Sunday Night Football finishes as the No. 1 show on television

Though it’s roughly as challenging as trying to assess whether you’d think your own baby was cute if he or she wasn’t your own baby (I made the mistake of raising that question with my wife . . . once), we’d like to think that we’d regard this next item of news as newsworthy even if we didn’t have a direct connection to the product in question.

Sunday Night Football, a show that was invaded on a weekly basis by a certain Internet hack with whom you may be familiar, finished the NFL season as the No. 1 show on television.

Not just the No. 1 show every night that NBC carried a primetime game.  But the No. 1 show on all of television for the 17 weeks that just finished this past Sunday night.

It’s the first time ever that a sports show has been the No. 1 show in television from the start of the television season through the end of the football season.

“Nearly six years ago we worked with the NFL to create Football Night in America – a night that America would reserve for football and over the five football seasons since, we have steadily built that night,” Dick Ebersol, Chairman of NBC Universal Sports and Olympics, said in a statement released by NBC Sports.  “Thanks in large part to the incredible unscripted drama generated each week by the NFL and its players, the terrific schedule that the league has afforded us, our production team and on-camera talent whose passion and dedication translates into an unmatched viewing experience, and our broad promotion that reaches the casual fan, I am proud to say that Sunday Night Football has become the No. 1 show on primetime television.”

Memo to NFL owners and players . . . if you want your sport to continue to enjoy that level of popularity, you’d better find a way to save face and craft a win-win solution for your labor dispute, and you’d better presume that urgency exists now.  Because it does.  No one wants to spend the offseason worrying about whether there will be a work stoppage in September.  At a certain point, fans will disengage from the process and assume that there won’t be NFL football in 2011, and they’ll plan their lives accordingly.

That point, we fear, is coming sooner than anyone realizes.

20 responses to “Sunday Night Football finishes as the No. 1 show on television

  1. Translation; Keep laying the golden egg..despite your concussions, masses of NFL former greats being homeless and extending the season to 18 games with thinned out o-lines, knocked out QBs and horrific teams continuing to struggle in small markets.

  2. This may be beating a dead horse, but learn from history. Baseball still hasn’t recovered. Fans, season ticket holders, will find other places to spend their money, and don’t kid yourselves, it’s human nature to hold a grudge. Add to that the fact that there is no compassion for either side, players or owners, when there is $8b to go around and we will not feel sorry for you (NFL). The fact you can’t agree is already egg in your face but if you can just keep the sport going, we will continue shelling out hundreds/thousands of our hard earned dollars to support this amazing game.

    I am a season ticket holder and I am not renewing my tickets until there is an agreement. This coming on the heels of an entire season blacked out in Tampa due to lack of ticket sales.

  3. Please settle this soon. The young Patriots will be better next year, and better the year after that. This year might be too soon for a return to the top, but I hope not. A knee injury already cost us one ring, a helmet catch took away another, homeriffic officiating in Indy in 2006 took away a third, and I don’t want a lockout to take away a fourth.

  4. ESPN needs to take a look at what they’re doing on SNF, they are absolutely killing MNF in every aspect.

  5. No surprise. The Sunday night package is far superior to what ESPN has on Monday night. There is just no panache to that ESPN booth. And I’m usually sure to be camped out in front of the tube at 8:22 EST so as not to miss Faith Hill’s opening.

    No offense to Mike Tirico, because he is knowledgable, but if I’m gonna have a guy do the game who looks like George Costanza, I’d rather have George Costanza.

    The difference to me between the broadcasts is similar to the difference between regular and HD TV.

  6. I think ultimately it will come down to a lose-lose situation rather than win-win. It’s much easier to lose when the other side loses too than to win when the other side also wins.

  7. And they did it dispite that awfull Faith Hill intro song. Bravo! I’ve been waiting all week for Sunday night……

  8. @8man –

    You are correct, sir. SNF is better than MNF in just about every aspect, the most obvious of which is the team in the booth. Michaels is probably the best that ever called any sport, and I know a lot of people don’t like Collinsworth but I think he’s great – sort of abrasive (“the Steelers are kicking the Chargers’ stinking butts” a couple years ago) and also knowledgeable, not afraid to be critical. Tirico is decent I guess, but both Jaws and Chucky are not needed – no chemistry (and I don’t think they like each other very much anyway).

  9. I have already planned. I cancelled my automatic renewal for my directv nfl sunday ticket. We’ll probably take a vacation in october. I’m not going to sit around while greedy millionaires and billionaires bitch about pennies and ruin something that i look forward to. I wait until 2012 season maybe they’ll have it figured out by then. I won’t watch a truncated season.

  10. are you guys sure the difference between SNF and MNF has nothing to do with the games themselves. I find broadcast booths to be a tad overrated. I mean the right booth can make a difference in the enjoyablity of a game but never the determining factor in whether or not i watch a game. I believe the two teams playing has a much better indicator. For MNF, when the MATCHUP is intriguing, people watch regardless of the booth. SNF has had a killer schedule

  11. Screw both sides!
    I will keep watching.
    Let the scabs come back and play. It will continue my fix for the sport and continue to earn myself income via FF Championships. It will also send the owners and players (CBA) a message – we’ll continue without you!

    The owners stink and the CBA stinks. Screw ’em – let those that qualify and want to play the game play. It might even start a few suprise careers.

  12. all4patriots says:
    Jan 5, 2011 10:01 AM
    Please settle this soon. The young Patriots will be better next year, and better the year after that. This year might be too soon for a return to the top, but I hope not. A knee injury already cost us one ring, a helmet catch took away another, homeriffic officiating in Indy in 2006 took away a third, and I don’t want a lockout to take away a fourth.


    What’s going to cost you the 5th…?

    That’s an outright joke. A knee injury cost no one anything. Assuming the Pats would’ve ran to the SB the year of Brady’s knee injury is no different than me declaring the Packers would win it all this year if Grant doesn’t go down…shut yer yap and watch the games…..yer cheating bastards up there anyway.

  13. The game may have been number 1 but please don’t tell me the pregame show was. If it was come on walk out. I couldn’t stand watching that group, one tried to be funny, one preaching even though it was Sunday and the other still thinking he was playing. Then add Costas? YUK YUK YUK>

  14. Collingsworth rules…totally agree w/STEELNUCS. Used to like Gruden…cannot listen to him now…like the insurance pig Maxwell…”WEEE wee wee weeeee!” Want a guy (guys) who calls it as he sees it, is literate, sarcastic when necessary, doesn’t assume that this is the FIRST NFL GAME I HAVE EVER WATCHED, and positively knows what he’s talking about. He and ol’ Al make a good team. Love SNF now…MNF, not so much…but I still watch, just mute more.

  15. When is ESPN going to realize three announcers are one too many? That dead air is not bad? MNF suffers from people talking when they have nothing to say. OTOH, SNF is really good. The announcers don’t sound like fingernails on a blackboard.

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