Elway: “I know what I don’t know”

In an hour-long, wide-ranging, open press conference that at times felt like a Denver Broncos pep rally, John Elway laid out his vision as the team’s new head of football operations.

We’re skeptical that someone with so little training could possibly be the best man for the job.  One positive: Elway made it clear he wouldn’t just start making personnel decisions on his own.

“I know what I don’t know, and I’m going to hire to what I don’t know,” Elway said at the presser shown on the team’s website.  “[G.M.] Brian [Xanders] knows a lot of what I don’t know on personnel side.  ”

Elway said Xanders never really had a chance to show what he could do under Josh McDaniels, saying the Broncos “turned into a one-man show.”   He decided Xanders deserved a chance.

“Brian knows the expectations of him now,” Elway said.  “There’s no hiding.”

The Broncos didn’t hide the fact that the move to Elway was largely about re-establishing the relationship between the team and its fans.  Elway talked about losing that connection, and emphasized transparency.

“There’s no longer going to be one touch point with the fans,” Elway said, mentioning himself, Xanders, and the next head coach.

President Joe Ellis listed Elway’s qualifications, saying his most important trait was his, “complete and clear understanding of what the Broncos mean to the community, the fans, and to [owner] Pat Bowlen.”

Elway said that he enjoyed starting to watch film of late, indicating that he wasn’t too familiar with the team and league before.   (He called Broncos head coaching candidate “Mark Mularkey” instead of Mike more than once.)  Elway insisted he’s ready for the challenge.

“I’ve played quite a lot of golf,” Elway said.  “I’m not done playing golf, but I’m not going to play as much as I was.”

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  1. Sounds like Xanders will be running things (doing the hard stuff), while Elway will be more like a figurehead (attending the balls and charity functions). Like the Queen.

  2. Yeah, I don’t know how you so easily dismiss Elway’s potential in this position. His comments already begin to prone out what I posted earlier.

    nygiantstones says: Jan 5, 2011 12:32 PM

    “the men who have earned their stripes by grinding for years” How many of those guys have a degree from Stanford, have won 2 Superbowls as a QB, and won a championship as an executive? (although I assume that championship is from arena league or something) Just saying, I doubt Elway is a dummy and I’m sure he’s going to surround himself with similarly intelligent people.

  3. “I know what I don’t know, and I’m going to hire to what I don’t know”

    Wow. Who knew John Elway was enlightened?

    Hung Mung slapped his buttocks, hopped about, and shook his head, saying, “I do not know; I do not know!”

  4. “I’ve played quite a lot of golf,” Elway said. “I’m not done playing golf, but I’m not going to play as much as I was.”

    There’s all you need to know, Broncos fans.

    Now if he can find another Terrell Davis, maybe the Broncos can win another Super Bowl. It worked last time.

  5. He’s pre-emptively setting the other guys up to take the fall. I dub thee “Teflon John” in the proud tradition of Teflon Mike. Tebow must have signed off on the hiring. After all, he is Jesus in cleats and pre-destined to win every game he plays forever more. Mr. Ed Elway can be the white horse Lord Tebow rides into paradise! It’s all over but the shouting, why even play the games huh donk fans?

  6. With that in mind, Elway will hire a mathematician to deal with any issues involving advanced trigonometry, a linguist to ensure proper attribution of historical quotes in his speeches, and a wildlife biologist to advise him on matters pertaining to plant and animal species native to the area.

    To better focus on running the football operations himself.

  7. Probably pretty difficult to be WORSE than J. McDaniels….so, what’s he got to lose?

    Are we forgetting that this is a business and it’s about getting money out of people’s wallets?

    Elway was the best hire in this regard.

  8. He did a great impression of head cheerleader on ESPN today. Living in the past doesn’t seem to make it in the NFL, where what have you done lately is the motto. Good luck Denver fans.

  9. the organization and the fans are embarrassed by that which was Josh. this is exactly what the team needs to recapture its credibility. A PR move no doubt, but the right thing to do.

  10. Elway’s got the right idea – knowing what you don’t know is one key to success

    Unfortuately I think there’s some things that Elway THINKS he knows that he actually doesn’t

    That’s the true challenge for him

  11. Does this hire really matter?

    OAK will still own the Donkey asses for years to come!

  12. Elway should look at the Bucs operation for some ideas on getting the fans back. Coach Morris and the whole team have been available to the media all season. Morris is a no nonsense guy that tells it like it is. The local sports station here,WDAE, has carried a live call in show monday through thursday with direct access to the team leaders /playmakers including Coach Morris , Josh Freeman , and even G. M. Mark Dominik .

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