Dolphins cancel press conference; spoke with Mangini


Now that Jim Harbaugh drama is out of our lives, we can focus on the real circus in the NFL: The Miami Dolphins.

The team has canceled a 4:45 p.m press conference that was expected to confirm Tony Sparano was staying as head coach.  We previously passed along a Miami Herald report that the team was talking about Sparano about an “adjustment” in his contract.

It’s not a shock that those talks have apparently hit a snag considering the awkward nature of Miami’s coaching search.  It gets even stranger.

Jeff Darlington reports that the Dolphins scheduled a meeting with Eric Mangini that was ultimately canceled Friday.  After “persistent” requests, the Dolphins admitted the meeting was set up.

They say it was for a “consultant” role because Mangini knows the AFC East so well.

One would think they’d lock in a head coach before calling in Mangini to consult, but owner Stephen Ross has consistently conducted himself in such a ridiculous manner the last four days that it’s hard to be surprised.

79 responses to “Dolphins cancel press conference; spoke with Mangini

  1. He is Ring Master Ross…
    He is quickly becoming the worst owner in NFL history. The Dolphins are the new Raiders. Maybe we will hear about the Dolphins when they slowly recover in about a decade.

  2. The Fins are making the Jets look like a model franchise – BTW that is something not to proud of.

  3. Other soon to be notable “minority” owners:

    Shakira is buying a small stake & will sing the anthem in Spanish at every game as well as do half-time shows.

    Ted Williams – (Homeless / Golden voice) plans on being the public announcer.

    Madonna – Whole stadium has a Kabbalah water plant for all attendees to enjoy & will help visitors define the nature of the universe / human Beings.

    Seminole Indians – HardRock hotel / Cafe with full gambling on the outskirts of the parking lot that allows gambling on NFL games.

    OJ Simpson pension plan – He maybe gone in prison but he’s not forgotten by the locals. OJ is always a favorite with the delivery waiters & the tips he gives are more than they ever expected (real sharp).

    Rickey Martin – Well, enough said.

  4. The way this owner is acting, you would think he attended the Univ. of Michigan,….in 1890.

  5. Now I understand why Tuna took himself off the menu down in Miami, i think he was never comfortable after wayne sold the team.

  6. Ah, perfect. Just what they need, Mangini. Apparently, Ireland and Peterson aren’t enough. Ross won’t be satisfied until he has every worthless failure on his payroll.

    Matt Millen will be showing up any minute now…….

    If Ross was as savvy in real estate as he is at running a football team, he would be selling bags of oranges at a freeway overpass.

  7. omg this is becoming a 16 car pile up!

    Dolphins fans turn away and don’t look, it’s too tragic for words

  8. Dolphins fan here. What a joke. If this comes out any different than Bill Cowher named new HC of the Dolphins, it takes the term “epic fail” to new heights. What a freaking joke.

  9. They wanted to make an adjustment in Tony’s contract. Changing his role from a paid position to a volunteer position.

  10. Mangini must still have some of the info he stole for the Jets on his way out of Foxboro.

  11. Sweet Baby Jesus…. talk about a 3 ring circus! and I thought the 49ers and Raiders were dysfunctional lol

  12. Come on Gregg. You know how business works and the NFL is, after all, a business. If you don’t show results you have to look over your shoulder. I love Sparano and I ‘m glad he’s staying, (For now at least) but after back-to-back 7-9 seasons Ross has to at least look around. Ross has done nothing wrong. In fact, the only people who should be getting scored is the media. All of the false “sources”, B.S. stories, and wrong information is the reason this turned into a circus. In fact, if not for your ilk no one would even know any of this transpired. Hell, we STILL don’t know what actually happened. Yet you’re calling out the entire Dolphins FO? Get a life…

  13. Not surprising when you have an ownership group that consists of J-Lo, Fergie & Serena Williams!

    “He’s hot, I like him…oh wait, he’s hot too, I like him better!”

  14. they should have took Mangini !


    he took a 4-12 herm edwards team to 10-6 the next year and to the playoffs.
    He drafted Darrelle Revis #1, he is a ProBowl CB now…

    Holmgren screwed him last year by making him use Jake Delhomme a washed up QB.

    He could do it

  15. Tony wasn’t sure how he felt about the Dolphins offer to “adjust” his contract by moving two zeros to the left on all the figures.

  16. Awesome. My favorite team of over 25 years is owned, operated, and coached by retards.

    Why is Mr. Ross, who bears an uncanny likeness to Mr. Magoo BTW, hell bent on keeping Jeff Ireland? Outside of Jake Long and Vonte Davis what quality impact players/starters were drafted in three years?

    I don’t even want to talk about Mr. “I wear my sunglasses at night” Sparano. Ugh. Didn’t Ricky Williams just say two days ago that Sparano lost the locker room and now they’re offering him a contract extension?

    Pardon me while I cry for this once proud franchise.

  17. Is there ANY class left to this organization? Please Mr. Ross, hold a press conference and admit to this colossal mistake and then go away. Leave football to the guys that know football. And to Coach Sparano, find a great O.C. and start game planning for next year. Lets all put our “big boy pants” on and get to work!

  18. What a bunch of namby-pamby ridiculous actions. This guy, Stephen Ross, spend millions of dollars….Tens of Millions….on just two players and we ended up with exactly the same number of wins as last year.

    Screw that. I am glad hes acting a fool. He should have not even allowed that loser Sparano back on the team plane.

    He may be acting erratically, but one thing is for certain…He has a LOSER head coach, and he knows it. The guy is pathetic. I would take Mangini in a heart beat over Sparano. Sparano is a stupid human. Hes a moron.

    And guess what, all of you loser Sparano apologist….He’s YOUR HEAD COACH. Deal with it. Thankfully for the Fins sake, there probably wont be football next year…the owners are way farther apart than they are letting on.

    However, when they do resume play, I will be here at every loss to rub it in and remind you guys of how horrible Sparano is.

  19. Sparano is now a lame duck and allegedly lost the locker room.

    Ireland is not the answer.

    Fire EVERYBODY and hire Cower.
    This should be OBVIOUS.

    Or hire a consultant like Parcells to fix this mess.

    Or hire Cower. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLO…anybody home?

    How do these morons get so wealthy?

  20. Wait, wait, wait…………are you stating that the Dolphins are giving a raise to a coach who they wanted to fire, who could not get his offense going, and went 1-7 at home and virtually quit against New England? For this, Sporano gets a raise?

    Man, I need my boss to find out about this. I might get my salary doubled.

  21. Ross must be refusing his meds. You have to work real hard to look that inept and stupid. The fans deserve better than this. It seems that he is not really interested in the team at all…just another toy to play with and then destroy. Can somebody who has a clue and a passion for the game please buy out this idiot? You know it is bad when fans start looking at owners like Snyder, Jones and Davis with envy

  22. All the pieces are in place for an 0 and 16 season and winning the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. This is Ross’s secret plan. NOW will Luck change his mind and go pro….Carolina doesn’t look so bad now.

  23. Dolphin fan here. I feel like I just brushed my teeth then drank orange juice. Good grief, keep Sparano around. All we need to do is get a new O-coordinator and QB coach who are willing to take some risks rather than run a predictable offence.

  24. Does anyone know who & how to contact The Miami Dolphins to complain about the crappy product they are putting on the field? Since living out here in Cali I have been buying the NFL Ticket and I refuse to continue to pay ($400) each year to watch a crappy product that they continue to put on the field. I will be reading about it instead of paying my hard earned $$$

  25. This keeps up Tony’s going to be adjusting some facial features. Or vital life signs.

  26. wow why would cowher want to go to that circus? what an idiot! if your going to make a change than be man enough to fire the guy your replacing first! i’m SOOOOOOOO glad i’m not a fan of the dolphins!

  27. If I was Sparano, provided I had been smart and put enough of my money away the past few years that I was financially secure even if unemployed, I would wait a month or so until all the good HC candidates had been scooped by other teams and then resign with a big FU to Ross for the way I was treated.

    And given the mickey mouse way that Ross operates, I expect he will be the new Al Davis. No competent HC will ever want to work with the Fins as long as Ross is there.

  28. I thought Rex was the biggest buffoon in the AFC East.



    PS, we signed your rockstar coach. Steve.
    Deal with it.

  29. This is great. With Mr. Ross running the show New England will only have to worry about the Jets. Nothing like having a 2-team conference. Buffalo and Miami can play for the Hot-Cold Celler Dweller Championship. Jets can try to topple New England!

  30. Fins Fans – give Ross the benefit of the doubt

    How do you know he didn’t invite Mangini in and give him a few Gs to find out EXACTLY what Mangini would do to rebuild the team..

    And then do EXACTLY the opposite

    That type of “consulting” would be invaluable

  31. tnphinsfan says:
    Jan 7, 2011 5:11 PM
    Dear Patriots,

    Are you accepting applications for new fans?


    Dolphin Fans
    Sure, you guys can come on over, after all there are plenty of ex Dolphins on the roster, and more to come next year. And everyone hates the Jets!

  32. No DOUBT…The above replies are the funniest thing i’ve ever read on PFT.

    This is jets crap..Dolphins/fans do not need this…They thought Wayne was bad [ he was]…this retard operates on a different planet.

    Somewhere, Kraft & Belichick are smiling.

  33. All the regulars know I am a Jets fan of many, many years…but I have a lot of close friends who are Dolphins fans.
    All I can say is I’m sorry. I get it. And I’m hoping the Miami ship rights itself.

  34. This is probably the best move the Dolphins have made. Mangini beat the Dolphins, and Patriots this year, and took the Jets deep into overtime with a terrible team. I know he lost to the Bills. However the Bills were much like the Browns in that they had no talent and kept fighting until the end. He obviously had that team playing to its full potential with minimal talent and if given a fair shot (4 years) to build a team he can win a lot of games/

  35. Where is J Lo when you need her. She could have diverted all this attention quite easily with her assets.

  36. It just keeps getting weirder and weirder.This dude is a friggin idiot.Mangini?This cat is really a Jets or Pats fan sent here to blow up the Dolphins.Corporate espionage.He is trying to ruin it on purpose and if he continues to listen to his butt buddy Carl Peterson he will succeed.

  37. sportsjustice says: Jan 7, 2011 5:21 PM

    Now I understand why Tuna took himself off the menu down in Miami, i think he was never comfortable after wayne sold the team.
    Very astute. If you remember, Parcels had a clause in his contract that said he could leave if Huzinga sold the team.

    At the time, Ross was speculated to buy the Dolphins.

  38. tnphinsfan says:
    Jan 7, 2011 5:11 PM
    Dear Patriots,

    Are you accepting applications for new fans?


    Dolphin Fans
    Always room. Welcome aboard.

    And…Mangini? Really?


  39. Ross a billionaire!!!!! Wonder how he did it….slimy, slippery #@ick.
    How many people did he screw along the way.

    For years I’ve been a die hard Dolphin fan. Shula, Marino, Huizenga….everyone wanted to work for the Dolphins!!! Ross is taking all the class out of the organization and after this classless treating of Sparano who will ever want to work for these two snakes again….ya that goes for you too(Ireland) you back stabbing #$ick. Harbaugh saw right through these jokers!!!

    Forever a Dolphin fan, never a Ross, Ireland fan!!!!

    Go Fish

  40. I long for the days of Marino and Shula. Even though they never won the big one, at least people respected them. Ross is a parody of himself, nothing anyone says about him is funnier (or sadder) than this guy is in real life.

  41. Mr. Ross:

    If you’re looking for season tickets, we’ll it’s not me. I cancelled my Dolphins season tickets until further notice. We need a real owner that stresses winning over Hollywood clamour. I don’t care who attends the games. As fan, I want a finished football product. One that is young and upcoming. First thing, the Miami Dolphins need a real QB, one that doesn’t play scared and clueless. Henne is not the answer, he’s a loser. The only four year starting Michigan QB not to beat the OHIO STATE BUCKEYES.

  42. Wow…as a Dolphins fan I really wanted to believe that this year would define our comeback as a dominant team in the NFL. However, with the recent sale of our team to Ross, the departure of Parcells, and now this apparent game they are playing with coaches and how they are conducting themselves I see bad things in our future. We handcuff our QB and then at the first sign of a “learning curb” we bench him. We let possibly the best DE in franchise history go not once, but TWICE, and now we are playing musical chairs with potentially horrible hires at Head Coach by interviewing Mangini??? Sparano isn’t the best HC in the NFL, AFC, hell even his division. But unless we are going to open the doors to a coach named Cowher then we need to keep them closed for 2011. I think Sparano can do a good job in Miami if given the time, and unfortunately 3 years isn’t enough time. Stop playing games with our team Ross. We need continuity not a revolving door of name tags.

  43. If there is an “agent of the year” award given out anytime soon, I think it’s neck-and-neck between Mangini’s and David Carr’s. Maybe they’re one and the same? These guys NEVER have a problem gettin’ PAID!!!

  44. Maybe each Minority Owner had homework to call someone and interview them for a head coaching job.

    This just in: Ross is on DRUGS

  45. pukey60 says:
    Jan 7, 2011 5:13 PM
    The Fins are making the Jets look like a model franchise – BTW that is something not to proud of.

    LOL@ this ridiculous comment. But what else should I expect from a Dolphins fan. When was the last time your team sniffed the playoffs, or even won a playoffs game? I’ll wait…

    The Dolphins can’t hold the Jets jock. Your franchise has become a joke. I’ll take dysfunctional and successful over being a joke any day of the week. I bet your part owner Serena Williams can throw the ball better than Henne!

  46. bummer ; I grew up in Miami and remember climbing over the chain-linked fence to watch them play … I have supported through the years despite the ridicule … NO MORE!!! I agree with tnphinsfan … time to find another team

  47. Cancelling a press conference seems to be a common event after speaking, or thinking of, Mangini.

  48. This is like a train wreck where cars just keep coming off the tracks.
    WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How can Eric Mangini even be in a conversation?
    I…. am at a loss for words……..
    I would pray for you but God has more important things to worry about.
    Are you getting your advice from LeBron James and his cast of idiots?
    Just asking…. your right up there with that stupidity and…. well… you see how his brand is doing… forget the Heat.

  49. Full disclosure: I am a Patriots fan.

    Robert Kraft has consistently shown the rest of the team owners how to be a GREAT owner, and yet (for the most part) they still don’t really seem to get it.

    A short review – Here’s how it’s done:

    1) Hire the right guy
    2) Sign the checks
    3) Get the hell out of the way

    p.s. – it also helps if you don’t soak the public to build a stadium, because there are some people who don’t like pro football and .

  50. REALLY don’t like being soaked to help pay for stadiums.

    That having been said – If I NEVER see another shot of donald trump in the luxury box in Foxboro I will be happy.

  51. I am a life long Dolphin fan, ands I am fed up with them being average and mediocre. For all the hype about Parcells being a football czar,
    WHAT DID HE REALLY DO?? Briing in his cronie from the Dallas Cowboys, and have one decent year, them slip out of town real quiet. Now were left with a below average coach.

    They should have fired Sparano, satisfy the “Rooney Rule” which is a real JOKE, then hire a real head coach. Until they do that, they will remain in the middle of the pack, out of the payoffs and irrelevant in the NFL for many years to come. The only way for them to compete, is to be moved to the NFC West.

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