Cardinals fire defensive coordinator Bill Davis

For the second time in three years, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt has fired his defensive coordinator.

Bill Davis was let go on Thursday, the team announced.  The Cardinals finished 30th in points allowed and 29th in yards allowed this season.  The offense was no better, but had lower expectations.

Whisenhunt also fired Clancy Pendergast after the team’s Super Bowl run, but they were never as bad as they were in 2010.  Perhaps expectations were too high after they team lost Karlos Dansby and Antrel Rolle.

We have a ton of respect for what Whisenhunt has done in Arizona, but he risks becoming the NFC’s Gary Kubiak.  (Or a latter day Denver Mike Shanahan.)  Being a head coach isn’t just about your side of the football.  It’s about finding solutions for both sides of the football.

In four years, Whisenhunt has yet to show he can solve Arizona’s defensive problems.

“As we sit here right now, I have a couple of names, but I don’t even know the availability of those guys,” Whisenhunt said via the Arizona Republic.

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  1. Being a head coach isn’t just about your side of the football. It’s about finding solutions for both sides of the football.

    and when was the last time you were the coach of an NFL team?

  2. That’s a shame. I always liked the early stuff he did with Marlilyn McCoo, like Up Up and Away, Stoned Soul Picnic, and Wedding Bell Blues.

  3. One of the sides of the ball that has been a shining success (and unnoticed @PFT) is the Cards special teams coached by Kevin Spencer

  4. LOL DRB… loved the 5th Dimension.Lucky for Whiz there are now two guys on the market who have 3-4 DC experience.Mangini and Ryan.

  5. I’m still trying to figure out why Whisenhunt fired Pendergast. The team goes to the Superbowl so it’s time to fire staff members?! Whisenhunt is an offensive guy. What does he know about defense?

  6. Bad job by Whiz with insisting this bunch play primarily the 3-4. This year the personnel was much better suited for 4-3 (no dominant NT, OLBs past prime as pass rushers) and in fact they started using it more late this season.

    But even bigger was letting Dansby walk when they were well under the cap this year. they couldnt replace him.

  7. They will replace Davis with Mangini, who will solidify the Cardinals D while secretly hoping that Fitzgerald leaves the team and Arizona’s O continues to suffer, then he can displace Whisenhut. Question is, will the present coach want Mangini the Rat there. Et tu Brute?

  8. Both sides of the football? Last time I checked there were three sides of football if you dont believe me see 2010 chargers

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