Titans could be waiting for other teams to call about Fisher


Now that the Titans owner Bud Adams has chosen not to keep quarterback Vince Young, Adams has yet to re-embrace coach Jeff Fisher.

So what’s going on here?  As explained during Thursday’s edition of PFT Live, we think that the Titans are waiting for the teams that don’t land Jim Harbaugh to realize that the best fallback is Fisher.  And they then can try to obtain Fisher by persuading the Titans to release Fisher from the last year of his contract in exchange for draft picks and/or cash.

Fisher recently said that “trades” of head coaches are no longer permitted.  But NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told PFT on Wednesday that “head coaches and high-level club employees MAY be released from their contracts in exchange for draft choices or cash.”

So why should Adams make a decision on Fisher unless and until Adams knows whether anyone else may want Fisher and, if so, what they may give up for him?

Fisher, we assume, would prefer to simply be fired.  That way, he’d get his pay for 2010, less whatever he earns elsewhere as a coach.  He also could take a year off, and keep it all.  If, alternatively, his next team has to give up a draft pick or two to secure his rights, those are picks that won’t be available to Fisher to use in his new home.

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43 responses to “Titans could be waiting for other teams to call about Fisher

  1. being a 49er fan…i’d much rather have Fisher than Harbaugh..Fisher has a great track record (except the fraud Vince Young), Niners go get him!

  2. Why would a coach that has only 6 winning seasons out of 16 be the next best option behind Harbaugh?

    Just goes to show you that if your nice to the media they love you and praise you no matter how mediocre your resume is.

  3. If someone will give the Titans picks for Fisher, I will drive him to that new destination myself.

  4. He may have been a bit tipsy at the time, since it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon, but when the call came in, Bud quickly accepted the offer of an 8th round draft pick for Fischer. In lieu of cash or other considerations.

  5. I think the Titans have to be one of the worst organizations in the NFL as far as dealing with personnel. This guy gave years of good service to the organization and basically they are trying to screw him over wherever he may land.

    I understand it’s a business but when it happens to guys like Steve McNair, Fisher and now we can even throw Vince Young in the circle I have ot start questioning there thought process.

    In my opinion Fisher holds the cards here. If they don’t “trade” him or release him for picks and / or cash then they would have to let him go now. If they don’t he can cause a lot of friction in the locker room.

    There is a reason why this pretty talented team never goes anywhere and I think it all comes from the top. Fisher is a pretty darn good HC.

  6. again, there isn’t much on his resume to warrant such demand for the guy. I don’t get it. Is it because he was able to hold down the head coaching job for 16+ years? There has to be more to it than that.

  7. Ring! Ring! “Mr. Adams, it’s somebody named Trent Bowel-Key on the line for you. Wants to talk about Jeff….”

  8. Maybe when the NFL had 12 round drafts a team could have offered their 12th round pick.

    On 2nd thought, nah.

  9. ejmat2 – You might have a point if you went back to Bud Adams’ Houston days. But in Tennessee, Bud has been almost a complete no-show. Fisher has run the show in Tennesee. He has had a VP title since 2000, got the previous GM dismissed, he was partly responsible for McNair getting locked out of the facility, he helped handpick the current GM and he has had final say over personnel since Floyd Reese left. If everything points to the top, it points to Jeff Fisher.

  10. What are you people smoking, Fisher is terrible!

    -Fisher has the second lowest winning percentage of coaches with more then 140 wins in the history of the NFL! Only Dan Reeves has a lower rating!

    -Jeff Fisher has the fewest winning seasons of any NFL coach who has won 140 games in NFL history.

    -He has only been to the Playoffs 6 times in his 17 years as a head coach.

    -His performance in the post-season is the third worst in NFL history for coaches with over 140 wins! Only Chuck Knox and Marty Schottenheimer have a worse winning percentage in the playoffs.

    He’s a bust, he should have been fired years ago but somehow has been kept around long past what he should have been. If the 49ers TRADE something for him, we’ll find out that we haven’t actually hit bottom yet. Maybe while we’re at it we can coax Brett Favre out of retirement and trade away Gore for Jimmy Clausen. This idea is that bad.

  11. Also, for those of you saying Fisher has a great track record or is a great coach, please provide some facts. I’ll give you a hint – the guy is a defensive coach (supposedly a good one) and has built his team on defense and running. Go look at the Titans defensive stats from 2000 (a dominant defense) to current times. I think you’ll find this is just one of the many myths about Jeff Fisher.

  12. 16 seasons + 1 Super Bowl Loss = Overated²

    Absolutely Correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Uh oh… Undead Al must be wringing his hands as we speak.

    “Hello Bud? This is Undead. Shane Lechler for Jeff Fisher, straight up. Whatta ya say?”

    Of course, this presupposes Hue Jackson jumping ship, which seems more likely, now that Harbaugh is likely going to Miami instead of SanFran.

    The Raiderkarma stars continue to align.

  14. People that say he is a great coach must be the same people that say Matt Schaub is a great QB.

  15. Kudos to all the posters here who see what an all time fraud Fisher is.

    One correction @WTE1:

    It’s actually 1 SB loss (and only 6 playoff appearances) in SEVENTEEN years, not 16.

  16. Oh the irony of Lechler for Fisher – a great punter is perfect for a Jeff Fisher offense….

  17. Hey dafixisin, if that happens, hell would have frozen over. Al only takes offensive minded coaches these days. Fisher is D all the way. We’ll have Gruden back, or Hue.

  18. No way he goes to Miami. If not for Indy the Titans would have won that division most of the time. You think he wants to deal with being beaten to death by New England twice a year?

    Also Harbaugh is at least a shot. Miami hiring Fisher is senseless, because we KNOW his Def’s can’t even slow down New England, and they’re in a rough way for a Wild Card chase in the AFC.

    Fisher is a pretty good to very good defensive coach, and not in that order. It’s really been passing him by the last several years. I could write a book on that offenses shortcomings, and they lose games on special teams foul ups. That all comes down to coaching, and there’s no excuses when you get to Fisher. “VY was mean to me” doesn’t excuse constant fumbles, bad calls, poor blocking schemes, penalties, locker room meltdowns, 0-6 starts, etc etc etc. I like the Titans. I want to be a fan again, but somebody’s got to take out the garbage there first.

  19. mslice81 says: Jan 6, 2011 3:29 PM

    “being a 49er fan…i’d much rather have Fisher than Harbaugh..Fisher has a great track record (except the fraud Vince Young), Niners go get him!”

    um, have you see fisher’s record (’06-’10) w/VY vs without? i know you haven’t or you wouldn’t have posted what you have posted

  20. wte1 says:
    16 seasons + 1 Super Bowl Loss = Overated²

    Andy Reid and Marvin Lewis want to know why you’re being so tough on the guy?

  21. So the Titans are waiting? Speed things up and release Jeff Fisher. The Titans will find out before next week is done.

  22. If Jerry was telling the truth and other teams called about Jason Garrett, then they’ll call about Jeff Fisher.

  23. I feel dirty for defending Jeff Fisher but c’mon posters — you really can’t claim six playoff teams in SEVENTEEN years. You simply can’t look at the bottom of a table that lists “17 years.” His first “year,” 1994, he took over the woeful Houston Oilers for the last six games for Jack Pardee. The Oilers were 1-9 when he was hired, and finished 1-5 in Fisher’s last games. A fair assessment of his record is to simply look at those 16 full seasons and recognize that he has had only six winning records. And then wonder why he has a job or might be in demand anywhere.

  24. Please be true. In order for the Titans to move forward, we can’t have Fisher leading the charge. He hasn’t even won a playoff game since 2003. I hope Bud knows the truth, and I hope the media keeps hyping Fisher’s “greatness” so the Titans can get a higher draft pick.

  25. Fisher sucks…….
    I live in Nashville, and I personally feel, he has used a feeble minded Bud Adams to his advantage.

    Fisher is HORRIBLE and it rattles my nerves to no-end when even the national media gives this dweeb so much credit. He is 5-6 in playoff games people and three of those wins came in 1999 when they went to the SB.

    Fisher is best at shifting the teams downfall onto others (i.e, Floyd Reese, Salary cap issues, McNair to old and injury prone, VY). if is always everybody eles fault why the Titans suck, but never his.

    And he has complete control over personal for several years and he is a terrible evaluator of talent (Chris (i can’t find a hole) Henry) 2nd round pick when he never rusher for over 550 yards in a season in college. never been able to develop the wr receivers he drafts (Tyrone Calico, Drew Bennett, Chris Sanders, Paul Williams, Lavelle Hawkins etc). Only one ever amounted to anything was D. Mason and he is only average.

  26. Does Fisher have to start spouting Moraisms like “diddly poo” and “playoffs?” for people to see that he’s got a serious case of burnout, and needs at least a year off?

    I tend to concur that’s he’s a bit overrated to begin with, but that’s beside the point right now. 17 consecutive seasons as an NFL head coach is practically unheard of these days, and there’s a reason why. It’s demanding work that takes its toll, often in less than a decade.

    For the NFL’s and Fisher’s sake he should sit out 2011.

  27. The most likely scenario – Fisher is staying, the Titans are simply debating whether or not to make other coaching staff changes – an example would be D-coordinator Chuck Cecil, under fire last year for the defense’s slow start and again this year for gameplans that were seen as too rigid. I have yet to see any real evidence that anyone is trying to land Jeff Fisher.

    To drewbo22 – Fisher has dealt with and been able to fix roster issues better than most teams and they’ve won over 140 games as a result. If the Titans haven’t reached their true potential (and certainly they haven’t) that has more to do with the competitiveness of the league than Fisher. The fact the players play hard for him (and not lazy diva VY) says something telling about Fisher.

  28. Why is everyone fellating Harbaugh?

    Nick Saban is a helluva better college coach then Harbaugh and he blew in the NFL!

  29. richm2256 says:
    Jan 6, 2011 4:54 PM
    wte1 says:
    16 seasons + 1 Super Bowl Loss = Overated²

    Andy Reid and Marvin Lewis want to know why you’re being so tough on the guy?

    Andy Reid: 12 years, 8 playoff appearances
    Jeff Fisher: 17 years, 7 playoff appearances

    Andy Reid: 5 conference championship games
    Jeff Fisher: 2 conference championship games

    AR: 10 playoff wins in 12 years
    JF: 5 playoff wins in 17 years

    Yet everyone says Fisher is a great coach, and Reid is under constant heat in Philly.

    Go figure.
    Both have 1 Super Bowl appearance.

  30. monkeesfan – You are right to say players play hard for Fisher – and he is well-liked by most of his players. But that is only half the puzzle. The roster issues you discuss actually fall under Jeff Fisher’s title. If Fisher had no control over personnel and didn’t carry his VP title, then you could make a much stronger case to defend him. However, he took on a lot of power after the team went to the Super Bowl and even more once he forced Floyd Reese out. He hand selected his own GM. So again, where else do you point? The roster mistakes the last two years in particular (no adequate kick returners, backup CBs, playing Nick Harper, shuffling on the offensive line, overestimating his LBs – the list goes on) have killed this team. He has shown a track record of over-estimating his ability to “coach” up rookies he drafts and veterans he is loyal to. It’s time to say thanks for everything, and move on.

  31. Monkeysfan:

    If the Titans haven’t reached their true potential (and certainly they haven’t) that has more to do with the competitiveness of the league than Fisher. The fact the players play hard for him (and not lazy diva VY) says something telling about Fisher.

    I’d love to see a coach trot that line out when they are meeting to see if the coach stays:

    Geez, Mr. Adams, it’s not that I’m not doing a good job, it’s just that the league is so darn competitive!

    And what is your evidence that the Titans play hard for Fisher and not VY? The Titans were 1-5 after Young left the team, and were outscored 155-85.

  32. @PCaSurvivor:

    You’re right. 6 playoff appearances in 16 years sounds much better than 6 playoff appearances in 17 years.

    IF you are:

    Jeff Fisher
    Jeff Fisher’s wife
    Jeff Fisher’s agent

  33. richm2256 says:
    Jan 6, 2011 4:54 PM
    wte1 says:
    16 seasons + 1 Super Bowl Loss = Overated²

    Andy Reid and Marvin Lewis want to know why you’re being so tough on the guy?


    You’re really going to compare Andy Reid to Fisher? Sure they both only have one superbowl appearance, both losses, and rock creepy mustaches, but the similarities end there.

    Andy Reid Regular Season: 9 winning seasons out of 12
    Fisher Regular Season: 6 winning seasons out of 17 (or 16 2/3 if you prefer)

    Andy Reid Playoff Record: 10 -8
    Fisher’s Playoff Record: 5 -6

  34. Anyone who watched the Titans lose six in a row, or basically any game after the Vince Young saga, knows that the players did not play hard for Fisher.

  35. To Monkeesfan:

    This league is about winning CHAMPIONSHIPS not about how hard a player plays for a coach (they play hard becuase it is their livelihood), and he certainly has proven he is incapable of doing that and we have 17 years of hard proof to back that up.

    If we were a major market team…this dweeb woulda been fired many moons ago. Only because we have a suckass media that kiss’s his a$$ and an owner who could really care less about winning, is he able to keep this job. Six playoff appearances in 17 years, three division titles in 17 years…let him coach your team Monkee……you can have him.

  36. Anybody who thinks the lame-duck and nomad Oilers underachieved in 1994-1998 is nuts, in my opinion. Just holding it together enough to be a .500 team under those uncertain circumstances is a pretty darn good coaching job.

    Judge him on the years after he was back on an even standing with most other coaches around the league in having things, like, you know, real home games and luxuries like a permanent practice facility with a real NFL weight room and offices for his staff.

    He’s had plenty of warts show since they got their permanent digs in Nashville and didn’t have to deal with all that outside crap on an ongoing basis. So the debate can still rage on as to him being overrated. But at least it’s a more legitimate debate about where six playoff appearances (including a Super Bowl appearance, another AFC championship game appearance, and three divisional playoff games ) in twelve years ranks him among his peers.

  37. What makes everybody think Harbaugh will be a good head coach? When was the last time any college level head coach did well in the NFL outside of Jimmy Johnson? Not trying to disrespect him but if Miami grabs him I think it is going to end like Nick Saban / Steve Spurrier all over again. I know he is a good college coach, but I am always reminded of Tony Dungy’s answer as to why it is harder to coach in the pros then in college “It is easier to coach kids who with no money who want a shot at the next level then it is to coach those same kids who are now making more money then you are”. Something like that.

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