Bowe taken off injury report

We included this on our nine things to know about the Wild Card Injury report roundup, but realized it was worthy of its own post.

Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe was taken off the team’s injury report.  While he was seen limping after last week’s game, Bowe has reportedly looked good in practice this week.  He officially missed Wednesday’s work with an illness.

The Chiefs passing attack is very limited, and has generally done nothing when Bowe is shut down by a top-notch cornerback.  The Ravens don’t really have a lockdown cover guy, so expect Bowe to get a ton of targets on Sunday.

4 responses to “Bowe taken off injury report

  1. I’m a realist, and fully expect the Ravens to win, but as a Chiefs fan, reading the crap from the Baltimore paper from some Preston guy, I hope the Chiefs kick their ass. Brian Waters had a field day with Ray Lewis about 3 years ago. Should be convict Ray was whining about being double-teamed but it was Water’s 1 on 1 all day. Waters kicked his ass all over the field. I expect it was a time when ray-ray was off the roids or maybe a time when he realized he should actually be in jail.

  2. jbaxt – Fans in Baltimore don’t even read Preston’s garbage..the players can’t stand him..don’t waste your precious time reading anything he writes..i don’t read his articles and can’t change the radio station fast enough if he’s on..

  3. I never seen someone recover from Tampon Dislodgitis so quickly before. Typically, Tampon Dislodgitis lasts well beyond Wild Card Weekend.

  4. The way the Raven’s backed into the play-offs, and seem to play to the level of their competition I wouldn’t be surprised to see an upset here. I’m not so sure that Bowe will be the difference anyhow, KC has held back Charles all year to save him for the post-season, so expect to see a heavy dose of the #2 rushing back in the NFL this season. I think last weeks let-down vs. the Raider’s was due to all the distraction’s with Weis and such and already having the division wrapped up, Weis and Crennel know how to win in the post-season, so nows time to show up. Should be a good game- go Chief’s!!

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