Aaron Maybin may be off the Bills roster soon


It’s pretty rare for a top-15 draft pick to not even survive into a third season with the team that selected him.   Bills linebacker Aaron Maybin could pull off the trick.

After playing only 21% of the team’s snaps on the Bills as a rookie, Maybin barely saw the field in 2009.  He may be booted out of Buffalo before long.  Coach Chan Gailey admitted that Maybin’s roster spot is “tenuous” after the season.

The Bills like linebacker Arthur Moats, who just finished his rookie season.  They also re-signed Shawne Merriman.   Where does Maybin fit?

“Right now he’s on the outside looking in,” Gailey said via the Buffalo News.  “That’s where he is. If he improves, he’ll improve his status.”

12 responses to “Aaron Maybin may be off the Bills roster soon

  1. he’s best suited as a 3rd down pass rusher in a 4-3. saw him play alot as a penn state fan and i always thought that he was going to be a bust as a first round pick but i think he has good potential strictly as a pass rush specialist and nothing more.

  2. It’s sad that Buffalo gets more production out of undrafted guys than they do out of 1st round picks.

    Buffalo’s last 1st round picks:

    Spiller – Unimpressive so far
    Wood – Wow, they actually hit on one
    Maybin – Can’t get on the field
    McKelvin – Good, but only starting due to injuries
    Lynch – Good, but traded for a 4th round pick
    Whitner – Horrible
    McCargo – Who?
    Losman – Lol

    How does Tom Modrak still have a job?

  3. Bills deny it has anything to do with the recent discovery that Aaron was born without normal bone structure on the side of his skull, leaving only a thin layer of skin to protect his brain.

  4. A one year wonder in college, too light to play right now. All talk from this guy. Got beat out by undrafted free agents.

  5. What, Who in the right mind would want him and his attitude. Its not like he was trying to beat out Bruce Smith there.

  6. This is a much bigger slap in the face of the Buffalo Bills and their scouting dept. They butchered their previous top 5 pick in OG Mike Williams, QB J.P. losman and this pick was a “reach” at best. I am from western NY, but I am a Steeler fan. It’s hard to watch the Bills routinely let quality players go ( Pat Williams, Antoine Winfield, etc. ) and see them miss on draft picks over and over. As much as you don’t want to say it, It starts from the top. The owner employs the player personnel people. The owner employs the G.M. The owner employs the head coach. The N.F.L. has structured the league for parity and the Bills haven’t seen the playoffs in a decade. The only differences between them and the Lions are a 0-16 season and there is no hope for the Bills.

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