Jeff Ireland currently is making no friends in league circles


After Bill Parcells arrived in Miami as the V.P. of football operations in 2008, he recruited former Dallas lieutenants Tony Sparano to coach the team, and executive Jeff Ireland to serve as G.M.  Now that Parcells is gone and owner Stephen Ross is swooning for rock-star coaching candidate Jim Harbaugh, Ireland is angering many in the pro football industry by the manner in which he is handling the situation.

Put simply, Ireland is saving himself — and in turn allowing Sparano to twist in the wind.  One league source said that the behavior will stick with Ireland, and that no coach will ever be able to fully trust him again.

We should have seen this one coming.  When it was reported by the Miami Herald that Bill Cowher pulled back due to issues relating to power, the message was that someone else with power would otherwise be in the organization.  Similar to the Jets in early 2009, to whom Cowher said “no thanks” because of the ongoing presence of G.M. Mike Tannenbaum, Cowher apparently passed on a chance to join the Dolphins because Ireland will still be running the show.

Indeed, Chris Mortensen of ESPN has reported that both Ireland and former Chiefs G.M. Carl Peterson would join Ross in the meeting with Harbaugh.  (So much for Peterson not being involved in the football operation.)

Then again, maybe Peterson was there to ensure that Ireland didn’t ask Harbaugh any questions about his mother.

49 responses to “Jeff Ireland currently is making no friends in league circles

  1. what? This is business. Sparano should have been worried about how his offense performed last year. That’s why he’s fired. By loosing to the bills, lions and browns at home.

    Sparano is being fired because he stuck with dan henning as OC.
    Ireland did the right thing. And you know what so did the Jets. The problem was mangini not tennenbaum

  2. Dolphins are like the slimy guy at the club who watches from afar a guy put the work into a girl then swoops in and flowers her with free drinks and proposed gifts all while his current poor girlfriend waits nearby wondering if she’s going home with her boyfriend. Stay classy Miami!

  3. So, Mr. Harbaugh, was your mother ever a prostitute?

    If Harbaugh goes to MIA it will be a slap in the face to the 49ers franchise and Coach Walsh’s legacy.

  4. Hardbug looks like he was conceived when one of the Fembots hooked up with Wallace’s Techno Trousers.

  5. Why is Jeff Ireland being saved? Other than signing Cameron Wake, he hasnt made one good decision (Jake Long doesn’t count because Matt Ryan is just as good, in hindsight, probably would have been more helpful). He also gave up way too much to get Brandon Marshall (See Santonio Holmes, 5th rounder). This is a joke.

  6. How do you know Ireland didn’t warn TS about this possibility? How do you know Ireland originally didn’t want a different head coach when arriving in Miami? Is this the first time a GM has remained in power when a HC got canned? If not then how is this any different than those other examples?

    All will be forgiven if Miami starts winning.

  7. BS. You don’t leave any employee twisting in the wind. It is not profesional, respectful, or ethical. “Money” or “business” is no excuse to be a bad person.

  8. Cowher says no to Ireland. Parcells wants out or is already. Now this stuff going on with Harbaugh? Not hard to connect the dots here

  9. wel maybe, but methinks ireland is less of a problem than sparano was. the fins are playing under what appears to be their talent level.

    same thing happened with mangini basically, and all he gets called are names. tannenbaum, in comparison, skates. on pft, among other places.

  10. The correct thing to do was fire Sparano, go thru the process with the Rooney Rule, then hire your next coach. Miami is chasing Harbaugh like a love-struck teenager, while Sparano is still employed, and the Rooney Rule hasn’t been satisfied. Just wrong on so many levels.

  11. You can make a case either way regarding Sparano and whether or not he should retain his job. The fact is, Ireland is screwing Sparano over big time by letting him twist in the wind. He deserves more respect than that. If I’m Harbaugh, I would question Ireland’s handling of this situation. If he gets hired and has 2 lousy seasons, he could be next.

  12. c’mon man! Haven’t you posted enough articles outlining your hate for the Dolphins? I’m a huge Fins fan for 20+ years, but the way the team was playing in the finale, not willing to hit or tackle, barely trying, was embarrassing, and clearly they had given up on Coach Sparano. Sparano is a good coach and will catch on somewhere else I’m certain, but his time with the Dolphins has just run its course. I’m not sold on Harbaugh either but lets see what happens.

    Just stop the hateful posts dude. You and Mike Silver have a real hard time hiding the hate you have for certain teams.

  13. I am a HUGE Dolphins fan, but let’s get a few things straight. It wasn’t Sparano that drafted, Pat White, Patrick Turner or Chad Henne. It WAS Sparano that had to deal with it. Parcells bailed because he knew this was going to take a few more years to fix after drafting nothing but linebackers last year. Ireland is quite happy throwing Tony under the bus after making some of his own errors in judgement. Sparano does not deserve the lack of class this organization has shown it’s most dedicated. I’m talking Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor as other examples. Business or no business, this is not the way you demonstrate a class organization.

  14. One league source said that the behavior will stick with Ireland, and that no coach will ever be able to fully trust him again.


    one person said this and all of a sudden Ireland is blacklisted? Don’t get me wrong how the Fins are handling this isn’t too impressive, but a lot worse things have happened in pro football.

  15. I’m going to feel so bad for sparano when he will be make 3mil next year from the dolphins. : (

  16. The problem is, he hasn’t been fired yet. If they’re going to fire him, do it before they find a new coach. He’s basically a plan B, he’s going to stay if they dont get Harbaugh. He’s essentially being embarassed publically.

  17. he doesnt need any friends. he is a millionaire probably banging hot chicks everyday.

  18. Hogwash. Pure monkey spit. I’ve never read so much conjecture and speculation in one article in my life. He’ll, I don’t even know where to begin. To think that bazzillionaire businessman Ross has all of a sudden completely lost his sense of business acumen is totally absurd and incredibly ignorant. If Ireland was in any way hindering this man’s search for a star coach he would have already been kicked to the curb. And Sparano? His fate was decided – or solidified – after the thrashing by the Pats, with or without input from Ireland. Ross is the one calling the shots here guys, and thinking otherwise is just plain old speculation – OR bad reporting.

  19. If Ireland would do it to Sporano, why would Harbaugh think he wouldn’t do it to him? His stripes won’t change, so you’d better use some of that money to pay a ‘back watcher’, otherwise you could be toast someday….

  20. I’m not a huge Ireland fan, but there the media goes again churning a dramatic story out of an issue they have little inside knowledge of.

    The Parcells-led Trifecta has always been a tight-lipped squad, and for all anyone knows Ireland already had a straight-up talk with Sparano and got his “no hard feelings” handshake. Tony’s got thick skin and isn’t a baby. He’ll be a fantastic O-line coach or college coach somewhere, and possibly return to a head NFL job one day.

  21. Whoever the coach is won’t matter. As long as there’s a moron upstairs wasting draft picks & free agent money on injury prone players, Miami will be “rebuilding” over and over again. They need a new regime that will be around for years and build the team the right way. This coaching carousel is killing the Fins and their fans.

  22. This is big boy football.

    Coach Sparano has a good reputation and just like Coach McDaniels, Coach Fox, Coach Singletary, and Coach Mangini, he won’t have a problem finding an NFL job if Miami decides to go in another direction.

    And, if he enjoys the same success he did with the Giants, he’s a young man and will get another opportunity.

    People need to grow up — like Randy Moss says, “This is business, baby.”

    No tears for Randy and no tears for Tony.

  23. Other GMs should be happy that Ireland may be potentially saving them from overpaying an unproven college coach.

    Harbaugh’s path will follow that of Saban. He is a fool to sign with the Dolphins. The Patriots and Jets are the class of the division and looks like there is life in Buffalo. If he is not staying in college, where he should, he should go to the 49ers. He will stay competetive in that weak division and it will make him look better as a coach.

    In Miami he will be exposed to be the unproven coach that he is. Its not a slight on Harbaugh. I dont blame him for taking the big payday wherever he goes, but he hasnt exactly earned it.

  24. To be Jim Harbaugh must be fun as hell right now. I mean seriously if your heart and soul is in being on the West Coast with all your family including adult children living there, you go to Miami and as a teaser (I wonder who tipped the news media Miami was offering 7 to 8 million a year??????? Um. Couldn’t of been his agent???

    You do the interview waiting for the phone to ring from Frisco, OK will up our anti to match Miami are you in or out?
    If he doesn’t end up in Frisco its because that call was never made.

  25. Ok being a lifetime phins fan I see this as bad pr right now by not firing Sparano but Miami has suffered bad enough and needs to make a move. As far as Ireland goes all phin fans have to understand it takes a few years but this team is so much more talented now than before (see 1-15 team). What an offseason last year as we traded for a top 5 WR and got the best free agent LB available. Another solid draft a new offensive philosphy and solid QB play could land Miam in playoffs next year.

  26. Does anyone REALLY think this is Ireland’s decision or that he is throwing Sparano under the bus? Really? The owner wants Harbaugh. what is Ireland supposed to do? Say “no Ross I won’t do it”? That is pretty ignorant of you all to think that. Ireland works FOR Ross. If Ross wants Harbaugh it is Ireland’s job to help him do that. Geez people.

  27. kct115????
    J. Long doesn’t count????? idiot. Davis and Smith probably don’t either. Dansby sure doesn’t. Misi…probably not huh? They have a top 5 defense and it will just get better. See S. Holmes… why?? 5th rounder looking at a 1 year suspension and soon . He is a pipe smoker… he’s bound to smoke it again. Dud… post on an adolescent site.

  28. I’m the Shula of Fantasyball people and here’s the bottom line. What’s next? We have to interview a Mexican, illegal immigrant or an Indian! If you own a busniess….interview and hire who you want….period!
    Shula has spoken!

  29. The problem is, he hasn’t been fired yet. If they’re going to fire him, do it before they find a new coach. He’s basically a plan B, he’s going to stay if they dont get Harbaugh. He’s essentially being embarassed publically.
    Good the team was an embarassment the way they closed out 2 years in a row. Ireland is borderline douche….. but I’ll take a new coach and new direction and it doesn’t matter how it gets done… just do it. there is only 1 classless org. in the AFC EAST jets.

  30. Here we go! Henne is a complete BUM! Take it from Shula of Fantasyball people. After watching him play this year, he has zero pocket presence, never scramlbles and makes big plays down field, throws pick sixes like he’s handing out candy on Halloween. Saprano should have benched him in week #3 and ran the wildcat all year long. We would hvae been better off! Shula has spoken!

  31. Let’s do it Phin fans! Grab Harbaugh NOW! Young, smart, energenic and not a retreaded coach. Look what he did in Stanford! Make the move! This will be the first head coach since Shula people to actually make it happen for us. Go Get Him!

  32. Not firing Saprano now is smart. He needs some wayyy over due heat on him. He let every Dolphan watch in horror every time Henne put his fumbling, intercepting throwing hands under the centers crotch and pray he didn’t F…..things up. Henne is a complete BUM! No pocket awareness, no scrambling ability, no BIG play capabilities with him what so ever. Freakin Berny Kosar was more exciting than Henne! Is that pathetic! Shula knows all!

  33. Would not be surprised if Ross has already fired Sparano and told him it wouldn’t become effective until they hired a new coach. And as mentioned before, Sparano and Ireland didn’t just wake up in this situation yesterday. They’ve been dealing with the inevitable for months and have probably discussed it already.

    The only concrete problem is the Rooney Rule, and I don’t care enough about it to defend Miami’s violation of it. If I’m Ross and Harbaugh is my guy, I pay the fine.

  34. How do you know this isn’t the owner screwing Sporano over? why blame Ireland? I read an article earlier today from a Miami source putting blame on Ross……..pretty sure I read that here.

    pick one. are you guys going to blame Ireland or Ross? either way Sparano didn’t get the job done and he’ll soon be out of a job. I don’t think he expects anything less. he’ll get a job somewhere else.

  35. I am a huge Dolphins’ fan… for 43-years I have cheered them on. As a child growing up in Los Angeles, I had the privilege of meeting Don Shula (I was in physical therapy and he came in and talked with the 10-12 year olds) … and I was at the L.A. Coliseum in January 1973 when the Dolphins beat the Redskins in the Super Bowl. I have followed the Dolphins for 43 years.

    This is one instance I will side with Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland. YES, Jeff Ireland is GM but it was Parcells who called the drafts that brought Chad Henne, Patrick Turner, and Pat White; as for Pat White, the Dolphins drafted him for their wildcat but also so the Patriots could not draft him and develop him – and even that was Bill Parcells’ call. The first two drafts and most of this third draft were Bill Parcells’ drafts.

    It was this past June that Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells separated… and Jeff Ireland was finally set free. He played his cards then and sided with Stephen Ross. Football is a business and Jeff Ireland is very effective as GM.

    As for Harbaugh – in my opinion, he is worth $8-million to $9-million a year as HC. A five-year contract at $40-million to $45-million. And if getting Harbaugh as HC means throwing Tony Sparano (and his micromanagement of players) under a bus or train, so be it. IMO, Tony Sparano has already been relieved of his coaching duties the minute Stephen Ross & Jeff Ireland boarded the Gulfstream jet taking them to San Francisco.

    But the Dolphins are not about Ross, Ireland, Sparano, Harbaugh, or Parcells. The Dolphins are about winning. And Tony Sparano as HC could not deliver a winning formula to the ownership or to the fans.

    The Dolphins are #1 in my mind.

  36. Things like this do not happen in Buffalo. What’s that, Mr. Wilson is sleeping. Please do not wake him. We have our coach of the future.

  37. Well I’m sure he probably told Ross, I drafted all these great players (Davis, Smith, Moore, Ordrick, Misi, etc etc) and brought in all these awesome free agents (Dansby, Icognito, Marshall, Fasano etc etc) and told Ross Sparano is the one not coaching them.

    Nothing Personal, its just business.

  38. frankyd1214

    So youre saying that you’d rather have Jake Long than Matt Ryan? I forgot Chad Henne and Pat White are both so much better! Patrick Turner is really hurting down there. You’re an idiot!

  39. No, blame Parcells. He brings Dan Henning everywhere. I don’t know how this guy keeps getting Offensive coordiantor jobs. I really don’t. Not that I know more than him but come on! It’s not about who can run the ball 40 times again anymore. It’s a QB driven league and being able to run when needed on 2nd and 2 or 3rd and 1. The wildcat worked for one half of one season and then they got it stuck up their ass. So what do you do? You draft Pat White! Pat White may have had the most sense of all and went to baseball

  40. If sparano dose get fired he will get all of my sympathy but he has to go. He allowed to much stuff to happen on the field and made poor decisions in the offseason. Two straight 7-9 seasons with no sight of improvement and one playoff apearance 0 playoff wins, poor draft results, no matter how much of a nice guy you are or how good your intensiona were you dont get another chance after that. But i would fire ireland, henning, ST coach, conditioning coach cut henne before i would fire sparano. I hope what ever happens to him he learns from his mistakes and gets better. They say getting fired is one of the best things that can happen to a coach.

  41. If Jeff Ireland wants to get on Stephen Ross’ good side why doesn’t he just ask him if his mother is a prostitute? It helped him become friends with Dez Bryant . . .

  42. kct115,

    It’s hard to know who Ireland wanted and who Parcells wanted.

    Ireland also got Dansby, and as soon as Parcells dipped he extended Bess. He got Polite, kept Ricky for a while longer. Henne and White were Parcells’ choices.

    And I am done with Henne, BUT based on Ricky and Jason Tray-tor’s comments maybe Sparano, Lee and Henning screwed up Chad Henne. The predictability killed Henne. He may be damaged goods, but I would be open to seeing Henne under a new regime if the damage can be undone. Brees took years to develop. Henne is a baller that got that luxury stripped from him WHILE he was playing at a high level. I don’t know jack, but I could sit and predict the Dolphins plays from watching them all year. And an offensive line with talent but no continuity, was a huge setback.

    I’m all for ditching Henne, Sparano, Henning, Lee, etc., but I want to see Ireland draft and work FA without Parcells and with a new “non-Parcells” coach. I think Ireland desperately wanted out from under the Tuna. Don’t blame him at all. Yet.

  43. Oh and it is smart NOT to fire Tony yet because if we don’t get our guy, and there is a lockout, at least Sparano can be a place holder. He is under contract. Don’t blame Ross for holding on before blowing $3Million. He is an EMPLOYEE. Like Ireland.

  44. What would you like Ireland to do? Quit in a fit of rage?? Ross has already decided that Sparano is gone, he wasn’t his guy to begin with and did a bad job this year. All Ireland is doing is his job.

  45. It amazes me that all these coaches want t the responsability of being the GM as well. Aren’t both jobs hard enough? I guess it all comes down to massive egos.

  46. Ireland has to go. He’s the worst top-guy in the NFL. Be gone, Jeff! I’d like my Dolphins to make the Superbowl before I croak!

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