Vince Young is wanted in Houston

Well, we suppose it was inevitable.  Someone has penned an article saying the Texans should sign Vince Young, the hometown kid.

Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle did the honors, writing the Texans should pursue Young as a backup.  (This assumes Young is released, as expected.)  Justice then chastises the Texans for being “uninteresting” and wanting to paint the town “beige.”  He wants buzz.

The argument almost makes sense in a world where Young would have to accept a clear backup role.  He doesn’t.

Young has warts, but he’s not without value.  He’s won consistently and his stats are impressive.  He’s thrown 20 touchdowns to 10 interceptions over the last two years.  He averaged 8 yards-per-attempt and had a 98 quarterback rating in 2010.

Young has major leadership and maturity questions to answer.   Of course.  That’s why he’s available and won’t get a monster contract.

Despite that, Young could upgrade the quarterback position on a lot of teams.   He shouldn’t have to settle for a clear backup role.    Let Matt Leinart do that.

41 responses to “Vince Young is wanted in Houston

  1. Mr. Justice is on crack. Houston won’t spend the draft pick firepower required to land Young, and they won’t pay him any more than what a backup QB is worth. The Texans already have a good offense. They don’t need Young. If they want excitement, they should hire pole dancers for the stadium like Jerry Jones did.

  2. The expanding Mexican-American community in Houston suggests that Justice make himself aware of their rich cultural heritage before labelling them “uninteresting”.

  3. So the defense gets torched all year long and Richard Justice thinks the way to energize the team is 2 bring in a lazy,immature and inconsistent back-up quarterback…that should be insulting to texan fans

  4. Can we stop going on about this guy’s record? Kerry Collins went 13-3 with this team and they posted their best season with him at the helm.

    Maybe the ridiculously good offensive line, supremely talented running back and strong defense have more to do with their records than some QB that has thrown as many INT’s as TD’s in his short career.

  5. No one, except for Justice, is interested in getting Young. Most writers that work for are so out of touch with what the fan base wants/thinks that its comical.

  6. Rename this headline: “Richard Justice wants Vince Young in Houston” since I’m pretty sure he is close to the only one who would want such a crybaby on the team.

  7. Just because he’s from Houston doesn’t mean he’s wanted there . . .

  8. …by the way – young could only “upgrade the quarterback position” for the local jco team!!!

  9. He should play for the vikings their offense is the same if not better then the titans

  10. i think there are places where he can start maybe minnesota arizona seattle miami jacksonville possibly san francisco oakland also i think if he were to go to any of those places and fail a few yrs then he wud become for sure backup he’s gonna get another opportunity to start but i dont see him as a hall of famer nor a super bowl champion as he once proclaimed he wud be….GO STEELERS!

  11. HOUSTON DOES NOT WANT VY AND WILL NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIM!! I like Richard but he needs to stick with what he knows best and that is Baseball.

  12. SHOCKING! A journalist wants a sports team to make an exciting move for him to write about. Richard Justice is more of a D-bag than VY.

  13. Considering his emotional instability, history of behaviorand general lack of intelligence, based on the headline I thought the story would be about VY getting involved in another fight at a strip club and then fleeing the scene

  14. VY may be a petulant guy, but he would never start in Houston over Schaub. He is good enough to be a starter somewhere.

    Certainly he is better than anyone at Oakland, Miami, Washington (assuming McNabb is gone), Minnesota or Arizona. Maybe even Seattle….

  15. Vince Young is the NFL equivalent of herpes. You never know when the next outbreak will occur, you just know that it will.

  16. @raidernationbaby…yep, the only reason I clicked on it was to see what he did now!

  17. Sounds as though Mr. Justice is so desperate for buzz he’s just going to invent some. Matt Schaub doesn’t need that kind of help. And Vince Young doesn’t want–or need–a backup role. The guy is a proven performer. His problem, as you point out, is maturity and stability. But given the number of complaints around the league about the “dirty” play of the Titans, maybe Jeff Fisher isn’t the man to help him attain that maturity and stability. Maybe he needs a Ken Whisenhunt, Mike Holmgren, or Jim Harbaugh (should he wind up in Miami).

    Since there aren’t enough QBs of Young’s caliber to guide the league’s 32 teams, it’s ridiculous to think Young would settle for a background role in Houston when there are teams who’d be happy to pay what’s necessary to have him as a starter. And a sportswriter covering the Texans would do better to spend his time writing about what his team should do to improve their lot on the defensive side of the ball. You generate buzz by winning.

  18. You people are idiots…yes the kid is imature, but how many 27 yr olds have reached the full maturity, especially one in the position vince has found himself in as a franchise quarterback has….

    Vince has won more games by himself than your sorry texans have in there entire team existence, are you people smoking crack….the texans would be foolish not to go after him and make him the franchise, because minus you idiots the seats will be filled and the team will finally have a winning record, which is something your past two qb’s havent provided…wake up and stop hating on the young man…. It kinda odd that a hometown boy like Vince who has done nothing but win cant get support from his hometown fans…..or maybe its something else thats driving some of yoru distane for him….it cant be just his sideline antics, bec use ive seen franchise qb’s around the league do the same thing he been accused of minuse throwing of the shoulder pads….and no one said a thing…oh i forgot those qb’s where white…. my bad!

  19. banjojones says: Jan 6, 2011 4:43 PM

    Just what Kubiak needs — a quarterback controversy.


    Hardly any chance of that. Vince Young isn’t half the QB Matt Schaub is.

  20. I thought this article was going to be about a crime Young commited in a Houston Strip Club.

  21. This guy – while being a Grade A headcase – has more talent and drive than Jafata$$ Russell EVER had, and he’s got Oakland Raiders written all over his bada$$.

  22. When Justice wrote an article before the season telling tailgaters to “get inside the stadium for kickoff and leave behind the sitting around complaining about Obama, because he will be around for many years to come” I swore I’d never read anything else he wrote.

    He’s a liberal and He’s a T-sip (UT fan)…
    I’m not waiting for his third strike. He is already out.

  23. Just a minute…recall that Bud Adams has spent two decades warring with the entity known as ‘Houston’; he’s used every trick in the books to needle the fans and the Powers That Be, just to watch ’em rile. Recall too that the original reason Adams picked VY in 2006 was to twist a knife in the city and the fans who wanted VY but had to settle for Mario Williams (who?) when they overwhelmingly wanted VY first or Reggie Bush; anybody but Mario for the first pick of the first round.

    What better way to get back at ‘ole Bud than to sign VY, and trot him out in the games vs. the Titans once or twice and watch Bud grimace? (or shoot out another flock of his patented $250 K birds… )

  24. Pats will trade the third rounder from the Moss trade for VY. He can sit on the bench for 2 or 3 years and learn from a team that is disciplined, has a HOF QB and head coach. He will blend into the background and emerge in the future as the QB for the next Pats dynasty!!

  25. Yeah Texans… cut Schaub for Young… while you’re at it you can pick up Albert fatsworth once the redskins cut him.

  26. you guys are all stupid am a texan fan and i would reath have vince young over schaub any all vince young dose is win and would a beast with andre johnson we would finaly start wining and maybe even win a super bowl and i would have albert haynseworth to hes good screw schaub he hasnt won nothing and he never went to the play and i dont blame young for acting like that a lot of qbs would act like if they had a stuip coach like fisher u guys just hate vy cause hes black u guys are raisest so go get vy texans and trade schaub because he hasnt done any thing

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