Texans hire Wade Phillips to run defense

The long-rumored marriage of Wade Phillips and the Houston Texans was consummated on Wednesday.  (There’s a nice image.)

The Texans announced they hired the former Cowboys head coach as their new defensive coordinator.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle imagined what the new defense would look like, putting Connor Barwin and Brian Cushing as outside linebackers.  Phillips will have to get creative to integrate defensive end Mario Williams, who isn’t a natural fit in a base 3-4 defense.

We like the hire of Phillips, although there is some concern that the Texans have a good cop-good cop scenario with Gary Kubiak and Phillips running the show on their respective sides of the football.

Another issue could occur if there is a long lockout and Phillips doesn’t have much time to implement his system before the 2011 season.

19 responses to “Texans hire Wade Phillips to run defense

  1. This is a good hire….as a bills fan I saw first hand what how well he could run a defense….plus he has.some pieces to work with

  2. I’m interested to see how they make this switch. I don’t see Phillips adjusting to a 4-3. But wasn’t Capers just there, he is a 3-4 guy?
    He helped Green Bay’s defense a lot, but it helps having Charles Woodson

  3. Good hire now the texans won’t be able to stop anyone and arian foster won’t have a good year because they wont be playing close games cause of lack of defense

  4. Another 4-3 bites the dust. About half the league runs this now.

    It’s also worth noting that only 4 AFC teams that don’t have some variation of a 3-4 base: Bengals, Colts, Titans, and Raiders.

  5. Wade Phillips should just try out the 4-3. Come on now, it has to be easier for the coach to change than the team. Especially with a beast like Mario Williams at DE.

  6. In a word – disaster.

    Tell me Mr. Phillips – what sort of shape was the Dallas D in when you hit the silk? And this just in, no Demarcus Ware.

    Good luck boys.

  7. Have fun with this chump, Texans fans. Wade set the Cowboys back several years, and he’s gonna suck badly with Houston no matter what capacity he serves in. straight garbage and a proven loser. Horrible, horrible hire.

  8. How does this chump keep getting jobs? He and Dan Henning have a record full of fail. Yet they get hired again and again and again.

    The 34 is an overrated scheme. Look back at your NFL history and almost all the great teams and dynasties run the 43. Furthermore, in the modern NFL it is a cheaper, more salary cap defense to run.


  9. The softest team in the league now has 2 of the softest coaches ever!! They’ll only wear pads during games, and thats only because the league forces them to.

    I smell another 8-8 season…

  10. Hey hotdog, Bill Belichick runs a 3-4. You think he’s a moron too?

    I don’t see why this wouldn’t work. It could make Mario Williams even more dangerous, with the flexibility to put him anywhere, kinda like Jason Taylor when the Dolphins switched to a 3-4.

  11. Belichick runs a base 34, but like most 34 teams they’ll run close to 60% of their snaps in a 4 or 5 man front.

    Hotdog is correct about the dynasty and cap figure, and other then PIT, BAL no one else has luck in it and a good passing team will be that scheme like the Saints last year.

  12. Green Bay run’s the 3/4 and their D is frikin’ tough. The 3/4 allows you to be more creative and create diffrent fronts that confuse the QB, ie Peyton Manning in last years Super Bowl (Yes Gregg Williams and the Saints ran a 3/4 in the second half of that game. Man a lot of idiots and know-nothings make comments on PFT

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