Cullen Jenkins expected to return for Packers

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Packers defensive B.J. Raji has emerged as a terrific player this year, but we still believe Cullen Jenkins is the best lineman on the roster.  And he’s going to be back for the team’s playoff run.

The Packers listed Jenkins as questionable on the injury report and he’s fully expected to play Sunday against the Eagles.

“Cullen will be a factor in certain personnel packages,” defensive coordinator Dom Capers said via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “We have enough packages that he’ll be involved in some way or another.”

LB Frank Zombo (knee), S Atari Bigby (groin) and FB Korey Hall (knee) are officially listed as out.

9 responses to “Cullen Jenkins expected to return for Packers

  1. This bodes very well for the Pack’s chances against the Iggles. Especially since we’ve been torching teams without him.

  2. This is awesome news! Even without Jenkins, the Eagles oline is going to break down like a Lada in the Dakar rally. Vick better get used to the feel of being slammed into the turf!

  3. As a Packer fan I got to say I’m a little worried about how the Packers fans are acting here. Andy Reid is a hell of a coach and the Eagles offensive is awesome. What make some Packer fans think their team is the greatest? We lost to the Lions for Christs sake.

  4. @varga-

    I don’t think you’ve seen anyone but blind homers and trash talkers say they think the Packers are gonna roll this week. I mean, that would be nice, but this is going to be a tough matchup. Both teams have the ability to put up a lot of points. The one thing giving us confidence though is our defense. It’s been phenomenal, and is a pretty solid matchup against the Eagles.

    And yeah, we lost to the Lions, a division rival. It happens, and doesn’t mean we’re a bad team either. The Patriots, for example, lost to the Browns this year, and I wouldn’t say they’re a bad team because of that.

    Besides, anything can happen in division rivalries. We lost to the Lions but beat the Bears. Bears should have lost to the lions too, but managed to beat the refs. Division rivalries. Gotta love them!

  5. @Sparta
    Great post! As a Packer fan I get so disgusted reading morons railing on the Pack for losing to the Lions. Last I checked, the Lions are a pretty good team despite their record. Yes, it was a 3rd string QB, but our QB was knocked out of the game. I’m really surprised no Lions fans have jumoed up to defend their team. Anyway, the Packers-Eagle game will be fun to watch.

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