If Jets beat Colts, Chargers get second-round draft pick

The San Diego Chargers want the Jets to beat the Colts on Saturday.

Ten months ago, the Chargers sent cornerback Antonio Cromartie to the Jets in exchange for a conditional 2011 draft pick. And Rich Cimini reports that one of the conditions of that trade is that if the Jets advance to the divisional playoff round, the Chargers get the Jets’ second-round pick. If the Jets lose, the Chargers get the Jets’ third-round pick.

In other words, if the Jets lose, the Chargers get a pick somewhere between No. 85 overall and No. 88 overall. If the Jets win, the Chargers get a pick somewhere between No. 57 overall and No. 64 overall.

So if you’re a Chargers fan, root for the Jets.

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  1. It’s actually a second good reason for Patriots fans to root for the Jets. The first is that the Patriots want to play the Jets (avoid Baltimore) in the divisional round. The second is to cause the Jets to lose their second round pick. But it’s a no lose situation. If the Jets lose, that’s always just a good thing.

  2. and Cromartie is a UFA at the end of the season? The Jets traded that pick for a one year rental?


    As funny as the Redskins giving the Saints their 3rd round pick to rent Jamal Brown for a year.

  3. The Patriots get the Raiders’ number one and the Carolina number two – no matter what.

  4. profootballwalk says:
    Jan 6, 2011 1:13 PM
    The Patriots get the Raiders’ number one and the Carolina number two – no matter what.
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  5. no matter what happens the Pats still have 3 of the 1st 33 picks.

    no matter who wins between indy and the jets I will be happy and unhappy. I dislike the jets because I dislike the jets and because once when they played the Pats their QB got hurt and the jets fans cheered the injury to their own qb. I’m not saying they all did but enough did so that the announcer (I heard it one the radio) remarked what a no-class thing it was. The colts? I am a Pats fan but I used to be a BALTIMORE Colts fan.

    Whatever happens I will be in front of the TV this weekend armed with beer and chips.

  6. I couldn’t “root” for the Jets even if it meant New England getting the first pick in the draft!

    Some things you just can’t swallow.

    Ask Michelle.

  7. I’d prefer to watch Coach Punchline and the Jests lose in Foxboro than in Indy anyway, so I was already rooting for them to win.

    Rex will have his own foot in his mouth for a change when he has to change his “soon to be champs” prediction written on the ESPN bus to “soon to be chumps”

    That should end the chortling from Jets fans that the Patriots dynasty is over. This is their rebuilding year and they still had the best record in the NFL.

    Next year with 6 picks in the first three rounds compared to the Jets 2 picks, things are only going to get better for the Patriots and worse for the Jets.

  8. actually, this is the 2nd time i will root for the jets ever as a pats fan. the only other time was at the end of the 08 season when i was rooting for favre to beat the dolphins during the last game of the season because a jets victory would allow them to make the playoffs. i was at the game and it was like i was in the twilight zone because i was furious the jets lost.

  9. Joesixpack, the Pats still have to sign, and pay, their draft picks like everyone else. I wouldn’t count on all top-tier draftees buying into the Pats’ “we don’t pay top dollar” approach to payroll. Game checks cash just as well in other cities where teams are willing to pay better.

    Plus we can’t dismiss the possibility that the Patriots will trade a draft pick or two in a high round to pick up several more diamonds in the rough in the later rounds.

  10. @ joesixpack

    “This is their rebuilding year and they still had the best record in the NFL.”

    Please. With Belichick and Brady there is no rebuilding. That’s just something Pats fans came up with in case things didn’t turn out the way they did.

  11. As much as I love My Bolts.. ( for 29 years now) …. There’s just no way I can bring myself to cheer for the Jets… the team with the least class in football (even over Crazy Al Davis’ Raiders)…a third rounder for Antonio ‘Can’t keep it in your pants’ Cromartie is just fine with me…. a 2nd rounder would be great but not enough to cheer for the J.J.J oh Christ I don’t even wannna type it!

  12. chargerfan27 explain to me how the Jets have the least amount of class in football? Because their coach talks a lot? Did you know that since 2006 the Jets had 8 players arrested on their roster which is about half of what the Colts have had and basically in the bottom half of the league? They have no class because an assistant tripped a player on the field and since been suspended? Gimme a break, perception doesn’t make reality.

  13. @ pookphi – The Pats use a self regulating system. Players who want to win, and can win stay. Everybody else hit’s the road.
    They do pay top dollar, when a player deserves it. Brady and Wilfork are highest paid in there position, and are the centerpieces of their sides of the ball. Moss was well paid in exchange for 07 production. Leigh Bodden, Ty Warren, and Stephen Gostkowski have great contracts on IR.
    They offered Mankins top 5 pay and he told them to stuff it. They’ll prolly give him a similar offer if he continues to perform in the playoffs and he’ll take it (guess).
    Also they talk to these guys before hand. A singleminded selfish guy isn’t going to get picked. This ain’t Madden with Lemarcus Taylor’s Pay Bar all lit up. They want the guy’s with the Winning Team bar all lit up.
    The “No Pay” crap was started by Asante “No Interception” Samuels, and he simply wasn’t worth it to NE. I’m sure Philly pays him very well and he’s definitely still productive, but he freelances to much for NE to commit to him. A few other crybabies have made their way out of NE demanding money and produced very little outside. The way to keep winning at least in terms of a capped team is to not get Haynesworthed.

  14. @Drunkengegenerate

    I’ll give you that on offense, because they are constantly morphing the offensive look and players. Though there’s a reason they drafted two TE’s this year, and signed a veteran TE. The last good one was Coates, and the position had been swiss cheese for most of Brady’s years.


    On Defense. It’s a rebuild.
    Not only are the starters mostly rookie or 1st years, but think of the importance of depth and matchup changes on D.

  15. Perception certainly IS reality in a High Profile sport such as the NFL…. with the uncapped year the Jets were practically the only team to go on a free agent spending spree and essentially try to buy a SuperBowl berth (even Dallas didn’t Break the bank), their Coach consistently talks smack and makes a circus-show of things for a ANY coaching personnel to trip a player on the sidelines goes to show what brand of football is being preached behind closed doors. There is a difference between confidence and outright Self Adulation….

  16. drunkendegenerate says:

    Please. With Belichick and Brady there is no rebuilding. That’s just something Pats fans came up with in case things didn’t turn out the way they did.

    More drivel from a know-nothing, anti-Patriots idiot.

    The Patriots have majority of young players on this team with two years or less in the league. They have one of the youngest and least experienced defenses in the league. On offense, they’re featuring a staggering number of young receivers including several rookies. The only experienced people on this team seem to be the offensive line, Wilfork, Welker, and Brady. I can’t even count how many later-round rookie or second round players are on this team’s roster.

    Yeah, I’d call that “rebuilding”, most teams with this much influx of young players would be thrilled to have 7 or 8 wins.

    Every writer, NFL broadcaster, or NFL pundint knew going into this season that the Patriots were in the second year of a major rebuilding – ever greater this year than the first year of 2009 – and people are on record predicting a 9 or 10 win season, and only BECAUSE of Brady and Belichick.


    And why is Belichick your “Coach of the Year”over Raheem Morris? Because he took this young group – expected to win 10 games at most -and completely redesigned their entire offense after losing Randy Moss in WEEK FIVE, and whipped that young defense that many of you have been trashing here all year, into a very reliable group, enroute to the best record in the NFL, a #1 seed, an offense that set a record for completions between INT’s, and a near record in turnovers!

    Raheem Morris did a good job, but even his Mamagives this one to Belichick.

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