Broncos consider Rick Dennison, Jim Fassel

Jim Harbaugh is no longer a candidate for the head-coaching vacancy in Denver. But Texans offensive coordinator Rick Dennison and former Giants coach Jim Fassel are both in the running.

Broncos football czar John Elway said Friday that he’ll ask the Texans for permission to interview Dennison, who was a teammate of Elway’s in Denver and later spent 14 years as a Broncos assistant before joining Gary Kubiak’s staff in Houston.

Elway also confirmed that he’s considering Fassel, who was first identified as a potential candidate for the Broncos vacancy a month ago.

Jim is a possibility. I know him really well from him being my college coach and for two years here and he definitely got some experience with the Giants,” Elway said. “So, he’s been on the list. We’ve thrown his name around a little bit. So, we haven’t finalized anything on him.”

And although we know everyone is sick of all the Harbaugh drama, we should point out that Elway added to that drama with his comments today, suggesting that Harbaugh might be considering a return to his alma mater.

“I think Michigan’s back in the picture,” Elway said. “I think he wants to stay in the college level.”

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  1. Gotta give the Broncos credit. Their strategy of “let’s rely on guys who have connections to Denver” instead of “let’s find some people who are good at their jobs” is some unique, outside the box thinking.

  2. Ha-Ha. Yeah, go ahead Elway, hire Jim Fassel! Maybe Rich Kotite’s around too. Has he even watched football in the past ten years? Maybe if you play your cards right Elway you can lure Barry Sanders out of retirement!

    For people that hate Elway and the Broncos, the best is yet to come!!!

  3. I would think a big no-no as a front office executive would be going to the press and talking about who you’re thinking about hiring, their attributes that make them qualified, and with whom they will be competing. Why don’t you go ahead and announce the maximum dollar amount you’re willing to pay them while your at it?

    I thought Elway was supposed to have business experience?

  4. I feel sick. Dennison?! Fassel?!
    I feel like some higher power is punishing me for something. The Broncos have been cursed to become the new Detroit Lions

  5. I know I am going to get crushed for saying this, but I think Fassel would be a good hire.

    Plenty of coaches without a Super Bowl appearance on their resume have gotten a second chance. He does have one, and he can’t get a sniff?

    He would certainly bring some stability to that dumpster fire.

    And in case I wasn’t already guaranteed to get crushed, I will point out that he has won both UFL championships. Sure, the players are dreck, but he coached his dreck better than Jim Haslett, Denny Green, Chris Palmer, and Ted Cotrell coached theirs.

    And Haslett and Green both got multiple NFL shots.

    I hope to hear both people in the country who agree with me.

  6. John was just cantering along a trail in the foothills when his hoof struck a rock and unearthed an Ancient Fossil. He recognized it immediately even though he couldn’t quite put a name to it.

  7. It has become apparent that this search is going to be a long process. It has also become apparent that us Broncos fans won’t be very happy when the choice is made. There is already talk that the team might be limited in how much they can pay their next coach, not things you want to hear about a coaching search.

  8. Dennison’s actually not a bad candidate – all of his teams have had pretty good offensives and have only missed the playoffs because of terrible D’s. He’d also be good for re-establishing the old zone-blocking rushing style that helped Denver so much in the past.

    Fassel, though… I mean, he wasn’t bad with the Giants, and no one could have helped those Raiders teams, but this guy hasn’t been in the league for half a decade now. And the Broncos are no longer built for the sort of ground-based attack he preferred anyway.

  9. hobartbaker says:
    Jan 7, 2011 4:07 PM
    John was just cantering along a trail in the foothills when his hoof struck a rock and unearthed an Ancient Fossil. He recognized it immediately even though he couldn’t quite put a name to it.

    The whole “Elway looks like a horse” thing has gotten pretty hack, but that’s funny.

  10. John Elway also said “I know Jim Fasell from golfing, so there is always that going for him” and then later said “but we haven’t completely dismissed Barry Switzer, Tom Landry or Bob Cowher, or whatever his name is, either. Heard they were good. I don’t know because I don’t watch much football, although someone told me I played it once but I don’t recall that either”. He concluded the interview by saying “I think OJ would be a great coach too. I heard he’s a killing machine”.

    He concluded his remarks by snorting, pawing at the ground, braying like a horse and then taking off, jumping over a fence and small stream before heading into the sunset.

  11. Here is what Elway can do

    He can hire
    Dennison HC
    McCaffrey (or) Rod Smith WR coach
    Schlreath OL coach
    Terrel Davis RB Coach

    Bill Romanowski Defensive Coordinator

    That way they can make the feel of the championship team.

  12. Its not like you can say a whole lot of bad things about either of these guys. But still, neither of them light a fire under my ass. But, Im also glad we did not pony up stupid money for the likes of Harbough.
    Fassel may be just what we need for about 3 years in order to get us back to respectable and only losing by 3 pts to the Raiders.

  13. Everyone thinks they are the first to make a horse joke about Elway. Its greatness.

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