Raiders deny report that Hue Jackson will be their next coach

Shortly after Tom Cable was officially informed he was out as head coach, the biggest paper in the Bay Area reported that the Raiders had already decided on Cable’s replacement.

Vittorio Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle credits a source close to offensive coordinator Hue Jackson that says Jackson will become the next Raiders head coach.  The Raiders predictably deny that report.

“We have not talked to anybody yet,” Raiders senior executive John Herrera said. “Nothing has been done. This was the decision that had to be made first.”

Jackson publicly denies the report he got the job as well.  Raiders players are first trying to get over their shock and dismay over what happened.  Owner Al Davis gave some clues after Sunday’s win, when he was asked if 8-8 was a good finish.
“If that’s the world you live in,” Davis replied to Paul Gutierrez of Comcast Bay Area.
Davis reportedly wasn’t happy with Cable’s decision to make Darren McFadden and Bruce Campbell inactive for the finale.   There may also have been disagreements about how Cable handled the quarterback position during the year.

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  1. First – props to Cable for rolling up his sleeves, wading through the muck, and forcing this thing back in the right direction. Let’s give credit where it’s due. The man did a heckuva job in extremely difficult circumstances. That being said, does anyone really believe that he’s championship coaching material? When you line him up next to Belicheck, Payton, and the likes he just doesn’t fit. I believe that Al can see this team is ready to take the next step and wants a leader in place who can show them how. Hue Jackson is an accomplished, respected offensive mind who is more rounded and polished, and also (and I think this is critical) he has been to the playoffs recently. Al wants to win. He clearly thinks Cable has taken this thing as far as he can and I tend to agree. Cable didn’t get fired. He wasn’t dragged through the mud, he just didn’t have his contract renewed. There is no acrimony and Cable will definitely land somewhere in this league as a coordinator or o-line coach. I suspect it will be on a team in the AFC West, and I see Denver as a viable option.

  2. Raiders crush the Chiefs in week 16, go 6-0 in the division, and Davis is upset about Cable making McFadden and Campbell inactive?

    “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

    /s/ Vince Lombardi

  3. Let’s see, Tom Cable is loved by the fans and players, goes undefeated in the division, offense doubles the points scored from last year, and defense finally pulls together. He basicly resurrected the team after Al Davis drafted Jamarcus Russell and hired Lane Kiffin, both are gone from the league. So now Al Davis decides that it’s not in the team’s best interest to keep Tom Cable as coach. I say the Raiders fans organize a rally outside of the stadium and protest for Al Davis to step down! iam a lifelong fan and Iam getting ready to drop the team from all of my cares! Today is truly s sad day to be a Raiders fan.

  4. In other news, the Raiders also denied reports that the grass on their home field is green, that they play their home games in Oakland, and that uniform colors are black and silver.

    The Raiders further vehemently deny a report filed by Adam Schefter that today is Wednesday.

  5. Al Davis is the worst owner in the league, and that’s saying something with Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones as options.

  6. “Davis reportedly wasn’t happy with Cable’s decision to make Darren McFadden and Bruce Campbell inactive for the finale. ”

    Who’s Bruce Campbell?

  7. people crack me up I gotta garee with Al, I don’t live in a 17-27 world either…….i guess all the haters are happy with a 3rd place finish in their division……..get real.

  8. cable didn’t play bruce campbell,jason campbell and stevie brown…and others,soon enough or not at all.this was done by a coach who got the job by default thru the most knowledgable owner in the NFL.on what other team in the NFL would Cable even be given the chance to be a head coach at that time.most likely Tom Cable a better coach now,yes.will he find another job,most certainly.whoever replaces Cable with the title of head coach should do better than last year.then consider the veteran players that are on the team that actually teach and mentor the whole team,namely Seymour and Asomugha,these two guys are coaches on their own.AL DAVIS could’ve already had conversations with certain candidates and really had this situation in mind since the offseason.who is to blame,no one,especially not AL’s a business and just because the raider team acheived something that has peaked other peoples interest,the owner usually sees it differently.AL DAVIS isn’t just another owner.again,he is the most knowlegable owner.

  9. truthfully,i don’t care who the head coach concern is the offensive coordinator this time,i would assume that either Jackson or Harbaugh are and should be the leading candidates for the head coaching position.the offense will be in limbo until the OC position is filled.the players should and will play regardless for whoever mans the top spot but my problem is in what scheme.AL DAVIS only has one offensive scheme he desires.AL DAVIS HAS OPTIONS,don’t get that twisted.

  10. Cable already interviewed:
    I have a good inside source that stated the following:
    Both UFC and WWE have interviewed Tom Cable for possible octagon matches.
    “I forgot about Hansen’s broken jaw. Maybe we’ll see Cable in the octagon. He’s probably a great striker.”
    Joe Rogan is quoted.

  11. There was info earlier in the league that even though Al wanted Jason Campbell at QB, he allowed (in an unprecedented move) his HC to make the QB call… and you know what, i think had we never started Gradkowski, we would have won a few more games… i think with Campbell at the start, we win in Arizona instead of loosing by 1 (but then again, if Jano hadn’t missed the kick, we would have won aswell) we also may have one the game against Houston that next week as well instead of loosing by six because of a Gradkowski INT that was a terribly thrown ball to Louis Murphy. Grad gets hurt early in the first chargers game after going a wonderful 1/7 for 14 yards… Campbell comes in and actually helps win that game for us.

    So potentially two more wins, and guess what boys, we would have tied the chiefs, and with our 6-0 division record means we are in the playoffs….

    so that’s the bad side of getting some power at HC in oakland… 8-8 doing what the owner wants, probably keep your job… 8-8 when you get to do what you want and you don’t win close games…. you are gone

  12. @ realitypolice

    Funny…But the point is that the Raiders NEVER confirm ANYTHING said in the media.

    @ fat4jc

    Campbell was the LT prospect nearly everyone thought Al would take in the first round of last year’s draft (Mayock for one I believe)…Got him in the 4th instead and Cable became obsessed with making him a OG (like Gallery) even though he HAD NEVER PLAY OG IN COLLEGE…Great plan from the guy who couldn’t make Gallery a top LT either.

    Sunday’s game was meaningless and a great chance to get Campbell some experience to see how he had progressed…Game was already a blowout by the 4th QTR, but by deactivating Campbell he had no chance to play.

    Now the Raiders are going into 2011 and the still don’t have a clue on what Campbell can or can’t do…Another great coaching decision by the “Cable Guy”.

  13. also I really don’t see the raiders getting into all the media hype…. i guess sometime in 2012 will a new cba is in place the raiders will add the expense of a head coach to the balance sheet…until then every dollar saved in payroll is a dollar to the bottom line.

  14. Look Al Davis is the Raiders (A.D. Football Inc., which is how his letterhead is signed) for better or for worse. People love to rip on him, but give him no credit when he makes great decisions.

    For a guy that is supposedly old, lost it and the worst owner of all of sports, Al Davis single handily had the best draft in the NFL last year and maybe the best in the history of the Franchise. They got 4 immediate starters in Rolando McClain, Lamar Houston, Jared Valdheer and Jacoby Ford they got a future starter in Bruce Campbell. As you can see from Don Banks recent article on the redoing the NFL Draft all 4 of these players would have been taken in the First Round if the draft were to be done all over.

    Also, he got Jason Campbell for a 4’th round pick and was willing to admit his mistake and cut Jamarcus Russell outright. Also, he was proven right once again when he won the grievance Lance (Lane) Kiffin filled against him.

    The Raiders have talent on their Roster because Al Davis scouted, drafted and signed them. It was up to Cable to coach them, develop their talent and make the playoffs, simply put he failed. You cannot say every decision is made by Al Davis and then not give him credit when the organization make a good acquisition.

    At the end of the day, you simply cannot make promises to Al Davis and then not deliver. Cable promised 4 things and didn’t deliver on 1 of them. He promised to win the division, make the playoffs, reduce the penalties and improve the run defense.

    In the end they didn’t win the division, missed the playoffs. Despite all the efforts made to correct the penalty situation it got significantly worse going from 53.1 yards per game to 79.8 yards per game. Finally, the rush defense which was supposedly going to be a much improved dropped from 28’th in rush defense in 2009 to 29’th in 2010.

    Tom Cable’s specialty was supposed to be coaching the offensive line, but their pass blocking simply did not improve enough yielding 5 less sacks, in 2009 they gave up 49 sacks out of 485 attempts while giving up 44 out of 491 attempts.

  15. These things take time. Cable was definitely on the right track, had the guys playing for him, completely changed the culture in Oakland…and gets fired. Maybe he’ll pull a Shanahan and win back to back championships somewhere. I’d love to see this dude in Washington to some degree.

    And I thought our Redskins were poorly managed…sheesh.

  16. imagine if bruce campbell was in and made the run game even better.imagine if veldheer never played center and was inserted at left tackle earlier.imagine if jason campbell played all year and somewhat gelled sooner than later.imagine if ford and stevie brown played earlier and made a few more big plays.hindsight is a nightmare but it also worth something.

  17. jenksym says:
    Jan 5, 2011 9:52 AM
    I thought Hue Jackson was pretty good in the early X-Men movies.


    I agree!
    Post ‘O The Day!!!

  18. This is exactly what was suppose to happen. David brought in Hue Jackson to improve the offense. With Jackson the points scored double, the offense has come alive. Cable is a good cheer leader but not a head coach. If we were to have let Hue Jackson go to another team and Cable was kept on as Head Coach we would see another 5-11 season next year.

    This is the move we all should have expected and that we should have hoped for. I am very happy that it happened and I think this Raider team will continue to improve becasue of it.

  19. Trying to guess what Al Davis is going to do is like trying to pick one of those numbers on the roulette wheel in Vegas. My guess is he thinks there is no CBA in place next year so he doesn’t want to pay a coach while the league sits in limbo. Once the new CBA is finished we will see movement in the coaching search from our owner….which means all the good coaches will already have jobs leaving us with people like John Fox to chose from.

  20. Cable has a lot of potential as a coach – either an O-line coach, O-coordinator or future Head Coach. Very few walk into situations like he did and turn the place around quickly. The Raiders going 8-8 after their last several seasons is a victory.

    Al Davis brought in Jackson as their O-coordinator with the intent of making him the HC in the future. It was all part of his plan….and no one should be shocked.

    I’d love to see Cable coaching the Giants Offensive line…they need a fire lit!!….or a strong right hook!

  21. I hear that Hue Jass is also available for coaching the Raidahs and also to make prank phone calls, along with his friend Homer Sexshal.

  22. nygdefenserules says:
    Jan 5, 2011 12:36 PM
    Cable has a lot of potential as a coach – either an O-line coach, O-coordinator or future Head Coach. Very few walk into situations like he did and turn the place around quickly. The Raiders going 8-8 after their last several seasons is a victory.

    Al Davis brought in Jackson as their O-coordinator with the intent of making him the HC in the future. It was all part of his plan….and no one should be shocked.

    I’d love to see Cable coaching the Giants Offensive line…they need a fire lit!!….or a strong right hook!


    How can you look at what he did with the Raider OL over the past SEVERAL seasons and you think he can make the Giants OL BETTER?

    At least he would have proven OL talent in NY, ’cause he sure as crap can’t develop OL talent.

  23. why not hire jim zorn?having coaches he can manipulate and boss around is al davis’s trademark!
    why fire cable?he’s the best coach they have had in 8 years?

  24. I agree.. as much as I liked the Cable guy and thought he did as well as he could under difficult circumstances, I don’t know that he was the guy to take the Raiders to the NEXT level. That said, everyone wants to give credit to Cable for turning the team around, but how about giving some credit to Al for getting the talent in there for Cable to turn it around. People forget outside of having the great draft they did this year, that this was the first glimpse of the McFadden they thought they were getting when they drafted him 4th overall. It’s easy to say Cable is the best coach they’ve had in 8 years, but it was also the most talented Raider team that they have had in 8 years. Everyone wants to blame the coaching staffs and everything for the past 7 years.. but you have to remember.. after Chuckie left, the Raiders were cash strapped because of a lot of payments due to a lot of veterans that either broke down, or retired. Everyone gave Chuckie all the credit in the world when he was in Oakland, but nobody talks about the way he set up the team to have to totally rebuild from scratch. He did the same thing in Tampa… difference between Tampa this year and the Raiders this year was the difference between a 3rd place schedule and the 4th place schedule.. same with the Chiefs… Chiefs draw Browns and Bills and Raiders got Miami and Pittsburgh.. Ultimately, had the just won 2 more games outside of the division, and Cable would still be the coach.. he did some good things.. maybe even would have gotten them to the playoffs eventually, but the big prize would never come to Cable as a head coach. At least that’s my not so humble opinion.

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