Jeff Fisher will coach Titans in 2011

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With Vince Young on the way out, Jeff Fisher is on the way back.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean first reported, and the team has confirmed, that Fisher will return to coach the Tennessee Titans for the 2011 season.

Titans owner Bud Adams made the decision today.

“Jeff has meant a great deal to this franchise and we have reached some incredible heights under his leadership,” Adams said in a statement.

Although Fisher did not sign a contract extension, he will coach through 2011, which is the final year of his deal.

“Mr. Adams and I had a good talk about where we are as a football team,” Fisher said. “Clearly I am pleased with the news today. Presenting Mr. Adams with his first Lombardi Trophy is still the objective and I will continue to work for that goal.”

Fisher, who became the team’s coach in 1994 when the franchise was still called the Houston Oilers, has been with his team longer than any head coach in the league. He has a record of 142-120 in the regular season and 5-6 in the playoffs.

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  1. The only way Fisher ever delivers a Lombardi Trophy to Bud Adams is if he steals one from the offices of the Pittsbrugh Steelers, New England Patriots or Dallas Cowboys.

    A year from now Bud Adams will once again mull over who should be coaching the Titans – the guy who has been trying to deliver a Lombardi since 1995 and has only six playoff appearances to show for it or some other guy who might actually be able to do it.

  2. Pretty close to Raider level in terms of a circus atmosphere. Sad… this was once a proud franchise

  3. This is great. With Mr. Ross running the show New England will only have to worry about the Jets. Nothing like having a 2-team conference. Buffalo and Miami can play for the Hot-Cold Celler Dweller Championship. Jets can try to topple New England!

  4. Who cares? All you idiots who read this article and swore Fish would be fired, week after week. Shut it and enjoy, you haters. When you speak about something you know nothing about, it shows what clowns you people are. Enjoy the off season and the playoffs. Remember 1 team wins and 31 teams will not. We’ll be getting two new QBs and still have the best RB in the game. Tick Tock, Tick Tock. See you when we kick off in Titan Town with Fish next season!

  5. Jeff Fisher is the luckiest coach in the history of the National Football League. This guy has survived things that no other coach in the NFL could. He has 6 winning seasons in 16 years, no playoff wins since 2003, coming off a season where he lost 8 of his last 9, he has 5 five game losing streaks in 5 of the last 7 years, he lost 59-0 to cap off an 0-6 start in 2009, he has been giving full power of his staff and the 53 man roster and he can STILL not get it done.

    Jeff Fisher is only surviving due to him being in a small market, and the lovefest that the media has for him. When Jeff Fisher’s teams win its all about him being a great coach, but when his teams are losing its about him not having good players. Yet, people fail to realize he has full control of his roster. People like to take up for Fisher by saying Vince Young was the reason for his failures. Let me give you some numbers on that. Jeff Fisher is 30-17 when Vince Young is his starting QB. When either Kerry Collins or Rusty Smith is his QB, Fisher is 15-19 since 2006. 12 of those wins came in the 2008 fools gold season. Everyone says the Titans would be crazy to let Fisher go, but those same people bash Tom Coughlin and he won a Super Bowl three years ago.

    Jeff Fisher is like herpes, you can never get rid of em.

  6. @ gotitan

    I’m not seeing what part of getting 2 new QB’s and still having Jeff Fisher as your coach would give anyone any optimism whatsoever.. Guy can’t win anything, and hasn’t since 2003. And since when did Adrian Peterson get traded to the Titans?

  7. I do love your statement about the whole “1 team wins and 31 teams will not.” As a Titans fan, you should know all about the whole “will not” part.

  8. The Titans aren’t the only team putting off big changes to their coaching staffs with a potential lockout looming. Look at Cincy, Jax.

    Unless Adams gives him an extension if/when a new labor agreements reached, the fact that Fisher’s contract runs out after 2011 should tell you all you need to know about how short the leash is.

  9. From Bud’s perspective (that of an older gent who desperately wants to win a Super Bowl) I think he’s chosen correctly. To replace the head Coach would mean a couple more years of wilderness-wandering at least; years that Mr. Adams sees as precious.

    Jeff Fisher, you should bust your arse to make sure you deliver. Mix things up; don’t be afraid to learn new tricks, to try new ideas. Just don’t become a Belicheat to do it.

  10. Great. Another f’ing garbage year. THANKS, Bud Adams, for signing off to mediocrity. Jeff Fisher is an average coach who has had the luxury of tenure. That’s it. He’s not successful. Six winning seasons in sixteen years is NOT success. Now us Titan fans are going to have to suffer through another lost season. The Israelites will have made it out of the desert by the time Bud gets a clue and realizes that Fisher isn’t what the media portrays him to be.

  11. Maybe Bud Adams isn’t as senile as we thought he was.

    Canning the non-respectable melodrama queen VY and keeping the respectable Fisher.

    Smart move.

  12. I posted this on another forum when asked if this whole issue with the Titans was a “me or him” situation (sorry for the rant):

    No, and that’s my whole pet peeve of the issue. The only person who made this a “me or him” thing is Jeff Fisher. Since he’s buttloved by the media, they naturally followed suit and reported it as such.

    FCUK JEFF FISHER. He is NOT a great coach, and anyone claiming him as such needs to offer proof of it or STFU. Winning coaches:
    *Do not have one Super Bowl appearance (loss) in sixteen years
    *Do not have SIX winning seasons in sixteen years
    *Do not sign sons of media members just to play favorites (signed Chris Mortensen’s son when I could throw better than the guy)
    *Do not want to draft Matt Leinart and anything and everything coming out of USC (Fisher has played favorites with USC guys for a long time)
    *Do not brag about how football smart Randy Moss is, claim him off of waivers, and proceed to keep him off the field because “Randy and Kenny Britt play the same position.” Give me a FCUKING BREAK
    *Do not keep starting sh!tty players and expect to win, while holding superior talent on the bench. Nowhere else besides the Titans does Kerry Collins, Justin Gage, Chris Hope, Nate Washington, and Bo Scaife actually start for an NFL team (and all of those players have superior backups)
    *Puts their own needs ahead of the organization, which Field Goal Fisher has done time and time again
    *Blames everyone but themselves for their own failures. This really pisses me off as Fisher has it in his contract that he makes the personnel moves. Chuck Cecil and Mike Heimerdinger were his hires. The players playing on the field are his choice. Don’t even TRY to put the blame on other people. Even during the Titans six game losing streak and Vince Young wasn’t even with the team, Fishface kept trying to place the blame of losing on Vince
    *Continues to game plan for a different league. Fisher’s style of offense/defense worked well in the late 90’s and early 00’s. It is severely out of date, and he has absolutely refused to adjust.
    *Owns his kicker (Bironas) in his fantasy leagues
    *His top offensive performer is his punter

  13. And now we can expect a year of 25 year old idiots ripping this guy because he does not represent their little “I am a victim” demographic.

    You see yourself in Vince Young and you relate to him.
    Spoiled, immature and still not capable of acting like an adult so you throw poop at anyone that even comes close to being a person of authority.
    Your mom and dad, your boss, your teacher… some NFL coach that you never meet.
    Still living at home and blaming the world for your latest outbreak of acne.

    “Whaaaa! They just don’t understand!”

  14. Well, that good news for the Titans. Jeff Fisher is respected through out the league. Now if Bud Adams will get him the players he needs to be successful. The Vince Young debacle speaks to contrary advice.

  15. Bud Adams made a very wise choice.
    I give him all the credit because he stuck by him.
    He will be rewarded.
    You can laugh now, but this will turn out to
    be a turning point.
    The players must have told Bud that Young was a punk as I didn’t hear of players lining up to say he was getting hosed and now he’s outta there.

  16. gotitan says:

    Jan 7, 2011 5:55 PM

    Who cares? All you idiots who read this article and swore Fish would be fired, week after week. Shut it and enjoy, you haters. When you speak about something you know nothing about, it shows what clowns you people are. Enjoy the off season and the playoffs. Remember 1 team wins and 31 teams will not. We’ll be getting two new QBs and still have the best RB in the game. Tick Tock, Tick Tock. See you when we kick off in Titan Town with Fish next season!


    Did you parents have any children that learned to watch tv and remember what they saw?

    Having read the comments here and lived in Brentwood for four years, I saw more hate in Williamson County for Fish than I do here…

    The problem is his record…

    Now go home and get your shine box!

  17. Anyone who really believes this was a “Fisher OR Young” debacle needs to read between the lines. The best answer wouldn’t have been “or,” it would have been “and.” Take a few minutes to read through these comments and take note of the commenters who are Titans fans. They know Fisher for what he is – mediocre. So what if he’s respected throughout the league. Respect doesn’t win games.

  18. Wayne Fontes, revisited. On, Wayne actually has more playoff and winning seasons than Jeff Fisher.
    I’m done being a Titans fan as long as Jeff Fisher is coach.

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