Jim Harbaugh expected to meet with 49ers at “undisclosed location”

Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh is reportedly looking for a king’s ransom to jump to the NFL.   One team stands out more than the rest as desperate enough to pay him anything he wants.

Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen of ESPN report that Harbaugh will meet with the 49ers at an “undisclosed location.”   Matt Maiocco of Comcast Bay Area writes that team President Jed York hasn’t been at the team facility Wednesday and “things could move quickly.”

Raiders offensive coordinator Hue Jackson was also expected to meet with York and 49ers G.M. Trent Baalke Wednesday.   York said after the season that he wanted a strong G.M. that would have the sole authority to hire his coach.

But it appears York was focused on promoting Baalke and hiring Harbaugh all along.  Now he just needs to close the deal.

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  1. Good luck, JIM. After all, you’re taking the reigns of a team that was supposed to be the studs of this year, and instead? They crapped out.

  2. Its too bad that Harbaugh is going to the NFL and not to Michigan, but if he went to Michigan now, he is considered a “lifer” there. I don’t blame him for taking his NFL shot.

  3. So when York hires Baalke, he’s being cheap and conservative.

    But when he goes out to hire Harbaugh, he’s being desperate?

  4. What amazes me most about this is if you had told me several years ago (when Harbaugh was a player) that the 49ers would be signing Jim Harbaugh to a contract upwards of 30 million dollars and that I would be elated about it I would have laughed in your face. 😉

  5. York said after the season that he wanted a strong G.M. that would have the sole authority to hire his coach.

    Despite this edict he granted an interview to Ted “I Generally Manage” Sundquist.

  6. Michigan’s a dumpster fire……….He might be “Michigan Man” but he’s not stupid.

    49’ers have talent, they just need the right coach.

  7. Stay at Stanford. I’m having way too much fun watching you and Oregon sodomize the rest of the Pac-10.

    He’s not going to Michigan. Pretty sure they screwed him a few years ago when they didn’t wanna hire him as QB Coach and “the Baugh” never forgets.. Instead he went to USD and dominated. Odds are Brady Hoke becomes next Michigan HC.

  8. Let’s just say for the sake of the argument Harbaugh is hired by the 49er’s and things don’t work out.

    Well, there will always be Michigan waiting for him.

    Michigan is the most undesirable college coaching job this year. You know why? Harbaugh said so.

    It will only become desirable when Harbaugh gets fired by the 49er’s.

    If I was York, I would get my Uncle Eddie D. in on the rebuilding of this organization. He not only has won a few Super Bowls but knows how to do it with different coaching regimes.

    York is doing what any good executive who is opening a new stadium would be doing. He is hiring the hottest commodity available to put butts into seats. That is his first and foremost job to do.

    Right now Harbaugh fits that bill. Some would say, ‘We will always have Paris’. The reality is Harbaugh, ‘Will always have Ann Arbor’.

    Its just that right now Ann Arbor is just not that desirable but the Bay Area certainly is.

  9. Harbough would be better served anywhere other than with the 49ers. What a joke of an organization. How long has it been since they were relevant in the NFL. The one thing the 49ers have going for them is their crappy division. It wouldn’t take long to win that crap division. The 49er job has to be the worst available in the NFL. Honestly I would rather go coach the Browns.

  10. This won’t be hard to figure out. Just look for the crimson and gold Brinks truck….

    But honestly, why anyone would want to stay in Cali with that big earthquake on the horizon is beyond me. I won’t shed a tear for any of them….

  11. I imagine he will take his NFL shot now. Even if he flops and is fired in 2 or 3 years, what are the chances Michigan’s next coach will be as well? Pretty good I’d say.

  12. #
    childressrulz says: Jan 5, 2011 3:10 PM

    Harbough would be better served anywhere other than with the 49ers. What a joke of an organization. How long has it been since they were relevant in the NFL. The one thing the 49ers have going for them is their crappy division. It wouldn’t take long to win that crap division. The 49er job has to be the worst available in the NFL. Honestly I would rather go coach the Browns.

    I highly doubt even Mcdonalds would let you coach the cashier. I can name several worst places to go, Minnesota (old players and NO QB or talent besides AP), Cleveland (no talent on the roster), Carolina (refer to Cleveland now that Steve Smith is gone), Arizona (refer to Carolina with the exception of Fitz), I could go on but you get the point…

  13. @childressrulz

    You rip on the 49ers for being irrelevant but say you’d rather coach the Browns. When’s the last time they were relevant? None of the prospective openings are the perfect scenario…that’s why they’re going to be OPEN. The Raiders are lost as long as Al Davis is owner. The Panthers were terrible and they look forward to playing the 3 other teams in their division that had 10+ wins this year. The Broncos have a proud history, but from the looks of it won’t be competitive for a while. The Dolphins have talent but they play in a tough division as well. So there’s the 49ers. Not the most talented squad, but with Frank Gore…who knows? They might have won that sorry division. Great history. And you rip on their organization, but you post under “childressrulz”. Do we really need to get into how lost the Vikings organization was this year?

  14. it amuses me that you guys, espn, foxsports etc all think you know what is going on with harbaugh. There is only one site that will have the correct stuff on harbaugh and that is the national football post. why? because harbaugh’s agent is one of the post’s owners. do you all think that someone else is going to get the scoop? be serious

  15. @childressrulz

    It simply amazes me how short a memory people have. The Niners were GREAT for 20 freakin years straight and have only been down sisnce 2002. If your 20 or so, thats a long time, but the guys that take these Coaching Positions remember Bill Walsh (and Harbaugh knew him at Stanford as well) ans 20 years of excellence and FIVE Super Bowl Championships.

    Jed York listens ALOT to his uncle (Eddie DeBartolo) and the Niners are NOT as far away as some would like to believe.

    To say that Harbaugh would be better off anywhere else is ludicrous.

    1) Location…he doesn’t have to move.
    2) Money…Niners NEED him and are willing to pay
    3) Legacy…Following the same path as Bill Walsh (Stanford to SF)
    4) Roster…49ers have talent all over the place. All the O needs is a Coach (enter Harbaugh) and a QB (7th pick of draft).
    5) Roster-again…What does Harbaugh run in college? Big line, Run heavy, multiple TE sets. 49ers-Big Line? 3 1st rounders and 2 2nd rounders all over 320 lbs. Check, Run Heavy? Frank Gore, Anthony Dixon, maybe Brian Westbrook. Check. Multiple TEs? Physical Freaks Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker.

    ALL HE NEEDS IS THE QB….AND THATS HIS SPECIALTY. Just ask Josh Johnson and Andrew Luck.

    It just makes too much sense not to happen.

    No get this “better served anywhere else” crap outa my face.

  16. @childressrulz: Lol, I have no horse in the race but you have a lot of hostility man. Are you a Michigan or Stanford fan. Harbaugh will go to SF and will turn the team around. You say when has the SF been relevant in the NFL, um I would say 2003. Yes they have struggled the past 8 years but I could name a lot of other organizations that have had down years as well, including whatever NFL team you root for. The NFC west will not always be the crappiest division, we all will be talking about the AFC south being the suckiest division soon. Remember, other than SF, the rest of the teams in that division have gone or won the superbowl within the last 10 years. Hold your horses and take the emotion out of it. By the way, why would harbaugh go to Car, Den, Mia anyways, Car + Den stink just as bad, and MIA division is brutal.

  17. @childressrulz

    Is just mad that his team isnt courting Harbaugh. And his favorite coach got FIRED

  18. I agree with you 100% marvin49, some people that post have no idea what they are talking about. Thank you for providing some insightful and educated thoughts.

  19. I belive that everything in the NFL happens in cycles…look at some of the best teams of the last three decades and you’ll see that they all have serious ups and downs….The 49ers have been floundering for the past decade due to mismanagement and an over all lack of desire by ownership to restore greatness.

    Enter Jed York…Sure he’s young and still trying to find his footing…but so was Eddie D. at almost the same point in life…The Niners are talented, there is no arguing that…They need a QB, a solid pass rusher and some better DB’s…Our defense is strong they just spend the entire game on the field.

    Is Jim Harbaugh the answer? Only time will tell, but if we fail again at least it wont be from a lack of talent and coaching “know how”…I cant remember the last time the Niners had a coach worth a damn but if they succeed in landing Harbaugh I think for the first time in 9 years we are going to have someone steering the ship in the right direction.

  20. I’m not sold on Harbaugh but if the 9ers do pick him I’ll be his number one supporter until he proves otherwise. The 9ers really need to come up big next season, there’s too much talent on this team that will start looking elsewhere if the ship isn’t righted soon. Gore, Willis, Davis to name a few who might not want to spend their best years waiting for the organization to get it’s act together. Kind of like Fitzgerald in Arizona.

    Truthfully they’re close. They ranked 13th in total defense last season and showed a spark on offense. The O-line was a big problem and finding consistency at the Quarterback position is a huge priority (although honestly both of those issues are linked).

    Knowing that Fisher is their number two choice, I’m desperately hoping that Harbaugh accepts.

  21. Should he take the job, which looks almost inevitable, Harbaugh will have the Niners in the NFC Championship game within 3 seasons, possibly sooner. We could easily an all-Harbaugh Super Bowl. The guys just know football, know how to coach players, and know how to push the right buttons both on field and in the locker room.

  22. York is going to make the wrong decision, no matter what that is. This is one of the lose-lose scenarios. Jed has shat the bed every chance he gets and I have no doubt that if he hires Harbaugh, he will fail, and if he doesn’t hire Harbaugh, he will fail.

    Only Captain Kirk could get the niners out of their death spiral and he would have to cheat to win the excercise. If you know what I mean.

  23. The Harbaugh’s know football? John Harbaugh was given a loaded team in the Ravens and he will not be able to take them to the next step. They were a playoff team before he got there, and still may be when he leaves.

    Jim Harbaugh had success in the West Coast conference with San Diego, and has had moderate success at Stanford. He is poised to leave now because he knows Stanford will return to normalcy next season. He has no NFL experience and nothing to suggest he will fare any differently than Nick Saban and Dennis Erickson who were far more accomplished when they got their shots. Jim Harbaugh is easy to root for but any team he is hired by should temper their expectations.

  24. funkylovemonkey- Gore has had his beat seasons, he’s on the decline now… And as for Willis and Davis, we have them locked up on 5 year contracts, so they aren’t going anywhere..

    @ All Niner fans- if the niners do get Harbaugh, and he screws up 2-3 years down the line, don’t blame the Yorks and act like you didn’t support their decision now… I know a lot of knuckleheads who were gung-ho about singletary when we promoted him, and when things went sour they said, “I knew we shouldn’t have gotten him”… Bull $hit

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