Jason Garrett gets four years from Cowboys


Jerry Jones is not happy with Andrew Luck for upstaging the Cowboys’ press conference to introduce Jason Garrett as head coach.

ESPN’s SportsCenter cut away from Jones speaking to discuss the Luck story, but we stuck around to uncover the goodies.   The home viewers didn’t miss much.

1. Garrett’s contract will last four years.  That’s fairly standard for a new coach.

2. Jones said Garrett will have final say over his entire coaching staff.  They didn’t really announce anything else specific about the staff.

3. “He’s truly one of our own,” Jones said.   “We know him well for the qualifications he has for this position. I know that he has spent his entire life preparing for this day. And he is well-qualified.”

4. Jones said he received calls from teams interested in Garrett as a head coaching candidate.  Teams that have been talked about a lot this offseason.  (Probably the 49ers.)

5.  Sensing the news wouldn’t make the usual ripple, Jones held the press conference at JerryWorld Stadium.  Jones also wound up at the mic answering questions after Garrett, spending far more time at the podium than his new coach.

26 responses to “Jason Garrett gets four years from Cowboys

  1. biggest surprise in the world. Jason Garrett was going to coach the Cowboys.

    Okay big boy. You got what you wanted. You turned down the Ravens who with Harbs have made the playoffs 3 years in a row. You turned down the Falcons who have made the playoffs with Mike Smith 2/3 years and own homefield in the NFC this year.

    You better damned well make the playoffs over the next couple of years or you are going to look very stupid.

    You have one big problem. His name is Jerrah Jonz. Instead of Dimitroff or Newsome as your GM who know what the hell they are doing, you have an owner/GM who wants all the credit but accepts none of the blame. You have a guy whose draft picks in general have been lousy and his ability to put a team together that works is questionable. You could have been a HC a few years ago but you chose to stay with you daddy Jerrah Jonz. Let’s see how long he stays with you when the Cowgirls don’t make the playoffs next year.

  2. Coaching the Ravens and the Falcons is only slightly better than coaching Cleveland, Detroit or Cincinnati; who cares if they make the playoffs, they are not and never will be America’s team; just a bunch of criminals like Ray Lewis! Load the AK-47 man!

  3. @cowgirlerik – guess what girlie – The cowgirls aren’t America’s team. They haven’t been for decades. The Pats and Steelers have bigger followings then the Cowgirls.

    We punked your sorry asses in your last game at Texas Stadium with two count em’ two 80+ yard runs from scrimmage.

    Your team hasn’t won squat in years. Your owner is a joke only behind Al Davis and the Danny in idiocy.

    So call the Ravens (or the Falcons for that matter) whatever you like, bottom line is we’ve been to the playoffs for the last three years. We’ve actually won playoff games and been minutes away from the SB and all the Cowgirls have done in the last decade is lose the Iggles and Giants.

    America’s team my jock strap. More like America’s joke.

  4. Rosenfail said: “5. Sensing the news wouldn’t make the usual ripple, Jones held the press conference at JerryWorld Stadium. ”

    they always hold big press conferences there to announce big news you dummy. *facepalm*

  5. Jerry had an opportunity to put his ego aside and be a real owner. Not a micro manager. But instead this is what we get.

    Jerry spent more time at the podium? He’s going to spend even more time on the side lines too. Better get Florsheim to put some cleats on the bottoms of his shoes.

    Go Cowboys!
    Gulp!…just threw up into my mouth a little.

  6. Based on what happened this year, there is no way Garrett should have been hired. Garrett was the assistant head coach and the offensive coordinator yet we are supposed to believe that he held no power in regards to how the team practiced or what play calls were used before Wade got canned. I think he was trying to get Wade Phillips fired because his best shot at the HC job would be this year. The turnaround with the running game and the offensive performance was drastic and immediate…and the offensive gameplans were drastically different. Why is that, considering Garrett had total control of the offense? It would not surprise me at all to learn that Garrett was undermining Phillips for his own benefit.

  7. The problem in Dallas wasnt the coach, it was the players. I think everyone can agree that the players quit and gave up this season but they just want to blame Wade to try and cover up the lack of effort and place blame on one particular person. Wade was good enough to lead his team to a division title last season and now all of the sudden he’s some horrible coach. I think it was a cheap way for Jerry Jones to point the finger and convince all of you cowboy fans that next year will be different. Keep in mind that your starters barely beat Philly’s 2nd and 3rd stringers and a few guys who just signed on earlier in the week off of practice squads. Is that the type of effort you guys are looking for? And wasnt Jason Garret the same coach who dialed up that brilliant play vs the skins right before the half and ended up giving up a TD?

  8. Why do they give these guys 4 year contracts? Give him a year one deal next year and see how he does!

  9. NorCal, I wouldn’t say it was our starters. We were down to our 3rd QB against Kolb who was the opening game STARTER.

    BUT, as a die-hard/loyal Cowboy fan that grew up 15 mins from Texas Stadium and now live 10mins from Cowboys Stadium I will say…
    I hope we start off 0-5 so he can see the error of his ways.
    I guess growing up with 3 super bowl wins as a kid spoiled me.

  10. Yet another spineless puppet for Jerrah to control. When will Jerrah learn, you don’t win championships with spineless puppets*

    *Barry Switzer inherited JJ’s team

  11. The players were the problem but Wade was the biggest problem he had no guts to stand up to any of them.He will never be a HC in the NFL again.DC yes good luck Houston.Yull need it.

  12. Give the guy some credit. He at least got some action out of players that gave up with Wade Phillips.

  13. Ive been a Cowboy fan for 39yrs, and I think JG was part of the problem. For all his talk of putting his best foot forward, I think he screwed Wade, and called bad plays on purpose. The offense was very predictable, when Wade was HC. For some reason JJ loves this guy like hes 1 of his sons. I wonder what JJ will do if the miss the playoffs next yr?

  14. @ppdoc13

    Hate to break it to you but the numbers don’t lie. I mean…if that’s the measurement you are going by when referring to who has bigger followings. Or maybe that’s just your biased personal opinion. Imagine that.


    Sorry…but the Cowboys are America’s Team. Congrats on your team being “minutes” away from another Super Bowl though. Is that what you usually mention when you are bragging about your team? That’s quite an accomplishment. Let’s talk again when you get 5 of them.

  15. “diehardskinfan21 says:
    Jan 6, 2011 7:41 PM
    This is the best new Redskins fans could have hoped for this off-season. The cowgirls will suck for four years as long as red jesus is at the helm.


    Jason Garrett as Head Coach VS Skins: 1-0

    4-3 as OC. The best news coming out of DC for us Cowboys fans is…lets see: Haynesworth, Shanny, Snyder, McNabb, Portis….what a trainwreck. Keep Hailing, you jackass.

  16. You Cowgirlie fans keep on waxing loquacious about America’s Team. You think real fans give a damn about how many jerseys you sell?

    Your team has sucked for over a decade. Jerrah Jonz is a joke as a GM. His last hires have been puppet yes men. Even Bill Parcells couldn’t make the team a consistent winner with your owner hanging over his head.

    I continue to be happy with the Ravens. They have been in the league for 13 years and have one SB. Before the Aikman era the Cowgirls lost far more SBs then they won. It finally evened out with Jimmy Johnson and then Jerrah gets annoyed and gets rid of him. Once his players retired the team has sucked. And Tony Romo is a major choke artist. Let’s hear you talk after you make the playoffs and win a game. For now, you are America’s joke.

  17. “ppdoc13 says:
    Jan 7, 2011 10:36 AM

    I continue to be happy with the Ravens. They have been in the league for 13 years and have one SB. Before the Aikman era the Cowgirls lost far more SBs then they won. ”

    Actually, they’ve been in the NFL since the 50’s under the Cleveland Browns. You forget that when the Ravens were created they retained all the contracts for the players and coaches for the prior seasons Browns. Congrats on all those years prepping to win a SB.

    If by “lost far more SBs THAN they won” you mean 1, then yes because before Aikman their SB record was 2-3.

    If you’re gonna talk down on a team, get your facts straight. Otherwise, don’t speak or start following tennis.

  18. Ah yes, the Super Bowl argument…

    When you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan forced to cope with his teams complete ineptitude and an entire wasted season of heartbreak, however can you keep that smug sense of entitlement?

    Oh yes, talk about ancient history!

    Get back to us when your team becomes relevant.

  19. Can someone here list the current GMs in the NFL who have won 3 or more super bowls?

    Oh wait, I can do that:

    1) Jerry Jones
    2) nobody else

    I have full faith in Jerrah, and the haters who have posted on this thread are so laughably ignorant that they are not deserving of a retort from me

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