Julian Peterson one of few Lions that won’t be back

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Lions linebacker Julian Peterson won’t be back with the team next year.

G.M. Martin Mayhew told Detroit reporters Wednesday that the Lions informed Peterson of the move.  Peterson was due $8 million next season and was increasingly ineffective.  He made 31 straight starts for the team before being benched in Week 17.

Peterson is one of the only key Lions that won’t be returning. Chris McCosky of the Detroit News writes that every offensive starter and key backup is expected to return next season.

The defense still has plenty of work to do, especially in the secondary and at linebacker.  The team will reportedly look to bring back cornerback Chris Houston.

“We are still looking to improve our starting 22,” coach Jim Schwartz said.  “But we aren’t looking at an overhaul.”
G.M. Martin Mayhew has done a nice job upgrading the team’s talent base and it showed up late in the season.   The Lions no longer have to hold on to overpriced veterans like Peterson just because they have no other options.

11 responses to “Julian Peterson one of few Lions that won’t be back

  1. oh… we suppose to comment on this report?

    I wish i could retire with millions of dollars….

    At that news.. i could care less if NFL comes back next year. Salary are too high.

    Life in America, most everyone took a pay cut the last two years or worse, lost their job.

    If its on ‘free’ tv, local, i’ll watch, if someone gives me a shirt fine. I won’t support such outrageous salaries

  2. Martin Mayhew has done a great job of systematically rebuilding the Lions roster that Matt Millen left in shambles in 2008. From one of his very first moves, where he fleeced Jerry Jones for a 1st and a 3rd round pick (for WR Roy Williams, who was about to become an unrestricted free agent), Mayhew has done solid work to put Detroit in a spot to be a winning team in 2011.

  3. @geezohman,

    If you don’t like the high salaries, hit the gym, get a contract and tell the team, “Nah, I don’t need that much.” … Didn’t think so.

  4. geezohman –

    NO, you are not “supposed” to comment. You really aren’t. Nothing is compelling you to. Why did you feel that you had to?

    and why are you hanging out on a pro football blog if you think they are all overpaid and you won’t support it?

    NOW, I’ve heard EVERYTHING.

    BTW, the expression is that you “COULDN’T care less.” Saying that you “could care less” indicates a level of caring, now doesn’t it?

  5. Let Houston go! Before the winning streak he said he couldn’t wait to test free agency. Like anyone would want him.

    As for the rest of the secondary…

    Delmas and Spievey no doubt will stay because they’re young decent players who are recent draft picks.

    Wendling is a special teams beast, so he can stay, plus Vasher and maybe one or two others who played good the last few games can be the new bottom of the secondary depth chart.

    To the rest see you in the UFL. (couch couch C.C. Brown)

    If they can draft or sign quality players at CB, S, OLB, & OL, the Lions should be a real quality team for years to come.

  6. @geezohman – that was just stupid, apologize to the people who actually what you posted and don’t comment on the site anymore.

    jdmp86- I’m a Jets fan and I saw how well the defensive line played that game against the Jets. they were excellent, but otherwise on defense, an overhaul of the linebackers and secondary would be good. trade down in the draft and take like 10 players overall just to pick through and find the good ones. take like 2 safeties, 2 or 3 CB’s, a couple OT’s and a couple of linebackers, maybe an interior offensive lineman if they still have a pick. sign a couple guys through free agency, could be a good look for this year.

  7. Congratulations Lions team/fans. It would appear that you’ve graduated from Millen’s “generational disaster” to “spit and duct tape” to “thinning the herd”.

    That it could be done in just two offseason cycles is just short of amazing. Now that it’s clear that the front office has resurrected the franchise, the only remaining question is whether or not they can make the kind of shrewd draft picks that separate the average from the elite.

    For the sake of Lions fans, I hope that’s the case.

  8. Mayhew…..You say jump, we’ll say how high. You say run….we’ll say how fast…Keep up the great work. You’ve given us hope and a reason to believe.

    @ geezohman…..Really?…..Are you that ams unedumacated?…Nice grammar…It’s no wonder why you don’t make millions of dollars, let alone tens of dollars.

  9. With a blue chip player added to the CB rotation, it might not be too bad with the current personnel. Alphonso Smith, Ty Hill,<– both first round picks(might develop here), Houston, McDonald. Definitely a lot more this time around than…Phillip Buchannon and Anthony Henry, etc.

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