Vince Young says Jeff Fisher didn’t trust him

In a surprising move, Titans owner Bud Adams decided Wednesday to part ways with quarterback Vince Young.

Young spoke with Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean after the announcement was made.  Wyatt has posted some excerpts of the interview.

I didn’t feel like [Jeff] trusted me,” Young said.  “In the five years I was there, I was always looking over my shoulder.”

Young also said that “[e]verything was my fault,” which we presume isn’t an acceptance of failure but an observation that he too often received the blame when things didn’t go as well as expected.  “But that’s over now,” Young added.  “I wish Coach Fisher and Bud Adams and all my coaches and teammates best. ”

Young admitted that he’s “bitter a little bit,” because he’ll “miss the guys.”

He said he has “nothing against Jeff Fisher,” but that Young wishes Fisher “would have trusted me a little more.”

“I didn’t feel like I was his guy all the way,” Young said.  “I put in a lot of work and my stats and my winning, it showed I had grown.”

Statistically, Young had the best season of his career in 2010, finishing with a passer rating of 98.7.  He suffered a season-ending injury in November, but it was a locker-room incident between Young and Fisher that prompted the coach to declare that he was done with Young.

Though Wednesday’s move gives the Titans little trade leverage, Young’s contract will be tough to trade — and it’s unlikely that he’d renegotiate in order to help the Titans get anything of value in exchange for his rights.  In late November, Charley Casserly of CBS reported that Young is due to be paid a $4.25 million roster bonus on the 10th day of the 2011 league year, whenever the 2011 league year begins.  (Casserly also reported that the Titans planned to pay it.)  As a result, Young undoubtedly will be cut before the payment comes due, and he’ll become an unrestricted free agent.

43 responses to “Vince Young says Jeff Fisher didn’t trust him

  1. I don’t know of any business where one can cuss out thier boss in front of the rest of the organization & walk out…then keep their job.

    Join the rest of us in the real world VY.

  2. Fisher does, however, trust Kerry Collins and is lobbying the owner to sign him to a new 5 year megadeal.

  3. Uh, Vince, nobody trusts you. You are immature, non-professional, and you project entitlement. Go to Oakland and live the thuglife.

  4. “I didn’t feel like [Jeff] trusted me,” Young said.

    No sh!t, Sherlock. Why the hell would ANYBODY trust you?

  5. Vince is right. Jeff didn’t trust him. But Vince played a part in that as well, whether it was quitting in certain games, not playing through injuries, pondering retirement after his first season, or his lack of leadership.

    The flip side of that coin is that Vince saved Jeff’s job in 2009, after the Titans started 0-6 and their offense looked horrible (pinnacled by a 59-0 loss to the Patriots that could have been 100-0 if Belichick wanted).

    Bottom line – Fisher wanted Lineart, got Vince, and they didn’t coexist for whatever reason. The Titans would do well to dump both (and half of that equation is gone). Fisher’s manlove for Kerry Collins is baffling, and would make a great sequel to Brokeback Mountain. Maybe they could call it Brokeback Locker Room.

  6. Is there any self entitled former college great who ever thinks that maybe, just maybe they aren’t as good as they were hyped to be? Or at a minimum understand that it is their fault or at least could be their fault? It seems like giving these guys huge contracts seems to create some idea in their heads that they are already great and as a result everyone else should think so too. One can only dream for a rookie pay scale!

  7. VY – Mack Brown needs you badly, pal. Go back to Austin and throw on the Burnt Orange.

    Cam Newton proved this year that paid players are openly allowed back in the college game. Don’t worry, your upcoming victories and Heisman won’t be vacated until AFTER you are back out of school

  8. “Wherever I go I will be committed like I am committed to everything.”

    yeah Vince, that might not be the best thing to say in order to impress a potential new boss…

  9. Dumb move by the owner. Other than his Super Bowl appearance, Jeff Fisher has a pretty awful resume as a coach. He’s selfish and immature and putting all the blame on a young quarterback shows insecurity and pettiness.

    Ultimately, I think it comes down to Fisher being a USC guy and harboring bitterness for his star player because of that.

    Grow the hell up, Jeff. You sad little man.

  10. Poor guy still doesn’t realize that with the mantle of franchise NFL QB comes a need for a bit more responsibility and necessary judgment than he possessed or even recognized was necessary. Talk about someone out of one’s element; Vince Young is a poster child for in-way-over-his-head syndrome.

  11. Only one thing is absolutely certain… none of this is Vince Young’s fault. It’s always someone else. The coach… the fans… his momma. Never his.

  12. Vince Young has the maturity of a 6 year old.

    Ironically his quarterback play also resembles that of a 6 year old at times.

    Gee I wonder why Fisher didn’t trust him.

  13. It would be difficult to trust someone after the weird suicide attempt that occurred. Titans covered that embarrassing situation & others. Trust was lost by VY early because of his mental & daily work habits.

  14. I think that both people are to blame & Jeff Fisher has to be completely open with his players. This obviously has been festering for a while, so it’s come to this point.

    You want to avoid conflict, talk it out.

  15. centexhorn… yes, of course it would be his fault. He has to read the defensive end that’s away from the play flow.

  16. No one should be surprised. Bud Adams has supported Fisher before and should continue to do so. Whether Fisher can deliver a championship is a different matter. You cannot let the players determine who the coach is going to be. They need to get a real QB. I wish Fisher well.

  17. VY is not a great QB, I’d say he’s adequate at best. Ironically, Jeff Fisher is clearly not a great coach, he also is adequate at best. If I’m Bud Adams I get rid of both of them. I can’t trust my QB if he can’t control his emotions, as VY has demonstrated. I also can’t trust my coach if he places his own interests above the success of the team. The 0-6 start, when he refused to play VY, only to start winning when VY was inserted on Adams’ insistence, is a good indicator that Fisher has a propencity to put himself above the team. They both need to go.

  18. Vince, you’ve only grown up in your own mind.

    …chew on that for a little bit. It’ll come to ya!

  19. I’ll say this for VY…his success in college was a result of Mack Brown putting all his chips on VY. I think VY responded well to knowing that the coach trusted him and defended him in the media. I think having VY know that Fisher didn’t want him from the beginning made him feel like people were betting against him, and he clearly did not respond well to that.

  20. Trust is earned, little boy, not declared.

    Actions speak louder than whining.

    The Redskins need a QB. . . . .

  21. Charlie Casserly, you may have only done the right thing once in your GM career, but that one thing was taking Mario Williams over Vince Young or Reggie Bush.

  22. Vince Young did enough to get himself run out of there, but when he played the Titans had a chance to win , and when he didn’t, they lost. The record over the last 2 years when Young was the starter, as opposed to Collins or Smith was like night and day. I think Bud Adams did the right thing when he didn’t blindly choose Fisher just because he rejected Young. If Adams really wants to do the right thing, he’ll fire Fisher as well, he hasn’t won a playoff game in years, has only been there once since ’03 and has 6 winning seasons in 17 years, most of them early on in the Eddie George-Steve McNair era. It’s ironic that both Young and Fisher spent all that time fighting with one another with neither guy realizing that their own future depended on the other guy succeeding.

  23. Call me crazy. I think Bud should keep VY and jettison Fisher. VY has recently really started to show his potential. I’d like to see how that goes. Fish has been with the Oilers/Titans for a long enough time. A change would be good. And I’m a Fisher fan.

    I have the distinct feeling that the only way this situation gets resolved well for everyone concerned is if Fisher goes.

  24. Good riddance to him. He’s been nothing but hype and trouble since he got here. Adams needs to keep Fisher and see what he can do with a reliable quarterback instead of expecting him to make a purse out of a sow’s ear.

  25. Yeah, that makes sense…..drop a 2-time Pro Bowl QB with a 30-18 record for career 22 games over .500 head coach. Good luck with that Tennessee Fans. I feel your pain. Bud should have fired that prima dona head coach instead.

  26. Here’s numerical context on Fisher that Keith Hawkins of ESPN Stats & Info compiled for us.

    Fisher’s winning percentage now is .542 (142-120). Among NFL coaches who have at least 140 regular-season wins, only Dan Reeves has a lower win percentage. Reeves was 190-165-2 in the regular season, for a .535 mark.

    Among head coaches with at least 140 regular-season wins, no one has had fewer winning seasons than Fisher’s six. The next closest would be nine winning seasons (Mike Shanahan and Marv Levy).

    If you knock that down to a 120-win threshold, Fisher still has the fewest winning seasons. Jim Mora (215), Dick Vermeil (120), Mike Ditka (121) and Weeb Ewbank (130) all had seven winning seasons.

    Among coaches with 140 regular season wins, Fisher’s 5-6 playoff record makes for the third-worst playoff winning percentage (.455). Marty Schottenheimer is at .278 (5-13) , Chuck Knox at .389 (7-11) and Bud Grant is also at .455 (10-12).


  27. i would have kept vy and i think the texans should go get him and trade schaub he hasnt done any thing for us you guys are stuipid vince young is good and he can win a superbowl even painton maning would have been imuture if he had a coach that dont trust him and he saved fishers ass so hes realey stuipid just like half you guys on this site go get vy as a starter texans

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