously.

  41. You morons that say Redskins, did you watch the Redskins this year? I believe Albert has more talent than Young and Shanahan didnt want to deal with him. McNabb was benched for not doing what Kyle wanted and you think they will bring in Young. Now mabye if Vinny was still here they would give up a 1st for a guy that would be cut.

  42. FinFan68 says:
    Jan 5, 2011 8:07 PM
    He is an excellent Head Coach but his record is mediocre.

    Than how is he an excellent coach? I keep hearing time and time again how this is a results oriented business. Why does Fisher get a pass?

  43. I wish people would quit saying Vince had a winnign record! The reason why was had a great defense one year and Chris Johnson last year! Vince will be nothing more than a backup if that and Fisher is a 8-9 win coach yearly!

  44. Great move by Bud Adams … looks like the pubic will side with the owners juring the strike with moves like this.

  45. Smart move. Fisher is an excellent coach.
    Young just really never seemed to get that being a QB in the NFL takes work, lots of work.
    Your not in Texas anymore baby

    Fisher seems to have forgotten that VY saved his A$$ last year when Collins wasn’t getting the job done! Even after he benched Young Collins proved ineffective! What will his excuse be next year?

  46. FinFan68 says:
    Jan 5, 2011 8:07 PM
    How is he an excellent coach? I keep hearing time and time again how this is a results oriented business. Why does Fisher get a pass?

    It is a results oriented business and that is why Vince Young is getting the boot.
    I see some posts here saying that Fisher is the poster child for mediocrity.
    And what about Young?
    The most yards he has thrown for in a season is 2,546 and that was 4 seasons ago.
    The most TDs he has thrown in a season is 12 and that was 5 seasons ago.
    That is nothing to write home about and then you throw in the fact that he is a headcase and a crybaby.

    He is a bust and it will be a miracle if he does not do jail time or put a bullet in his own head.

  47. realitypolice – Fisher keeps getting a pass because he is in a small market, because he is a great PR guy, likeable, involved in teh league, a netwroker. He does stuff like signing Chris Mortensen’s son to the team for a pre-season game as a favor to guy who is supposed to provide unbiased coverage. I can;t really hate him for it – I guess politics is half the game. But in a big market (like if the team had stayed in Houston), he would be long gone.

  48. philtration – You are highlighting the problem – and the great strategic move by Fisher. Vince is gone based on his own actions. By making it Fisher vs. VY, all of Fisher’s flaws get overlooked after a 6-10 season that was a disaster in multiple areas. But the media keeps running “Fisher vs. VY” and fans keep buying it. Everyone jumped up and down to point at the Cowboys defense as the final straw for Wade Phillips; but no-one points to the same mess for Fisher – a conservative defensive coach. In the meantime, hopefully Bud is really evaluating Fisher for what he is.

  49. @philtration:

    So you answer a question about why Fisher gets a pass by pointing out Young’s mediocrity?

    Nothing in your response answers the question of why Fisher continually gets away with being mediocre at best himself.

    You respond to a criticism of Fisher by blasting Young.

    Typical response from a Fisher supporter because there is no way to defend his extremely weak overall resume as a head coach.

    Again: 6 playoff appearances in 17 years, one SB appearance, no titles, no playoff wins since 2003.

    I defy you to name one other owner in the league other than 175 year old dementia patient Bud Adams who wouldn’t have fired this guy by now.

  50. @Philtration….He’s far from a bust, what you are talking about is irrelevant because he is the spoon that stirs the Titans offense, without Vince the run game suffers and teams dont have to take a man out of coverage to spy without Vince in the game, it’s no coincidence that with Vince the Titans are 30-17 and without him they are 14-17, yards thrown for and passed for aren’t the sole stats count how many yards he accounts for and how many tds he runs for then you get a true assesment of how good or bad Vince is, and contrary to what people believe being a qb doesnt take a lot of work when you got the god given ability of Vince Young when all else fails he has athleticism and speed to lean on not many other qbs have that, thats why they have to work so hard.

  51. Did Bud Adams just kill his bargaining power by admitting that Young wont be on the team next year?

    Seems that a team won’t really want to give up too much if they think they can get him as a free agent after the roster deadline passes….

  52. Minnesota should hire a decent coaching staff and sign VY. The backfield that should have been in Austin can still happen in Minneapolis.

  53. stuck with them when they refused to do more run than shoot which killed them from getting a ring
    stuck with them when they handcuffed AIR McNair for a ultraconservative offense
    stuck with them when they REFUSED to get top tier recievers for their QBs
    stuck with them when they moved to Tennessee
    stuck with them when they dissed McNair
    stuck with them when they benched VY for Kerry Collins (eventhough VY has more talent and a better record)
    Now? You cut a QB that just wins for a coach that has done NOTHING over the 16 years he has ran the org.

    I’m done. I am not a fan of my fantasy football team. At least I win every year!
    And for those of you that say I’m not a “real” fan. When an NFL owners starts paying me to be a fan and
    support their dumb decisions then I will stick with them to the very end.

    Oh yeah, $100 the Titans pick up Matt Leinart, the QB Jeff Fisher wanted all along. And watch them do what they have done for the past 16 years, UNDERACHIEVE

    I’m done with the Titans.

  54. i have no problem with Vince Young, and Albert Haynesworth in silver and black next year…GO RAIDERS!!!

  55. VY want to go home to Texas. Jerry Jones loves challenges and talented players like VY. It was not unnoticed by JJ how a Mike Vick on a mission from GOD transformed himself this year and kicked the “Boys” butts. JJ has lost confidence in Romo. Its fatal! Look for VY to be a Cowboy in 2011 on the cheap. And he will flourish under a coach like Jason Garrett, who really knows how to develop a QB. VY will be more dedicated as he will take a rehab cue from Vick. And Fisher will flop in Tennessee. The game has already passed him by. He’s a dinosaur.

  56. bigmike7914

    I never said that Fisher was a great coach.
    It was Vince Young that is being shown the door and he caused that situation himself.

    Give me a break about how many yards Young “accounts” for and how many TDs he runs for.

    In his rookie season he ran for 7 TDs.
    He has ran for just 2 TDs in the last three seasons combined so that is a myth.
    His first year in the NFL he had 552 yards rushing.
    He has rushed for 433 yards in the last three seasons combined so that is another myth.

    Where are these magic yards that Vince Young “accounts for” that do not show up his his passing or rushing stats?

    Jay Cutler came into the league the same year as Young and he has thrown for twice as many TDs, twice as many yards, has a higher completion % and a higher passer rating over those five seasons. He has even ran for more yards and TDs than young over the last three seasons and he gets ripped on this site on a daily basis.
    No fights with his coach or teammates, no brawls in a strip club, no suicide watches…..

    Young is a bust and the numbers along with his actions speak for themself.

  57. In fact, the media has only reported VY’s “Bizarre” behavior in a biased, one sided view, without questioning the motives of the leaker (Fisher). Fisher’s behavior in dividing that team was just as bizarre as VY’s. But the media and most of the commenters here give that below average wonk a free pass. Even calling Fisher “a great coach!”. PUHLEEEZE! Bill Belichick, Mike Tomlin, Atlanta’s Mike Smith, Sean Peyton, are great coaches. Fisher loses evertime he goes up against an actual great coach. Over half of the Titan players are with VY on this disaster. And they now hate that organization because of it. Bud Adams better be ready to ship out Chris Johnson and a whole lot of more Titans for his Butt Boy, Fisher. Because he has lost them. The Titans are in 5 year rebuild mode now. Just the right strategy to save a weak feckless coach.

  58. Smart move. Fischer is a better coach then Young is a player, and replacing Young will be easier then replacing a head coach.

  59. Is it just me that thinks VY to the redskins or raiders will never happen? niether team would really be upgrading and it would cost $$$$. if hes released he will be the Best QB on the market other than mcnabb. VY just might end up in miami or carolina depening on Lucks desicion

  60. Impressed by Adams’ decision, surprised that he reduced Young’s trade value by the announcement. Seahawks will now wait for his release and pick him up for no compensation. Hasselback is a physical wreck and Whitehurst is erratic. A raw-raw college coach like pumped ‘n jacked Pete Carroll should be just the right style for Vince Y.

  61. Here’s the bottom line:

    Vince Young hasn’t proven himself worthy of having the power to fire your head coach. I think that he has good skills, but I wouldn’t have him on my team. He’s too unstable. You have to babysit him and manage his emotions. He’s like that ex-girlfriend that had great sexual skills, but was really crazy. Eventually, the thrills cannot matter when she’s threatening your life with a knife in hand.

    The Titans had the police in the front room one too many times.

    But I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jeff Fisher leave, too.

  62. Yea cant complain about decision, best move for the team.

    Truth is VY has not shown he can do what is expected of a winning QB in the year 2010/2011.

    Just look at guys like Manning, Brady, Ryan, Brees, they all do whatever it takes to give their team the best chance to win

    Cant fault them for cutting ties – bring on Ryan Mallett!

  63. A lot of people needlessly bashed Bud Adams recently for what they thought would be his decision to keep Young over Fisher. How foolish were you. Please don’t compare the guy to micromanagers like Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder. The only two times he’s had a hand in recent personnel decisions was drafting Vince Young (and remember, Fisher wanted his USC buddy Matt Lineart, which would have really crashed the organization), and forcing Fisher to start Young after a Collins-led offense sputtered out to an 0-6 start at the beginning of the 2009 season. That’s it. Jeff Fisher was given the ultimate say in personnel decisions. Any failures of personnel is on Fisher’s back, and there have been PLENTY in recent years.

    Fisher has played favorites for years. He keeps a pipeline open for former USC players. He signs players like Chris Mortensen’s son, not to improve the team but to improve his standing in the media. He’s a much better politician than he is a coach. He has kept Donnie Nickey on the team for years, and there’s no excuse for it. He chose Nickey over LeGarrette Blount, for crying out loud. He played Scaife over Cook, when it was obvious which one had more potential. He signed Randy Moss and then promptly set him on the bench all season long, giving a BS excuse that although Randy was supersmart when it came to football, Randy and Kenny Britt played the same position. Give me a break.

    When the Titans were accused of playing dirty all season long, no one in the media pointed the finger at Fisher. That’s because they have a love affair with him almost as strong as he loves Kerry Collins. Six winning seasons in SIXTEEN YEARS is not great, no matter how much the media tries to spin it. In a bigger market, Field Goal Fisher’s mediocrity would not have been tolerated. But you won’t hear too many in the media talk about it. He provides them with too much information as an “unnamed source from within the league.” Take out the Music City Miracle (which could have been ruled a forward pass), and Fisher’s postseason record would be 2-6. That’s TWO postseason wins in sixteen years.

    The only reason this story became a “me or him” ultimatum is because of Fisher. He basically gave Bud a demand, and it looks like Bud is going to cave in. For the sake of the Titans, Bud, get rid of Fisher as well. He will lead this team in the desert for 40 years if you don’t do something. Sure, we may make a mistake and sign a bad coach, but the only thing you will guarantee this team by not making a move is another mediocre, lost year.

    Please get rid of Fisher.

  64. Stupid move, Bud.

    Vince Young is like Peyton Manning or Brett Favre. He needs some element of control over the offense. You have to give him some freedom and trust. You’re just stupid if you don’t do so, because HE KNOWS HOW TO WIN GAMES for you.

    Jeff Fisher is an egomaniacal bitter USC fan. F*ck you, Jeff. You’ll have NO CHANCE of winning when or if Vince Young’s new team ever comes to town. It’s personal with him.

    You put out phony rumors that he was suicidal in an effort to get rid of him but it backfired on your ass and now you’re probably going to get fired. You’re a pathetic excuse for a man. All I have left to say to you is this…


    EAT IT!

  65. baboushka says: Jan 5, 2011 11:07 PM

    In fact, the media has only reported VY’s “Bizarre” behavior in a biased, one sided view, without questioning the motives of the leaker (Fisher).
    So Fisher “leaked” that video of Young going off in the strip club?
    Did he “leak” the sideline tantrums shown on national TV too?
    How about Young’s mother talking to the media about her concerns for her son committing suicide?
    How about the Titan players that have spoken out about being tired of his act?

    This is all a conspiracy by Jeff Fisher?
    You are watching way too much Glenn Beck.

  66. baboushka says: Jan 5, 2011 10:50 PM

    Look for VY to be a Cowboy in 2011 on the cheap.


    Put the pipe down…

  67. bbpats says:
    Jan 5, 2011 6:54 PM
    Smart move. Fisher is an excellent coach.
    Young just really never seemed to get that being a QB in the NFL takes work, lots of work.
    Your not in Texas anymore baby.


    please tell me how Fisher is a great coach?

    look at all the things he has failed to do:

    if he runs the entire show in nashville then he is on the hook for their personnel problems. no corner backs to speak of, until this year they haven’t a decent kick/punt returner in years, and until kenny britt came on this year no receivers since derrick mason was run out of town. gettin drummed 59-0 by the pats was the lowest point in his career. starting the drunk kerry collins over vince was a mistake. collins couldn’t be any less mobile. benching vince in the second game against the steelers is a clear message that you don’t like the guy. what other starting qb gets benched in the second game of the season only being down by 10 points or less?

    he is a pompous ass. hope he likes that small market gig he has because that S wouldn’t fly in the big cities.

  68. phillyfan4ever says:
    Jan 5, 2011 7:35 PM
    Vince Young enjoy being the next Jamarcus Russell


    no, no jamarcus still has the “biggest bust ever” spot locked up and leinart is way ahead of vince. do you play darts with your eyes closed?

  69. I live in Austin and while VY is home town hero here, he has to grow up. He should realize that pouting in public is not the way to handle things. You are or were the leader of the team on the field, your personal feelings can’t get in the way because the team is bigger than one player. I do think Fisher could have handle things better by not talking to the press about his dislike for the way Vince handled thing but in the end I think Fisher’s goal was to distance himself from Vince so Vince would crash and burn on his own. I guess Vince will be a Raider next year, LOL!

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