Fred Davis faces potential assault charges

The offseason is upon us for 20 NFL teams, but so far no player has been arrested.

That could be changing.

TMZ reports that Redskins tight end Fred Davis is under investigation for assault.  He reportedly got into an altercation with a woman at a night club.  Davis allegedly approached the woman in an “aggressive” manner and grabbed her.  The woman responded by throwing a drink in his face.

Then, Davis allegedly threw a drink back at her, and he allegedly struck her with an object in the lip, cutting it.

Surveillance video, per TMZ, paints a somewhat different picture.  A law enforcement official said that Davis appeared to be reaching for the woman calmly when she responded by throwing the drink at him.  He then poured the contents of a plastic bottle on her head and threw the bottle at her.  Then, bystanders got involved in the process, which resulted in the woman apparently taking an elbow to the lip from someone other than Davis.

A second-round pick in 2008, Davis has appeared in 43 career games, with 21 starts.  He has 72 career receptions for 952 yards and nine touchdowns.

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  1. Only the one millionth time something like this has happened to a professional athlete in a club. I’m completely surprised.

  2. “He then poured the contents of a plastic bottle on her head and threw the bottle at her. ”

    Umm, sorry baseballstars, but that constitutes an assault, not with a deadly weapon, and yes, the woman is also guilty of assault by throwing a drink in his face. Unfortunately for Davis pouring the contents of the water bottle on her head was about as far as he could go. Throwing the empty bottle at her and hitting her will likely cook his goose.

    The story is like the classic law school example of why eyewitnesses are the worst form of evidence.

  3. At least he didn’t put himself in bad position by doing something dumb like retaliating and pouring his drink over her head.

    There’s still one tax on the wealthy in the country that scales with your income. The more you have, the more you have to lose.

  4. This story has no legs. Davis is a classy kid and this gold-digger is trying to get paid. Video shows Davis did not injure her, she is SOL!

  5. iluvwikileaks says: Jan 7, 2011 7:28 AM

    Just in:

    The woman involved in this altercation has been identified as Alexander Ovechkin.

    I’m not sure why, but this gave me a good laugh… Thanks!

  6. You guys are ridiculous. Have you never been to a bar? First of all he had a water so was being at least somewhat responsible. I’m pretty sure he isn’t getting in trouble for throwing a water bottle in a he said she said incident. An empty water bottle? He might as well of thrown a napkin at her. And what is to be said for self defense if she attacked him by throwing a drink at him. Pretty sure nothing will come of this and to suggest that he is a thug because of something like this is just dumb. If you know the guy different story, but based off of this. This could happen to 95% of people that would go into a bar.

  7. Well I hope everyone clicked through the link and saw the update with the response by the police following their initial investigation. About the only thing this woman said that has turned out to be true is that she was at the bar. For those who called him out, shame on you.

  8. Its not like me to stick up for a Redskins player but hes in the right. I think he showed good restraint by just dumping a drink on her. Girls think they can get away with doing and saying anything bc who they are and that shouldnt be the case.

    I once was breaking up a fight between to friends and a girl who was clearly drunk started freaking out and said I pushed her out of the way. I told her I didnt that I just got knocked in to her by the 2 guys that were fighting. Well I guess she didnt like that explaination bc she hit me like 5 times in the face and I just stood there and took it but told her to stop it or I was gonna dump my beer on her . She didnt she hit me like 5 more times so I dumped my beer on her. She must have thought I was lieing bc she was schocked after it happened. She later was telling everyone I hit her and dumped a drink on her but her bf who was there the whole time told her to stop lieing that she was hitting me for no reason and set the record straight with everyone.

    My point is I know where Davis is coming from and how girls will lie to try to get sympathy or to make excuses for why they were acting like idiots. I think most guys would do the same thing in his place.

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