Dungy thinks full-blown lockout would be disastrous


Wednesday’s edition of ProFootballTalkLive featured an extended discussion with former Bucs and Colts coach Tony Dungy, who now appears on NBC’s Football Night in America.

Before talking about this weekend’s games, Dungy addressed the possibility of a lockout.  And it’s safe to say that Dungy doesn’t agree with the assessment of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones that a lockout would not be disastrous.

“[W]e’ve got to find a middle ground,” Dungy said.  “And that’s where in the past the Dan Rooneys, Wellington Maras, those guys have been so good at doing that.  At saying, ‘Hey, you know what, we’ve got to give a little.  Let’s sit down at the table, let’s work.  Let’s work together.’

“Gene Upshaw, you know, he got criticized for being too close to the Commissioner.  But it was the same thing.  We’ve got to find a middle ground that’s good for both sides.  And my fear is that we don’t have enough Wellington Mara, Dan Rooney, Gene Upshaw-type people, and if that’s the case and if this does come into a full-blown lockout, I think it will be disastrous.  I really do.”

We fear that Dungy’s fear is justified.  No one currently seems to be putting the broader interests of the game above self interests.  The closest anyone has come to doing so is Commissioner Roger Goodell.  And while he said on the same edition of PFT Live that “I have to do what is in the best interest of everybody associated with the game, including our fans,” we’re not so sure that the owners will see it that way when it’s time to decide whether to lock the players out until they accept the owners’ terms.

Hopefully, Dan Rooney or Robert Kraft or someone else will stand up with Goodell at the proper time and persuade the rest of the owners to “give a little” in order to avoid losing a lot.  Hopefully, someone from the players’ side of the equation will do the same.

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26 responses to “Dungy thinks full-blown lockout would be disastrous

  1. Look out NFL remeber what happen to baseball when they went out on last strike. The players as well as owners need to look long at hard. Knowing not very much revenue comes from the fan base, fans can still stay clear of the stadiums as well as merchandise sold under the NFL logo. you have a good thing going don’t screw it up. The biggest concern of many fans is over paid rookies and how many become bust with a big wallet.

  2. The prophet has spoken,it must true! If Dungy told me the world is ending I would start buying beer, ibuprofen and toilet paper by the truck loads! He is all knowing..

  3. Did any of you guys catch the hit movie “The Book of Eli” starring Tony Dungy? Tony is a bad ass who has memorized the whole Childress West Coast playbook to bring football to a post apocalyptic world..5 stars

  4. As soon as a lockout is over, fans will come right back with their sissy fantasy leagues.

  5. Everybody slammed Upshaw for being soft but really, he and the others Dungy mentioned found middle ground.


    Because they always saw the big picture. They knew what they had, unlike they mofo’s in charge now.

  6. The owners need to give up on their 18 game season idea. It’s awful and the players, and most fans, are against it. Flirting with a lockout because billionaires think they need more.

  7. Jerry Jones is like this girl that I work with. I know just about every detail of her life even though I don’t even ask.

    Neither one of them has a mental filter that says, “Hey, I shouldn’t say that.”

  8. As long as you have a corporate liar.. I mean lawyer in charge, there will be no settlement.

  9. What do mean Tony., the fans won’t like it if there no games? A the sun will come up tomorrow as well. Is that really news?

  10. Tony your preaching to the choir. The people you have to convince are in the Jerry Jones camp. We all know how defiant Jerry Jones can be to the point cutting off his nose to spite his face.

  11. The football MEN Wellington Mara and Art Rooney are not around alright instead their silver-spoon in mouth greedball sons John and Chris Mara and the Rooney’s now in Pittsburgh all trying their best to extort PSL licence fees of thousands of dollars from fans of 60 years and now try keep the players at the “caste level” rich men think their workers who put on the ENTIRE show forever.

  12. that has to be a TOUGH job working with rich arrogant owners wanting to keep all the loot !

    try giving more to ‘retired’ players and their health care !

    and Ditka and his fake health care fund raiser, was money for his golf outings ! and media turned an ear to it

  13. Jerry Jones just reflects the arrogance of these guys. Forget that the taxpayers of Dallas just bought me this monstrosity of a stadium during the worst economic recession in 80 years. I’ll lock these players out to leverage a few million more for myself.

  14. There are too many other things fans can be doing for pro football to take a holiday. It took baseball years and a lot of home run record chases to overcome their blunder. It would be a shame to let greed kill this golden goose.

  15. What’s the rush? The 2012 season doesn’t start till September. You think these players are that concerned about missing training camp?

  16. why does he have a clause that says if there is no football next year, he does not get paid….i only know one thing, everybody speak from their wallets, and the owners have 5 billion reason for a full blown lockout, and that is a whole lot of reasons.

  17. Dungy might be right…but I’m a Buffalo fan…so if all the teams start over with a bunch of scrubs, I think I’ll have more fun watching the Bills play with a lockout.

    I don’t give a rats ass about the players. I watch my team because its what I do. The owners employ thousands of people and the players just seem to invest their money in gold teeth and diamond earrings. So I’ve gotta go with the owners on this one.

    These players make a TON of money to play a game. They get media exposure and have opportunities to do TV commercials and get to screw whoever they want. I don’t think they should make less, but if they really are demanding more, they need to be checked.

  18. Dungy thinks the owners have to give “a little” Does he mean 50 million guar to a QB that hasnt played one down of pro football ? That kind of give a little ? Tony, get real dude. I think a lock out would be great for the game. Dallas has a payrole of several million and the players play like crap,,,,lock’em out owners.

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