Rooney Rule looms over Harbaugh hire

So the Dolphins currently have a head coach, Tony Sparano.  And they’re reportedly close to hiring a new one, Jim Harbaugh.

How, then, will they comply the Rooney Rule?

We have a theory.  We explained it earlier today, during ProFootballTalk Live.

In a nutshell, we think they already have.

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44 responses to “Rooney Rule looms over Harbaugh hire

  1. I have a theory too. Ross will pay the fine in cash, and not think twice because he will be paying Harbaugh a heck of a lot more than whatever the fine will be.

  2. I’m sorry to anyone that may be offended, but the Rooney Rule is such crap.

    When someone KNOWS who they want for their coach, they are FORCED to interview someone and waste their time just to comply with a rule that ensure racism isn’t a factor.

    Maybe NBA rosters should have a Rooney Rule too.

  3. The rule is a joke and a mockery of affirmative action. All these bs politcally correct actions the nfl makes are ridiculous, just a reminder its business

  4. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Dolphins say they interviewed Todd Bowles already even though there hasn’t been a report of that yet.

  5. Rooney Rule Revisited…

    Extradite Arty and all the other Coke Bottle wearing dorks in the clan to Berundi and make them walk dusty roads all day wearing singlets and shorts.

  6. The Rooney Rule is a joke in itself. I’m sorry but how come the Vikings can hire Lezlie Frazier right off the back just because he is African American? Why didn’t they have to interview a Caucasian coach as well? It’s a double standard in the NFL. I understand that there is a lack of African American coaches in the NFL but there are still more than there has been in recent years. Maybe they need to apply that same rule for the players as well, during every draft they should have to draft equal amount of black/white players to make things fair. I know that last notion is stupid but it’s just as stupid as the Rooney rule.

  7. Wow I actually thought we would get something about how it needs to be re-visited because it is a terrible rule and times have changed. I guess the people in hell will have to wait a little bit longer for some ice cubes.

  8. the rooney rule is already a mockery of owners’ rights.

    so, how does one mock a mockery…

  9. one would think they are painfully aware of the rooney rule and will be within compliance before they make a hire.

  10. I think the rule needs to be put to rest also. If someone is qualified, they are qualified. End of story.

    Notice what the Panthers are doing right now. We have brought in 2 monority coaches for interviews. Perry Fewell and Ron Rivera. We are obviously not like some teams that just bring in guys to comply with the rule, or we wouldnt have brought them both in.

    Teams will hire who they want no matter what color they are. This rule just makes it so much more obvious.

  11. So this is how it went?

    Ireland:(to a current minority coaching staff member he passed in the hallway)”Hey there! Say, would you be interested in being the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins?

    Minority coach: “Uh yeah, but isn’t Tony still the coach? I mean if he were let go…yeah.”

    Ireland: “Okay. Great. We’ll….uh…keep that in mind.”

    Ireland:(to himself)”Okay. One interview down and one Rooney Rule…satisfiiiiiiiied…!

  12. The only people who think the Rooney Rule is a good one, are Obama voters who slobber at the thought of an endless supply of victims. Rooney was a flaming liberal and bigtime Democrat donor, especially for Obama.

  13. The Rooney Rule is important because even if the minority candidate is not hired, he gets the benefits of the interview process.

    Coach Frazier, for example, benefited from his interview with the Broncos when they had a vacancy, which probably helped him in the process with the Vikings.

    C’mon, man, what is the harm of giving minority coaching candidates a chance to at least go through the interview process?

  14. Why doesn’t PFT just list the meat of the story here in the article? Many of us can’t watch ANY PFT tv because its blocked at work. So I can’t get the story then? Have a print version too please

    And the Rooney Rule is stupid. Owners don’t hire white coaches because there racist. They hire coaches based on pedigree. There are and have been plenty of black coaches in the NFL. Is the rule not going away until we have 16 black coaches?? :rolleyes:

    Don’t give me that garbage about giving black coaches interview experience either – most of them won’t sit for sham interviews anyway. Most of the Rooney rule compliance interviews have been shams anyway, let’s be fair.

  15. There is a black man running the White House, for the love of god. Is this kind of archaic race law really necessary?

  16. I have a theory as well. My theory is that the people that run this site are absolutely obsessed with the Rooney Rule. Every single time a head coach is about to be hired, they do nothing but bring up compliance with the rule, trying to be tattle tails to the league!

    This is suppose to be a rumor and news site. Whether or not a team complies with this silly rule is neither!

  17. Seriously, I don’t get how Frazier gets hired without another minority coach being interviewed. Yet, we have to hear about the Rooney Rule being brought up every time a new coach is about to get hired. Maybe in a crazy conspiracy, these NFL owners are just trying to hire the best fit for their team. I know it seems crazy!

    P.S. – the video still you have of Ross there looks alot like Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

  18. #
    kisstherings says: Jan 6, 2011 2:26 PM

    Enough with the videos!!

    90% of us can’t watch them at work. If you feel you have to post them atleast summarize with Text.

    here’s an idea, maybe do your job at work.

  19. Blacks make up 13% of the population and there are 5-6 black head coaches.

    By that math, black are OVER REPRESENTED as head coaches.

  20. How silly. This rule is too little and too late. We’ve already had 2 head coaches face each other in the S Bowl…do we really think theyre getting overlooked?

  21. When the percentage of Head Coaches in the NFL that are black is higher than the percentage of blacks in America and the teams must still go by this rule it looks idiotic.
    It seems like they are striving to have at least 50% of them be black but that doesn’t represent a fair balance, that actually favors black coaches.

    Plus where is the Rooney rule for RBs, DBs, WRs.
    I haven;t seen a stink about there not being enough whites at those positions BUT we do need another 20 starting QBs who are black.

  22. Haven’t there been enough successful minority coaches in the NFL that we don’t need to force teams to waste people’s time with interviews for jobs they won’t be getting?

    Tomlin won a Super Bowl and Frazier was hired without any whites being interviewed. Does the league still think its own hiring processes are bigoted?

  23. Where are the female head coaches? Even if they are not hired at least they will get interview experience, right?

  24. Screw the ridiculous Rooney rule! If I’m the owner of my own business, I’ll interview and hire who I want. What’s next? We’ll have to interview at least one Jew,Mexican,Indian,German,Italian,French,Arabic,illgal immigrant etc.? Just a totally pathetic gesture in people trying to make race issues out of none. Look at T.O. short for (Totally Ordinary) and Ochostinko. They called the B Favre fine “racist”! Hahahahaha!!!! You two BUMS talk way too much and produce SQUAT! ESPECIALLY you, Ochostinko! Just retire and go away. Your not good enough or intelligent enough to entertain us. Shoola has spoken!

  25. I think in order to make the race isue go away, we should have to draft 26 white players and 26 black players on the roster. What is now? Roughly averaging 35 black players to 17 white players? Why aren’t there more white runningbacks or defensive backs? Is there some “race” issue against white players? Give me a break! Now adays you hire who you believe is best for the job! This Rooney rule is a joke! Next you’ll have to interview a Jew,Indian,Hispanic,German,Italian,Spaniard,French..well…maybe not French but every other race or nationality. Pathetic rule! Shoola knows all!

  26. Percentage of United States population, 2009, that are African American: 12.9

    Percentage of NFL head coaches, 2010-11 season, that are African American: 21.9

    The Rooney Rule has won.

  27. @chapnastier …

    Times have changed? Yes, in some respects. But the vitriol in many of the comments posted here–not to mention the national dialog overall–is proof that they haven’t changed enough. That’s not an endorsement of what’s come to be called “The Rooney Rule”–although I do tend to favor efforts to even the playing field, I’m not convinced this one is having the desired effect. It’s a simple statement of fact. Racism is still alive and well in America. We’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go.

    @help me …

    That’s not the issue. Blacks make up approximately 65 percent of players in the National Football League but a significantly smaller percentage of coaches and executives. The goal is to ensure that qualified individuals aren’t overlooked because the first people who come to mind for coaching and executive positions are white.

    As a Steeler fan, I couldn’t be more thrilled with Mike Tomlin and wouldn’t trade him for any coach in the league–including Bill Cowher. I respect Baltimore’s Ozzie Newsome as perhaps the best player personnel man in football. And I sure wish Gene Upshaw were still running the NFLPA. It would be ridiculous to assume they’re the only black guys with that kind of skill. The goal of the Rooney Rule is just to make sure other talented people of color get noticed, not to force owners into making hires they don’t want to make.

    But when every team interviews the same black guy–Giants one-year DC Perry Fewell–prior to hiring someone else, you have to question whether the rule is having the hoped-for impact.

  28. jaybeehere says:
    Jan 6, 2011 2:12 PM
    The rule is a joke and a mockery of affirmative action. All these bs politcally correct actions the nfl makes are ridiculous, just a reminder its business

    Affirmative action is a mockery of logic and common sense.

  29. Mike hit the nail on the head.

    That said, Harbaugh will not save this franchise. Their upper management is a disaster, and I find it despicable that they would treat their current head coach in this manner, no matter how big an idiot he might be.

    Harbaugh will go to Miami, get beat on by Belichick and the Pats regularly, and then he will depart Miami within the next three seasons having accomplished nothing. Bank on it.

  30. Here is why the Rooney rule is good:

    It gets minority coaches practice in interviewing and gets their name out htere publicly so that owners and gms from other teams who may be hiring a coach in the future think about them as potential head coach candidates.

    there it is, the reason why it is good. Not for immediate hires but future hires, changing the perception so that future minority coaches will be considered equally.

  31. greenbaysucks says:
    Jan 6, 2011 2:07 PM
    I’m sorry to anyone that may be offended, but the Rooney Rule is such crap.
    As a Steelers fan I’m loving the so called crap. Without it PGH would have hired the in-house favorite but complied to their own rule and found one hellava coach in Mike T who is working on the teams 7th Lombardy while Whiz is at home waiting for next year.

  32. edhochuli says:
    Jan 6, 2011 3:09 PM
    Seriously, I don’t get how Frazier gets hired without another minority coach being interviewed.
    You don’t think they interviewed Frazier? That counts.

  33. I can’t believe minorities don’t hATE this rule if u know who u want hire them. They should start that with white players since the league is 80% black. Stupid as f—-

  34. #
    jaybeehere says: Jan 6, 2011 2:12 PM

    The rule is a joke and a mockery of affirmative action. All these bs politcally correct actions the nfl makes are ridiculous, just a reminder its business

    “just a reminder its business”

    Exactly !!!

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