Colts’ Brackett fined $35,000; Patriots’ Wilfork fined $10,000

Colts linebacker Gary Brackett and Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork head the weekly list of players fined by the NFL for illegal hits.

Brackett was fined $35,000 for what was described as an “illegal blindside block” on Titans long snapper Ken Amato while the Colts were returning a missed field goal on the final play of the first half on Sunday.

I tweeted at the time that I wasn’t sure how to feel about it, and I’m still ambivalent about it: It was a brutal hit that gave Amato a concussion, but Amato was trying to tackle the Colts’ Antoine Bethea, and Brackett looked like he was legitimately trying to throw a block, not trying to light Amato up.

But Titans coach Jeff Fisher described the hit as “vicious,” and the league office apparently agrees with him.

Wilfork, this week’s Sports Illustrated cover boy, was fined $10,000 NFL for making helmet-to-helmet contact with Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne on a sack. Wilfork says he disagrees with the penalty and tried to lead with his shoulder when tackling Henne.

Also fined for the same game was Dolphins defensive lineman Paul Soliai, who has been docked $10,000 for hitting Patriots backup quarterback Brian Hoyer.

20 responses to “Colts’ Brackett fined $35,000; Patriots’ Wilfork fined $10,000

  1. Henne ducked his head before the hit! I supposse it’s a natural reaction before getting blasted by a Nose Tackle but, Vince shouldn’t have been fined!

  2. you mean they really put in the backup? or did pull a ‘JETS” move and hit him ‘out of bounds” ! lol,

    not news.. nobodys commenting !

    we need another article on…

    Ben.. yeah.. lets see, he just got caught with his finance little sister.. yeah.. thats it

  3. On a related note, the NFL reports that 37 defensive players from various teams were fined a combined $1.2 million for actually tackling offensive players in possession of the football.

    “This physical threat to the well-being of offensive players has got to STOP!” said CommissionerGoodell.

  4. the fine should not have been on Wilfork it should have been on Henne. if Henne had stayed upright he would have been struck in the shoulder pad but he ducked his head and actually initiated the contact with Wilfork.

    this has happened to a lot of defenders this year and it is just not right. it is one thing when it’s a defenseless receiver that has his head turned but these QB’s are big boys for the most part and they can see it all the way. Henne, Big Ben etc.. c’mon else can you bring them down

    sometimes, like this one, the helmet barely makes contact and they still get whacked 10 large

    what a joke …C’MON MAN

  5. The league threatened suspensions for habitual offenders.

    This was Brackett’s 3rd offense this year, and this one was the worst.

    So why no suspension? Because he is a Colt? Because it’s the playoffs?

  6. that Wilfork one was ridiculous. Shouldn’t have even drawn a flag. Henne ducked his head into a chest hit. What was Wilfork supposed to do, jump over him? 🙂

  7. Brackett led with his helmet. I like to see my beloved Colts stay aggressive by you can’t lead with your helmet like that. Otherwise, I think it’s a nice block.

  8. There’s a distinct possibility that the league’s actions are encouraging offensive players to lead with their helmets in order to draw flags. This is getting absurd.

    It’s not the first time since this started that a player is getting fined for hitting a player who ducks and puts his head between his body and the defender to force a penalty.

  9. grpatriot
    Goodell said that it is up for the tackler to adjust, same thing that happened to Harrison. It is stupid because how could you adjust within a split second? Harrison was fined and on every helmet to helmet hit he was fined for was basically unavoidable. But the NFL is corrupt!

  10. .
    the wilfork hit was just plain stupid.
    he has no NECK, he led with his shoulder and hit with his shoulder….any head contact was due to psychics and his moms fault for birthing him without a neck

    He did the SAME EXACT hit a few plays later and it was OK

    why is that?

  11. Henne did duck his head….BUT, that hit was vicious…I defy anyone out here to give Wilfork 8 yard head start full speed and clock you…375 and he can run.

  12. If the NFL gave the money from fines this year to both the union and the owners there wouldn’t be a lockout guarenteed.


    You’ve got to be kidding me NFL.

    How can a hit be a “Blindside Hit” and fine-worthy when they met face-to-face. Look at the image of contact, they are literally facing each other.

    Crap. Pretty much. One word Roger… Crap.

  14. The officials are over reacting and so is the National Fine League. This is Goodell’s initiative. Football is a violent game. Goodell is destroying the game just as owners such as Jerry Jones are with his avid support of a lock out. These are indeed dark times for professional football.

    Fire Goodell.

  15. Destroying pro football? Try an 18 game schedule.

    4 pre-season, 18 regular season, possible 4 (or more?) in the playoffs.

    26 games – that’s half a year.

    NOONE can stand up to that.

  16. The NFL needs to re-evaluate this rule, unless there’s real intent to drive your helmet into the QB’s helmet….there shouldn’t be a fine!!!
    Even the League views these plays in slo-mo?
    The headslap needs to have intent also. A player going for the strip and barely touches the QB’s helmet??? That shouldn’t be called either! The intent is to strip the ball, not to whack the QB in the head!
    Case in point, popped in the chin..You see what you tackle. The D player is looking at the QB’s chest and his helmet slids upward, no intent! QB’s should wear a padded chin strap.
    I do agree with going at the legs, or intentionally at the head! I don’t enjoy watching receivers getting blown up either! The League needs to train the Referee’s better!!!

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