Josh McDaniels not interested in Niners

With Jim Harbaugh reportedly close to becoming the next head coach of the Dolphins (even though the team currently still has one), the 49ers’ first fall-back option reportedly isn’t interested.

According to Mike Sando of, McDaniels isn’t interested.

It’s a smart move.  As we explained in today’s edition of ProFootballTalk Live (Rita Kierson has yet to call), McDaniels’ best bet would be to return to the position of offensive coordinator, applying to that job what he learned in his time as a head coach and gleaning as much as he can about how to improve if (when) he becomes a head coach again.  Bill Belichick did just that, working for several years as a defensive coordinator after being fired by the Browns after the 1995 season before becoming one of the greatest coaches in history during a decade-plus with the Patriots.

For McDaniels, the Chiefs would be the best fit.  But the thinking is that coach Todd Haley remains too insecure to embrace McDaniels.

So where do the Niners go from here?  Maybe they should pick up the phone and see what it would take to get the Titans to release Jeff Fisher from the final year of his contract.  (More on that later — and, yes, teams still can essentially “trade” a head coach.)

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  1. its a smart move if he’s doing it for the reason that you stated. if he’s just doing it because he’s waiting for a bunch of other HC opportunities to be thrust at him this year i think he’s nuts.

  2. Josh should take any job he can get. I don’t think he and Haley will kiss and make-up and I don’t think Haley will ever trust McDaniels.

  3. Why would anyone embrace Josh McDaniels?? The guy is a little weasel. What are the 49ers thinking? Todd Haley would have to be out of his mind. Al Davis … that might be a good fit. McDaniels reminds me of Lane Kiffin.

  4. Ask Al Davis and Jon Gruden about coaches getting traded.

    During the 2001-02 offseason, the Oakland Raiders allowed head coach Jon Gruden to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in exchange for 1st and 2nd round draft picks in 2002, a 1st round pick in 2003 and a 2nd round pick in 2004, plus cash

    The picks eventually were:

    1st round/21st overall, 2002
    2nd round/53rd overall, 2002
    1st round/32nd overall, 2003
    2nd round/33rd overall, 2004

  5. I wonder if Gruden is still an option for the 49ers? I like Harbaugh, but they should not pay him the type of money Miami will throw at him. I would think Gruden would be an excellent plan B.

  6. We don’t want McDaniels either. He can take his .375 elsewhere. If anything he would be a downgrade from Singletary, which is saying a lot.

    Speaking of which, stop trying to play matchmaker with Jeff Fisher and the 49ers. Jeff Fisher is the most overrated coach in the NFL. Here’s why:

    – Fisher only has a winning percentage of .542. He is the second lowest rated coach in the NFL with over 140 wins, only Dan Reeves has a lower rating.

    -By the same criteria, there are no head coaches with 140 wins who have had fewer winning seasons then Jeff Fisher. He is at the bottom.

    -He has only been to the Playoffs 6 times in his 17 years as a head coach.

    -In the Play-offs his record among coaches with 14o wins is third worst in the NFL. He has a record of 5-6 (.455) record, which is lower then Schottenheimer (who is unfortunately also being thrown around as a possibility for 49ers head coach, his record is 5-13 or .389 in the playoffs), Chuck Knox at .389 (7-11), and Bud Grant at .455 (10-12). (These numbers btw I got from an article by Paul Kuharsky).

    When it comes to Jeff Fisher, just say no.

    Same goes with McDaniels, Schottenheimer, and any other coach with a big name and no results to back it up.

  7. Makes you think McDi**head may be a little smarter than we all once believed. Lucky niner fans, gore, crabtree, willis and any other valuable piece woulda been traded by week 6 next season

  8. <>

    …but he hired the top OC of the decade, in Charlie Weis? You’re right McDaniels has a much better Resume than Charlie Weis! Haley wouldn’t dare hire someone who was as good as McDaniels!
    It amazes me how people actually get paid to write this stuff!!

    comeon, man!!

  9. Deb,

    Davis was the first one in the room to call Kiffin out for what he is, a beady eyed weasel boy.

    I lvoe the non-sequitur arguments of the hate breath.

  10. Wow! If that really is the case, McDaniels is humble enough to realize he needs to go back a step to ultimately move forward, I’m impressed. That takes some serious perspective.

    Then again, he’s still getting paid by the Broncos, so what’s the hurry?

  11. Funny..But becoming obvious that good coaches SEE a lose/lose situation…and do not wish to enter.

    Thats why that clown Ross has to dangle $8 mill/year to Harbaugh….he cannot get anyone til he grosssly overpays hype.

    Josh McD will be back…and will be strong HC some day…The Denver scene is alot worse than people think too…though not as bad as Miami.

  12. He is to young…he needs more seasoning altho im sure he got alot of the exp that he needed in Denver

  13. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t see Josh McDaniels getting a lot of interest from other teams. They were forced to throw a lot in Denver this year because they were always behind. They finished near the bottom in rushing yardage and seemed to have a lot of turnovers. Bottom half in points scored and could rarely convert either a 3rd or 4th down.

    If I’m looking for an OC, McDaniels name does not pop up high on my radar. After all the progress the Chiefs made under Weis this year, I see McDaniels as a step backward.

  14. Josh is the best coach, in or out of the league, this side of Belichick. Much better than that android Hardbug.

  15. If, a big if, Haley and McDaniels could bury the hatchet, that could be THE spot for him to rebuild credibility. Plus he’d get to stick it to Denver two times per season while he was there.

  16. Even as an OC McDaniels is a questionable replacement for Weiss

    Weiss’ approach was for diversity – favoring the most open of multiple receivers.

    Under McDaniels the Patriots offense focused on just Moss and Welker – which worked well in 2007 but less so later, until the Pats reverted to a Weiss style of offense this season.

    Most Patsfans would prefer the 2010 offense even to the 2007 McDaniels offense.

    And since McDaniels largely got the job in Denver thanks to the production of Brady, Moss and Welker in 2007, some question whether he even should have been HC of the Broncos in the first place.

  17. No to Mcdumbass in KC. Of course he did look Orton look pro-bowlish so he could likely continue Cassel’s progress.

    After the finger wagging “don’t beat me like that Josh” I don’t see Haley taking him on.

  18. Harbaugh close to being the Dolphins Coach=Luck being close to declaring for draft.

    Luck declaring for draft=Carolina Panthers.

    Also have heard specualtion in Charlotte about McDaniels as a possible OC. Wouldnt mind that.

    We have interviewed 4 coaches thus far. Perry Fewell (We cant hire a 2nd straight DC from the Giants), Ron Rivera (I hope so), Greg Mqanusky (WHO?), and Rob Ryan (If he acts like Rex with the media and the trash talk, NO THANKS).

    Heach Coach: Rivera
    Offensive Coordinator: McDaniels
    Quaterback: Luck

    I would be just fine with that.

  19. “but he hired the top OC of the decade, in Charlie Weis? You’re right McDaniels has a much better Resume than Charlie Weis! Haley wouldn’t dare hire someone who was as good as McDaniels!”


    And the fact that Haley wouldn’t let Weiss do his thing without interfering is why Weiss is going back to the college level. Haley is insecure and not willing to trust the people around him to do their jobs competently.

  20. “hobartbaker says:
    Jan 6, 2011 1:48 PM
    Josh is the best coach, in or out of the league, this side of Belichick. Much better than that android Hardbug”

    I rarely respond to people on here, but you hobartbaker are an idiot. Best coach based on what? Not a good record. Not reputation. Not being professional. Not honesty and integrity. Where the heck do you people come from? Are you his mother?

  21. How is anyone even considering hiring this guy as a head coach right now?

    He is a great offensive coordinator but made mistake after mistake as an executive and completely ruined the Bronco’s franchise.

    Are you kidding me?

  22. (More on that later — and, yes, teams still can essentially “trade” a head coach.)

    Essentially? It’s already been done. Gruden for a 1st round pick ring a bell?

  23. ncsteve83 says: Jan 6, 2011 2:06 PM

    Harbaugh close to being the Dolphins Coach=Luck being close to declaring for draft.

    Luck declaring for draft=Carolina Panthers.


    Agh except for the fact that Stanford is currently setting up for the press conference to announce that Luck is staying in school. LOL @ Carolina

  24. To much is made about HC’s and OC’s when what goes almost completely ignored so often are the assistant position coaches under them and the development of young talent.
    Perfect example is Cincinnati with Marvin Lewis and Bob Bratkowski. Brat, as he’s called in Bengaldom is criticized for bad play calling when the assistants who are largely responsible for developing young talent let Jerome Simpson languish on the bench almost 3 years and let Andre Caldwell slip back 9 paces, but a lot of that was due to the popcorn vendors and their freak show conning everyone into believing in miracles performed by divas..
    That doesn’t let the coach of the hook by any means, but it also shows you that none of them work in a vacuum either.

  25. Right now it sounds like McDaniels might be lucky to land a job as offensive quality control for a colege team much less a HC job in the NFL, but what do i know? Dumber people have been promoted and are promoted every day in the real world, many based on looks or snappy dress who are utterly and completely void of any talent of any kind.. Go figure, huh?

  26. Josh is a great QB coach. Take a look at how Orten progressed as a quality NFL QB. Before that he was responsible for Matt Cassell during his time in New England. Denver fans might laugh at this but there are many teams around the league who could use his expertise. Cinn. (He’s an Ohio guy), Giants, K.C., Miami are teams in need of QB/OC.

  27. @JSpicoli …

    I know–that was the point. Davis could hire him and give him the Lane Kiffin treatment. Seems like McDaniels has it coming.

  28. As a Bronco fan… you know I concur with the majority of the comments here… imo, Kindercoach/Belacheat Jr./Cheaterlight should stay away from HC positions… what j/a hires the videographer who was key in spygate 1 at NE? Then denies any knowledge of what happened to you guys in London… he’s an idiot… he either wanted to destroy the Broncos, which he has effectively done or he is truly stupid… he traded away way to much talent way to easily. I believe it will take years to get back to where Denver was 2 years ago after Shanny’s last season… it’s very sad.

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