Bowe back at practice for the Chiefs

One day after missing practice for “flu-like” symptoms, Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe was back in the mix Thursday, per the Kansas City Star.

Bowe was seen limping heavily after last week’s loss to the Raiders, so there is some thought the Chiefs are hiding behind an “illness” to cover up a bigger problem.

Either way, this is a very good sign for the Chiefs.  Their biggest weakness as an offense is their lack of options at wide receiver.  It’s hard to see their passing game surviving without Bowe.

Pro Bowl guard Brian Waters was not present for practice for a second straight day.

3 responses to “Bowe back at practice for the Chiefs

  1. You gotta dial it back on this “Bowe was seen limping heavily” crap. Your one source is the biggest joke in KC sports talk radio, Nick Wright.

    Then again, if it causes the Ravens to alter their game plan, then maybe it’s good to keep repeating this misinformation.

  2. @kchoya he was limping in practice today. Local news channel has video of him running routes in practice today and he had a limp…I have no problem with you slamming Wright, cause I personally dont like him. But make sure you know he’s wrong….before you say he’s wrong

  3. @dudeustupid, kchiya is correct. Wright said Bowe was limping heavily at the end of the Raiders game heading into the tunnel last Sunday…NOT while at practice.

    Make sure YOU know he’s wrong…before you say he’s wrong.

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