Jerry Angelo: Bears don’t have great talent

As General Manager of the Bears, Jerry Angelo’s job is to make sure he assembles a great deal of talent in Chicago. He apparently doesn’t think he’s done that job very well.

Angelo said the Bears won the NFC North because they’re a resilient team and a tough team, but not because they’re a particularly talented team.

“This team really came together as a team,” Angelo said. “I don’t see this as a team of great talent, but I see this as a team that played well together and really responded to the adversity that every team goes through.”

Angelo said this year’s Bears don’t have nearly as many star players as the last Bears team to get to the Super Bowl.

“In ’06 I think we had nine Pro Bowlers,” Angelo said. “I think we have four this year.”

Instead, Angelo says the Bears are a good team because they’re a team full of high-character guys who play the game the right way.

“If you don’t have a good locker room you can’t have a good team,” Angelo said.

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  1. At the most important position on the field the Bears are WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY more talented than the ’06 team.

    If the Bears somehow do win the Super Bowl Josh McDaniels the coaching wrecking ball should get a ring for gifting them Jay Cutler.

  2. “You boys aren’t really great football players, but I’d let each of you date my daughter. Uh, not simultaneously, of course.”

    Yeah. Right.

  3. “I don’t see this as a team of great talent”

    Wasn’t that Bill Belichick a couple of weeks ago?

  4. I’m sure there will be Bears fans and haters alike on here destroying Angelo for these comments but I think they are more praise than anything. It is a testament to the locker room Lovie and his staff has put together. Not to compare this Bears team to any of the championship-winning Patriots but Belichick’s teams didn’t have a lot of stars either. They were high-class players who did what was necessary to win.

  5. Well, all teams can’t play against 3rd string QB’s all year. I agree with Angelo.
    This team had more luck than any team in the history of the league. 1 and done in the playoffs

  6. The Bears don’t have great talent because this idiot doesn’t draft good talent. Who’s responsible for bringing in that good talent…Virginia McKaskey???

  7. “I see this as a team that played well together and really responded to the adversity that every team goes through.”

    Yeah, the adversity that every team goes through, EXCEPT the Bears. Sorry, Jerry, but this team faced anything BUT adversity. Can anyone name a key injury that affected this team throughout the season? Losing Cutler for 1 game doesn’t count. How about a Jets-sized scandal? No?

    Not taking anything away from the Bears, they won their division and the 2nd Seed fair and square. But PLEASE don’t say that they faced “adversity”.

    Green Bay, Indianapolis, San Diego.. those are teams that faced adversity.

  8. How this guy is gainfully employed in the NFL is beyond me…he obviously knows something special about Virginia McCaskey!

  9. Jerry you should be fired…….Matt Millen was a better GM than you…..look at his record vs yours!!!

  10. Jerry Jerry Jerry. U must be drinking the Gale Sayers cool aid. U should be ashamed of your self for criticizing the talent when that’s your job to bring in the talent. The 06 team is def not as good as this years. Def is close except we have Pepp. That in itself makes it better. I’ll take cutler any day over Sexy Rexy and Knox , Bennett over moose and BB. U should slap yourself!!

  11. he’s right and now the players will be pissed at him for saying that and the team will lose at home in the divisonal round…have fun being medicore after this yr 😉

  12. There is actually a downside to the Bears winning their division and that is this idiot will be back for another year.
    For every good move he makes he gags on three others.
    They need help on the O line and they need a big NFL type receiver and he will probably draft yet another D lineman with at least one knee surgery on his resume after trading out of the first round again.
    He is scared to death of drafting anyone with one of the top 32 picks because then the fans would actually expect them to be a real player and not another “I guess he is serviceable”

    I dread seeing Jerry Angelo presiding over another Bears draft.

  13. I think Jerry Angelo has things backwards. When the team does well, players go to the Pro Bowl. Not the other way round. We’re going to start calling him Angelo Jerry.

  14. I dont agree they have plenty of talent. Not the most talented team in the league but enough that their run this year is not a huge shock, Peppers, Hester, Briggs, Urlacher, and Cutler are pretty “talented guys”

  15. Cutler is not really that much better than Grossman. Neither seems to have commanded the respect of teammates and neither seems able to avoid big turnovers.

  16. @gcsuk:

    Yeah, I guess our coach didn’t put foot sniffing videos online, but I’m not sure your coach being into weird stuff is team adversity. But then again, that’s what Angelo is talking about. They’ve got people in their locker room smart enough not to post fetish videos online, therefore avoiding your so called adversity.

    I would say nearly getting your qb killed in a prime time game and then losing to the Redskins and Seahawks before bouncing back to finish the season as a second seed is a bit of adversity.

    Might not be front page stuff on deadspin, but this team was getting killed in Chicago. Lovie was gone, Angelo was right behind him, Cutler was being traded to Washington and the defense was getting too old to be competetive. 2 months later and they’re watching the wildcard teams to see who they’ll play in the divisional round.

  17. Wasn’t Jerry Angelo the one that didn’t support Lovie Smith bringing in the Mike Martz? And now he says this? GM of the year he is not!

  18. @pudgalvin
    You want to tell me where I said I was a Jets fan? I can’t stand Rex Ryan, I think the guy is a loudmouth pompous ass. He is almost as big of a tool as his father.

    What I was pointing out was the Bears had less “adversity” to overcome this year than any other team in the league, whether it be injury (the most common type of adversity in the NFL) or scandal (ala the Jets and the Vikings).

    Losing a game that no one saw (the Seahawks) also does not qualify as “adversity”. That qualifies as “a loss”.

    Getting your QB knocked out for 1 game doesn’t qualify as “adversity”. Losing a boatload of starters to IR (Packers, Colts) IS adversity. And no, I am not a fan of either of those teams.

  19. And sorry, but I would have to argue that the whole Rex Ryan fetish video scandal DOES qualify as “team adveristy”. You think the guys in the locker room wanted to be distracted with all those questions about what they thought of their coach? I can only assume that the NY media had a field day in the Jets locker room, looking for quaotes and comments from EVERYONE on that team.

    I would say that could be a bit distracting.

  20. I could have given the Bears credit for overcoming adversity in ’06 though. Hell, they were able to overcome Rex Grossman (for the most part).

  21. What a pep talk for your team in the playoffs! So if the team has no great talent then what has Jerry Angelo been doing? Sounds like it’s time for a new GM.

  22. Bears won’t have a chance until they get a QB. Cutler is no better than Orton. Throw away bunch of premium draft picks and Josh picked Jerry’s pocket.

  23. Another recent Angelo quote-

    Jerry Angelo said the 2010 Bears may not be the most talented team he has seen during his decade as the Bears general manager but said when he considers the intangibles it may be the best team.

    “This is the best football team we’ve had because of the things this team had to go through,” he said. “In years past, in ’06, we got off to a fast start. I think we were 6-1, we had everything locked up for the most part. Our division wasn’t near as tough as it was this year. But what we accomplished this year, personally, I take the most satisfaction of the years that I’ve been here because of how the deck was stacked against us. Again, that says a lot about our coaches, it says a lot about our players.”

    Well, which one is it? I think he believes this team is better, but maybe not as talented individually. One important thing is for sure, the ’06 team had much better O-line.

  24. @firejerry says:
    Jan 6, 2011 8:11 PM
    Jerry you should be fired…….Matt Millen was a better GM than you…..look at his record vs yours!!!
    While I may not like Angelo, your comment is hands down the #1 the most idiotic comment I’ve ever seen. Millen’s eight-year tenure as head of the Lions was the worst eight-year record in the history of the modern NFL (31-97). Plus a collapse in 2009 and years of rebuilding. Bears for better or worse, won 11 games this year alone.

  25. ditkaditkaditka says: Jan 6, 2011 7:50 PM

    Angelo is such a moran…


    Funny, I didn’t know that he was Irish…

  26. denverdave3 says: Jan 7, 2011 12:39 AM

    Bears won’t have a chance until they get a QB. Cutler is no better than Orton. Throw away bunch of premium draft picks and Josh picked Jerry’s pocket.

    Yet the Bears are in the playoffs with Cutler while the Broncos have already decided to dump Orton.
    The Bears got Cutler and Knox through that trade… what did the Broncos get again?
    I mean other than begging a college coach to come in and clean up the mess that McDaniels left behind.

  27. @ southontario

    Dude, you’re a moron. 3rd string QBs all year long? Let’s break down the Bears schedule game by game…

    Lions – Stafford (starter) replaced by Hill (2nd string) after Staford injured – Win

    Cowboys – Romo (starter) – Win

    Packers – Rodgers (starter) – Win

    Giants – Manning (starter) – Loss (but we didn’t have our starter, but that doesn’t count right? Only allowed to point out when the opposing team has a backup in) – Loss

    Panthers – Clausen (starter) replaced in game by Moore ( don’t even know what string he is, assuming 2nd)due to bad play by starter (again, Bears didn’t have their starting QB playing) – Win

    Seahawks – Hasselbeck (starter) – Loss

    Redskins – McNabb (starter) – Loss

    Bills – Fitzpatrick (starter) – Win

    Vikings – Favre (starter) – Win

    Dolphins – Thigpen (2nd string) – Win

    Eagles – Vick (starter) – Win

    Lions – Stanton (3rd string) – Win

    Patriots – Brady (starter) – Loss

    Vikings – Favre (starter) replaced due to injury by Webb (2nd string) – Win

    Jets – Sanchez (starter) – Win

    Packers – Rodgers (starter) – Win

    So according to what I see here, out of 16 games, we faced a starting, 1st string, QB in 13 of them. In 2 of those games, the starter got hurt and we went against 2nd string. Then there was 1 other game where we played the whole game against a 2nd stringer (Miami). When we played the Lions the 2nd time around we went against their 3rd stringer.

    13 games where the starter played the whole game or at least part of it.

    3 games where a 2nd stringer played the game (only 1 game from start to finish. Other 2 came in during game).

    1 game where we played a 3rd stringer.

    Where were the Bears playing 3rd string QBs all year long?

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