Broncos still want to talk to Jim Harbaugh

I started a post last night about Jim Harbaugh that started like so:  “It’s dangerous to post anything on Jim Harbaugh’s odyssey because the situation can change by the time we hit publish.”

Before I hit publish, the Dolphins “decided” coach Tony Sparano was the best man for the Miami job.  (Or Harbaugh decided for them.)

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wanted to bring Harbaugh back to Miami to introduce him as the next Dolphins head coach, but couldn’t close the deal.  At this point, ESPN’s Adam Schefter no longer thinks the 49ers are a “viable alternative.”

That leaves Stanford as the most likely place of employment for Harbaugh in 2011.  Including all bonuses and clauses, Stanford’s offer reportedly could be more than San Francisco’s $4.5 million-per-season.   We know Andrew Luck is returning to school.

One more NFL team would like to enter the fray.  Schefter writes that the Broncos are trying to arrange an interview with Harbaugh, although they face some obstacles.

The Denver Post says the Broncos don’t have it in their coaching budget to get into a bidding war.  The Broncos also have a G.M. (Brian Xanders) and another football executive in place (John Elway) above the head coach. That would seemingly knock the Broncos out of contention.

But as we’ve learned this week, there’s no point guessing what Jim Harbaugh will do.

9 responses to “Broncos still want to talk to Jim Harbaugh

  1. The Dolphins told Sparano they were going to evaluate the team/coaching including interviews. He chose to stay on despite that process, I don’t understand why people are crying for him. Schnellenberger was contacted to replace the Tuna after the 83 season….it is actually pretty similar.

  2. I want nothing do with this egomaniac, he’s a step away from Josh McDaniels. At least he’s won something on his own with best QB in his league.
    As opposed to Mcdaniels who only won as an assistant with the best QB in the league.

  3. Jim Harbaugh has absolutely ZERO head coaching experience in the NFL, correct? So why whould ANY team grant someone like that “total control” of an NFL franchise? Why are teams pissing all over themselves to sign this guy whose major accomplishment is four years at Stanford? And if NFL teams were willing to bid up to 7 million per year for this guy, why would he stay at Stanford for less than 5 mil????

  4. If he is actually interested in the job when they meet with him, I really hope the Broncos don’t let what amounts to 1-2% of the team payroll get in the way of hiring this guy. Sure it is a lot of money but with how much they are investing in the rest of the roster paying an extra few million to the guy in charge of it seems to make sense if he is the RIGHT guy.

  5. I may be a little biased but I think the best model in the NFL today is the Falcons franchise. Hire a young and upcoming personnel guy who has put in the work and then let him hire the coach. Blank hired Dimitroff and then he hired a coach who shared his same philosophies. Mike Smith wants only to coach and Dimitroff gets the players he needs. What simple but prudent strategy indeed. All of these coaches who are power hungry I would show them the door before the interview ended.

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