Glazer: Fins keeping Sparano

A strange two days in Miami have ended with the Dolphins not hiring Jim Harbaugh.

And they apparently won’t be hiring Jim Harbaugh.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the Dolphins are keeping Sparano as the head coach.

The news comes amid increasing reports suggesting that Harbaugh would not be joining the Dolphins.  Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News, for example, reported earlier tonight that Harbaugh “isn’t sold” on the Miami situation, and that he was “looking for reasons to look elsewhere.”

The end result, in our view, is embarrassment for a Dolphins franchise that allowed Sparano to twist in the wind while wooing his replacement.  Apart from the egg that the team is now wearing on its face, the relationship between Sparano and G.M. Jeff Ireland likely has suffered irreparable damage.

Sure, they’ll say all the right things.  But Sparano will never fully trust Ireland again.

60 responses to “Glazer: Fins keeping Sparano

  1. Yes!

    All the other candidates were last seen being picked up at the airport by a later model black sedan with tinted windows.

  2. Total disrespect…….How would Ireland like for Ross to fly across country to interview someone for HIS job? Total disrespect…..

  3. As a Saints fan, I can totally feel the fins’ fans pain. I remember what it was like to see terrible decisions from the front office and coaches alike. People can say whatever they want but at least we finally found some stability.

    Hopefully the fins’ fans find it soon too.

  4. Thank goodness!!! Now all we need is a rock star O-coordinator. Too bad Marshall is on the team, otherwise we could get Josh McDaniels.

  5. Nice. He isn’t the problem. Good motivator who is loved by his players (hope thats not the kiss of death). Now all we need is a new QB, OC,DB’s,RB’s and GM. 37 yrs isn’t all that long…..wimper.

  6. Unbelievable.

    Simply unbelievable.

    I wouldn’t even expect this from the Raiders.

    How secure can Sparano feel, and how effective is he going to be with his staff and players?

  7. “I told that ****ing lefty, Hairball, he’d be picking up his piano keys with fractured appendages if he came anywhere west of the Rockies.”.

  8. Hands down, the NFL owns the title as scuttlebutt champions of the sports world. The feds need to launch an inquest into possible anti-trust possibilities here. This league just totally has a stranglehold monopoly on all the fun stuff.

    You can’t make these scenarios up; the story continues to write itself. Keep it up life!!!

  9. Ouch. Considering the dump truck of money they were backing up to Harbaugh’s house, that’s gotta be kinda painful.

    Maybe Harbaugh has decided to stay another year at Stanford.

    Sucks for everyone involved in undercutting Sparano. That will make for some awkward meetings.

  10. How can he trust Ireland? Ireland threw him under the bus.

    If someday Sparano wins the Super Bowl and becomes the most wanted coach in the NFL wanting full control of a team, you can bet Jeff Ireland won’t be his choice for General Manager. Ireland burned that bridge.

  11. This is incredibly awesome…just like I had hoped. They have totally destroyed the idiot Sparano’s credibility and now he is their coach. Serves this Second Rate franchise right. Serves their second rate fanbase even better.

    How many games you think these guys win next year? Two? Three? ROFLMAO. I wonder if anyone will argue when I call them “second rate” now.

  12. Wow. As a Miami Dolphins season ticket holder, I can honestly say the 1-15 season was better than than this season.

    Steven Ross is a disgrace as an owner. This might be a big toy for him so he can have play-dates with minor celebrities, but this isn’t joke to our community. We buy the tickets. We buy the merchandise. We follow the team.

    He may have a net worth of $4.4 billion dollars, but no amount of money can buy respect…respect for the fans, respect for Coach Sparano, respect for the organization as a whole.

  13. The only way Sparano saves his job is to hire an unbelievable O.C., and unless it’s someone that thinks he can take Sparano’s job, I don’t know what good O.C. is going to take what could end up as a 1 year gig.

  14. Sparano, Kubiak, Lewis wound up unexpectedly keeping their jobs. So did Norv Turner, which beats the heck out of me. The Cowboys and Vikes hired from within.

    That leaves the 49ers, Broncos, Panthers, Browns, Raiders.

    Jim Harbaugh seems to be on a lot of short lists. But we have yet to hear the name Cowher being mentioned. So … has Jerry Richardson been interviewing?

  15. It seems like SF has been the destination for Harbaugh all along. I think his agent has played a masterful game to drive up the price. In the end, Harbaugh wants to go to SF. He will probably end up there with Pete Carroll type money.

  16. oh and found this in Glazers article. this backs up what i’ve been saying.

    [After meeting with Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has decided to forego that route and retain Tony Sparano, has learned. It is believed that Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland continued to push Ross to retain Sparano, but that Ross insisted upon exploring the Stanford head coach.]

    so you still think the relationship is beyond repair?

  17. Judas Priest! What a JOKE this franchise has become. How in the hell are they going to hire a good OC now?

  18. How screwed up are the Dolphins. Makes me appreciate the Niners management more.

    Which is hard to publicly state, believe me.

  19. Can someone give me a reason to renew my season tickets please. I really hate watching FG’s being kicked

  20. What bunk!! Ross owes it to the fans to pursue all avenues to improve the team. He did that. I am sure Tony was well aware of what the team did. How is this any different than the team going out and talking to a free agent, while another player is under contract? You don what you have to make the team better. Jeff Ireland works for the Dolphins. He does what the owner asks him to do. Glazer don’t try to create controversy where there is none.

  21. PS If I were Sparano, tomorrow I’d walk in and quit. They’ve just stripped him of any credibility in the locker room.

  22. craaaaaazzzzzzzyyyyy day… Ross made a huge blunder… unless he can turn it into a very serious warning to Sparano to perform.

    Its very foolish to chase college coaches like this, primarily because they act in this wimpy Saban like way.

    Sparano can do the job there, but Henne, Henning, and now Ireland have to go.

  23. I honestly don’t think anyones feelings were affected here. Sparano knows this a business and that if you don’t perform, you’ll get replaced. Ross is the type of owner that wants his customers to be happy and he sees a chance to make the product better, he will do whatever it takes. He didn’t have to go to CA to kiss Harbaughs @ss, but he did itbc heis not only the owner, but he’s one of the biggest teams fans. The man is hurt and disappointed and why would anyone blame him for trying to improve the game. As far as Ireland, Ross is his boss, not Sparano and the quality of players he’s brought has been very decent. I blame Sparano for not firing the OC last year and for not playing Ricky Williams more often, when he knew Ronnie Brown was not playing his best. Plus, his time management and last minute decision making is very poor. Parcells actually made the mistake for not bringing better than Sparano and Henning.

  24. I have never been more ashamed of any regime the Dolphins have ever had more than this one. It is hard to love a team so much that has a classless, destructive, and ultimately useless owner like Stephen Ross! Fans like myself have supported our team through good and bad, and this is how fan loyalty is awarded?! Keeping Sparano after he demonstrated a late season forfeit-like attitude for the second season in a row is unacceptable. People that defend him should consider his infamous mistakes. Blaming Henning is so so easy to do whenever the Dolphins ran on 3rd and 18, or ran 3 consecutive times to set up another field goal opportunity for their playmaker! (Dan Carpenter) Sparano could have, and SHOULD have lobbied for Hennings early release and used anyone else with a brain to run the offense. I think it’s funny how much courage he showed when he fired the special teams coach after the New England collapse. Obviously the special teams is near and dear to his heart with all the field goals we kick. Meanwhile our worthless senior citizen of an offense coordinator gets more than keeping his job… He gets an endorsement from our, less than qualified, puppet of a head coach, Mr. Sparano. Mr. Ross I hope you listen to fans when they say how fed up we are with careless, rich, fat-cat owners! We just want to win!!!!!!

  25. Can you blame Harbaugh for not wanting to go to a team that would leave the current coach dangling while they not so secretly tried to get him to replace him? Pretty damn classless. No one is going to want to take that job. If the Miami owners are smart they’ll fire Ireland.

  26. Amazing! Look out Al Davis, here comes Steven Ross! This guy and his entourage are so dysfunctional they have scared off Cowher, Gruden and now Harbaugh, even though they offer top dollar. So what’s his next move? Keep the lame-duck coach who has one year left and has now lost whatever respect/fear he had from his players. That will help fill the stadium. Can Bill Bidwell please by the franchise?

  27. This franchise has been a disgrace lately. If Ross wanted a new coach, he should have had the decency to fire Sparano. Some of the players have spoken out against the coaching staff…there is no way that Sparano can hope to succeed next year. The decent thing to do is to let Sparano go, fire Ireland and give Cowher whatever the hell he wants. The second option would be to keep Ireland and pay Gruden. Anything else shows that this owner is not concerned with putting a better product on the field. It takes winning football to put fans in the seats, not BS concerts and rubbing elbows with has-been celebrities. If Ross does not man-up on this and fix his screwed up situation, he is dooming the team to failure and subjecting the fans to another sub-par season treading water. It has not been easy to be a fan of this franchise…and it has gotten significantly worse this year.

  28. Attention Stephen Ross!!!! You need to hire Pat Riley as GM before things get worse. Cannot believe things have gotten this bad. Unacceptable. Harbaugh is not the answer and neither is Cowher. The answer is a GM with brains and a coaching staff who can do the job & stick around for more than 2 years….. By the way, I’m awesome

  29. Ross:
    Sign here on the dotted like kid (and don’t honor your commitment to talk again with Stamford and the 49ers) or we’re gone.

    Then go.


  30. Harbaugh is a Nancy! He wants the easy way out!

    He knows the Patriots will dominate that division for years to come. And the talent Miami has shown is not enough to win that division!

    Thats why he went to the 49ers job. Cause its a easy division.


  31. Maybe Harbaugh decided it wasn’t a good idea to work for a guy that is so willing to undercut his employees with their subordinates, even if a big bag of money comes with the inevitable failure.

    Stephan Ross is rapidly approaching a Snyder-esque level of ownership incompetence.

  32. Ireland better enjoy his time in Miami….which won’t be many seasons before he’s exposed as inept….

    After..he’ll be selling used cars in Dallas…

    Hoping sparano waits for right time…and then publicly lets Ireland hang out to dry

  33. Easy people. With an unratified CBA and the possibility of no football next year, you either get the guy you want or keep what you have.

    If they fired Sparano and didn’t get Harbaugh, then they’d have to pay Sparano, hire a new guy that may or may not have been exactly what they wanted and possibly not even played a game next year.

    So while this was a little disrespectful, I get the process. What this tells me is that owners and GMs really are unsure of whether or not they will play next year.

  34. typical BIG business: Its all about the ‘almighty’ dollar, shame….

    got to win to make money ! NOT…

    the Cleveland Browns are a perfect example….
    just keep talking the talk and serve the cool-aid…

  35. love it when people cheer (in Cleveland its Holmgren, or for gruden or cowher, or even fisher in Tenn.

    look at the numbers..
    holmgren 1 superbowl in 16 years… Cowher.. abou the same..
    fisher.. 1 visit in 16 years, loss

    wake up..

  36. If you were in Ireland’s shoes what would you have done? I hope he is gone as much as the next Dolphin fan but com’on man. If Ross comes to you and tells you “am sold on your abilities but I would like to upgrade the head coach” sure you can make a case for Sparano but if the owner is not convinced then what? Quit and stick by Sparano knowing full well he wont be a head coach in the NFL if he gets fired?

    And as far as Sparano “Twisting in the wind” how is that any different than when he brings in players for workouts during the season looking to upgrade his roster witch the dolphins did many time during the season. How do you think a DL or TE felt as the brought in player after player looking to replace them?

    He is a big boy he knows how the game is played and to the determent of the team it seems to have worked out for him.

    go heat 😦

  37. You guys are slaying me. Tony should quit? If he had any decency, he would have quit last year after his team quit on him the final three games. Or, after he couldnt motivate his team to win more than 1 home game. ONE! You guys are right about one thing…this franchise sucks. And part of the reason it sucks so bad is that Tony sucks as a coach. I dont blame Mr Ross one bit. He poured how much money into Marshall and Dansby? And this sorry coaching staff couldnt produce ONE more win? ROFL. I am glad Tony is humiliated. Now he knows what its like to be a fan of this team during his tenure. Go somewhere else? Who would hire this loser? UCONN? Ok, maybe. Please quit and go to the Big East (the sorriest of the BCS confs). He does not belong in pro football. Hes a buffoon. He still doesnt understand clock mgmt. He still gets way too excited over FGs. Now that his players have no reason to respect him, this team will finish with less than four wins next year. Makes me happy. Serves Sparano and all idiot Fins fans right.

  38. The Phins can make this right!

    Especially if they hire Brian Deadbolt as the OC. The Llama of the Lake, a legend in his own mind, will surely get consistent results that will astound the South Beach crowd!
    His trademark offense, replacing the wide outs with guards and tackles, has coaches like Gruden shaking their heads in disbelief.

    His wonderous play calling, especially his two favorite plays–the three yard pass to Sucky on third and twelve, and the off tackle dive on third and fifteen- are the rage of the league.

    Miami needs to move quickly to lock this guy up!

    Owners from the Tiny Football League are mobilizing their tricycles and will soon descend on Cleveland in an attempt to hire him!

    That would be a shame for Miami because he would be a perfect fit in that organization!

  39. Sparano should quit. The whole situation is asinine. Ross has done about as much damage as you can do in four days. It’s not too late to fix it, but it’s apparent Ross isn’t going to.

  40. It’s like Sparano had a whore wife that banged everybody he knew then came home dripping wet with apologies.

    Tell them to pound sand Tony. Duffs all you can eat closed it’s south beach location, you have nothing left.

  41. Keep the job and have fun with it, walk into Irelands office and demand a raise , because they were willing to pay someone else 8 million a year to run their franchise, well you ‘re the HC, so you should be paid more.

    When a guy won’t take that much money to be the HC for an organization, you know the organization is in shambles. The Dolphins just became a joke franchise; a starter gig for coaches, a place for Vets to go to get big money because the organization thinks they will sell some tickets. No stability and guys are looking to get out of there as soon as they can. You have Vets ripping the organization, current players saying whatever they want. Ross has created what he wanted , one giant CIRCUS.

    Miami fans just be thankful you have the Heat. Support a winning team.

  42. scampbell1975 says: Jan 7, 2011 12:04 AM

    Can you blame Harbaugh for not wanting to go to a team that would leave the current coach dangling while they not so secretly tried to get him to replace him? Pretty damn classless. No one is going to want to take that job. If the Miami owners are smart they’ll fire Ireland.

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