Matt Hasselbeck gets the call

We guessed all week that Matt Hasselbeck would start Saturday’s game against the Saints.  We don’t have to guess any more.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll announced Thursday that Hasselbeck will get the call.  Charlie Whitehurst played well against the Rams last week, but he’s mostly struggled this year.  Facing a Gregg Williams-coordinated defense in the playoffs would have been difficult for such an inexperienced quarterback.

Hasselbeck completed 32-of-44 passes for 366 yards and a touchdown against the Saints in the Superdome back in November.  This will be Hasselbeck’s tenth playoff start in ten seasons with the Seahawks and his first since 2007.

He’s got an incredible opportunity to win what could be his last game at Qwest Field.

13 responses to “Matt Hasselbeck gets the call

  1. matt hasselback is a smart QB. not very mobile and crappy arm strength but he picked apart williams’ blitzes and he is very good at reading coverages… reminds me of another backup QB under favre in green bay right now that would’ve never been as good as he is intelligence-wise if not for playing behind favre

  2. Congrats to Hasselbeck. If this is the end of his career with the Seahawks, I’m glad he won’t finish it on the bench. He’s been a solid, classy performer who’s given his all in every game. And he is a cutie! 😉

  3. Hopefully Charlie’s followers, known locally as “The Whitehurst Family”, don’t take out their frustration in gruesome fashion.

  4. Screw it. I’m taking SEA and the points (10-11).

    Just don’t see the Saints blowing anyone out this postseason.

  5. guys i made a sarcastic post about how the post first said hasselbeck would be starting for the saints.

    nice to see yall still delete those kind of posts.

  6. Hey I am all for the Saints but you gotta be real here. I really think they will loose this one. Heck half their starters are out with injuries. There will be NO running game – C. Ivory is out, P. Thomas is out, Shockey is out, M. Colstan is out, Graham is out, – only thing left is Brees and R. Bush and lately Brees has thrown interceptions, and Bush runs for negative yards. I really don’t think NO will pull this off.

  7. THis is good news for the Saints. They will destroy him with their pass rush. And although I’m not a fan of Charlie, his ability to run makes him much more lethal.

  8. “Facing a Gregg Williams-coordinated defense in the playoffs would have been difficult for such an inexperienced quarterback.”

    Not really, Asselcrack’s best days are long long behind him.

  9. It’s hard not to root for a guy like him. And wow, ten playoff starts is quite a bit when you think about it. He really has quietly put together a great career in Seattle.

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