Niners quietly interviewed Les Snead

It previously was believed that the San Francisco 49ers interviewed for the recently-filled G.M. position only candidates who were not working for NFL teams or, in the case of the guy who got the job, someone who works for the Niners, Trent Baalke.

Quietly, one candidate who is currently employed with another club was interviewed.

We’re told that Falcons director of player personnel Les Snead interviewed for the job, presumably on Monday.

Because the Falcons have a bye, candidates could be interviewed this week.  However, it’s unlikely that 49ers would have been able to hire Snead before the conclusion of the Falcons’ season.

6 responses to “Niners quietly interviewed Les Snead

  1. I have this vision of Jed York, sitting there in one of those old school desks, with the half table top to the right, saying..

    “Who’s next!?”

  2. Its funny how you post “It was previously believed…” whenever you all get something wrong on here. Why don’t you post “As we incorrectly posted earlier” instead? Sounds like obfuscation when you use the former terminology and takes away from your credibility.

  3. So glad he didn’t get the job. Now if Mularkey can get hired somewhere, like the Browns… He’s not bad at his job, but he’s holding the offense back, if you ask me.

  4. Mike M might have a chance in Cleveland, the way the Steelers put the hurt on ’em Sunday.

    Just for Holmgren, Stillers ran the same play that put the 21-10 on Seahawks and Holmgren in the SuperBowl. I wish the camera would have zoomed in on Holmgren on that TD on Sunday.. the walrus would have been choking !

    Funny how all the Browns fans left at half time yet shell out for tickets week after week, year after year… their team should be called.. Next Year”

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