Cowboys announce Thursday press conference to re-introduce Garrett

The Cowboys will end their abbreviated coaching “search” with the ending everyone expected.

Dallas called a press conference at 2:30 pm ET Thursday.  While they didn’t announce anything officially, the session is presumably to introduce Jason Garrett as head coach.  [The Dallas Morning News has confirmed it will introduce Garrett as head coach.]

The team also interviewed Dolphins assistant head coach Todd Bowles and Cowboys receivers coach Ray Sherman for the job.  Both men are seen as possible coordinator candidates in Dallas.

22 responses to “Cowboys announce Thursday press conference to re-introduce Garrett

  1. Cowboys to announce Garrett’s hire at Thursday Press Conference. . . . Much better title. . . .

  2. Let me just say that this is a mistake. No attempt that we know of to contact any established coaches that are unemployed. I hope I am wrong but I am seeing Campo all over again.

  3. Terrible choice. Too safe. Everybody talks how he finished the season strong but take a closer look at it. Philly had all back-ups in,redskins started a new qb and they barely hung on to win,The cardinals game was embarrassing. Penalties,missed field goals and mental lapses didnt disappear when he took over.

  4. We know we can score. Just need a new Defense and D- Coordinator and a few players to get Dooms day Back on track!!!

  5. Great hire, on a number of levels. Jason Garrett comes from a true football family, and is a Cowboy from the start. He played in Dallas, and trained under Troy Aikman and Jimmy Johnson. He has been around this current team now for 5 years and has been already coaching them for half a season. His Ivy-League educational training indicates not only a higher degree of intellect but also means he is extremely prepared and ready for just about any situation he will be faced with. He resurrected a team this season that was dead in the water and had them not only competitive again but ready to play every single Sunday amidst mounting injuries and the need to get younger players (McGee) into the fold to get much-needed playing time.

    You can bet that next season this team will be battle-ready, in shape, and prepared each and every Sunday. The Cowboys schedule is very favorable (NFC West/AFC East) and with Romo back and only a few tweaks on the defense needed, they will be instantly ready to compete for the NFC East and a top-4 seed in the playoffs.

  6. I’m a Cowboys fan from wayyyy back.
    Mark my words, this will be a bad move. Just ANOTHER in a long line of bad Jerry moves that smack of familiarity.
    The only time he went outside of his own jacked up head was when he hired Parcells (who I cannot STAND) and let Parcells hire his own staff, top to bottom.
    Only thing was, Parcells couldnt coach anymore and most of his coaches couldn’t either (save for Payton) The game had left him behind. He was decent in personnel, but even he of the “golden touch” missed about as often as he hit. Research that. And he’s worse in Miami.
    But I digress…
    Garrett will keep most of the staff, (mistake), he has too much of an emotional connection with the existing (and underperforming) players on the team as it is and will think he can turn them around (mistake) with a full offseason under his guidance. AND he will always be dominated by Jones’ presence (see the 2007 draft war room video where he cowtowed to Jerry when the debate of picking Rashard Mendenhall or Felix Jones raged. Mendenhall is MUCH better, stats or no stats)
    The last 2 drafts have netted ZERO and Garrett has been a big part of those. His family, too. (Brother Judd is dir of scouting) Brother John is TE coach.
    This is a bad move that will only perpetuate high hopes and expectations that us Cowboys fans should have (5 Super Bowl titles in 45 years entitles fans to demand greatness and pride each season), but will fall short of. You might- I stress might- see Jerry back off a bit this coming season. But the mere whiff of success will bring him back to the forefront in a nanosecond and he will screw it all up again by treating the Cowboys like he’s P.T. Barnum.
    Jerry is opting for the easy and cheap decision. He STILL–EVEN after this honking, blinking Vegas-sized sign that there IS NO continuity and therefore you dont need to carry on with this incarnation of the Cowboys, that the Cowboys philosophy and machine is BROKEN– will do the same as he’s (almost) always done.
    There needs to be WHOLESALE change
    If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, then the Cowboys are the shining personification of that definition.

    Remember I said this
    Last name EVER, First name Greatest

  7. Seems to me Garrett has earned this job. At least Jerry Jones didn’t fly to SF and throw $8 million a year at an unproven college coach.

  8. I’m really unsure, but when was the last time an Interim coach, who had the tag removed and became ‘permanent’ head coach, was succesful? Certainly not Singletary. Dave McGinnis? Bruce Coslet? Tom Cable was pretty good til he wasn’t renewed. This isn’t a dig at the Cowboys choice of Garrett. It also includes the Vikings with Frazier (although, to be fair, he was the ‘It’ Guy of Rooney Rule candidates with, what, 7 interviews). The success rate just isn’t too high.

  9. I think this is a bad move for the Cowboys.

    I’m not a Dallas fan, but thought that Garrett was part of the problem earlier in the season, and helped to sabotage W. Phillips.

  10. I agree with lastnameever, this is a mistake. I have been watching the Cowboys for 40 years and this is another in a string of bad coaching hires. Jason was not just the offensive coordinator, he was the asst head coach. He was a part of the problem, not a part of the solution. Watching the Arizona game on Xmas night, they looked like the sloppy, penalty riddled team they were under Wade. Dallas needs help at safety, inside LB, nose tackel, offensive line, and I am not sold on Romo like Jerry is. They need wholesale changes in the coaching staff. They need help in evaluating talent. This is a mistake.

  11. I hate the Cowboys and Love this move. As long as JJ with the massive ego is running things, then the cowboys will have a weak HC to push around. I’m sure this move is being appluaded by all the REAL GM’s in the rest of the NFC east.

  12. Romo breaths life into this team, that’s clear. I was at the game when he went down with that injury. The team just quit. You could feel it in the Stadium and you could see it on the field.. they just knew the season was over. I wouldn’t give up hope just yet.. this is the same coach that helped the Cowboys to 13-3 and 12-4 seasons. With Romo, Dez, Witten, and Miles healthy.. that’s a hell of an offense. If they would just make a splash with a defensive coordinator, and some CB/S help.. they would be fine. The OL needs a kick in the butt too. Just horrid.

  13. Get a clue Cowboys’ fans, that team got tougher the second Garrett took over. The offense couldn’t run when Wade was there because he ran cupcake practices and expected them to magically to be physical on game day.

    BTW, Jeff Fisher has had pretty good success for a guy that had the “interim” tag removed.

  14. All I know is that the few times I watched the Cowboys under Wade Phillips, they had all the enthusiasm of the Shady Acres Senior Center varsity squad.


    Watched them twice under Garrett,and those guys played their a$$es off.

    That’s all I can say about this.

  15. @urallidiots
    Well played, I forgot Fisher was an Interim coach.
    I only gave a recent sampling that I could actually remember. I think I was 10 when Fisher was named Interim coach, he’s been around that long. Damn, feel old now.

  16. “Remember I said this
    Last name EVER, First name Greatest”

    First off, let’s change your first name to Dumbest. Rashard Mendenhall better than Felix Jones? Felix averages more yards per carry and is more vesatile on special teams (over 1000 career kickoff return yards). Felix Jones is more explosive (stats or no stats).

    So you want Jerry Jones to completely demolish what Garrett was able to acheive in 8 games this season and start next football season with uncertanty? We know that this team will play their asses off for Garrett because we’ve SEEN it! Why should he go after a big-name head coach? It obviously didn’t work with Parcells, so Jerry has at least learned from that mistake.

    I was skeptical of Garrett being the next head coach, but after seeing him in action the last half of the season I can say that this was a great hire.

    P.S. – please get rid of the overrated Terrance Newman, Mike Jenkins, and Alan Ball!

  17. The honeymoon is over. Garrett was part of the problem before, so expect more of the same. Predictable offensive calls. And hands off on defense. Another OC/DC tandem.

    Also, Garrett is non confrontational. He was SCARED of Owens. He was not at willing to be straight up with him or put him in place. And believe me, we’ve got Divas in the making.

    Also, does anyone expect Garrett to speak up in the war room come draft time? More of the same. A puppet.

  18. Listen to me now and believe me later. Jason Garrett will be the next Tom Landry for America’s Team. And I say that with a sober, straight face. This guy is sharp and smart and he will hire that way.

    If Jerry hadn’t done this, another Jerry probably would’ve and Garrett would be beating the Cowboys in future playoffs as head coach of the Panthers.

  19. tdhawk says:
    Jan 6, 2011 6:02 PM
    Listen to me now and believe me later.

    lol, excellent SNL reference!

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