Jim Harbaugh could choose Stanford over 49ers today

Jim Harbaugh may be just hours away from announcing that he’ll return to Stanford next season and turn down the San Francisco 49ers.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Harbaugh’s options are down to Stanford and the 49ers, that Stanford is the favorite, and that the decision could come today.

Among the recent reports:

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, citing an unnamed source, reported that Harbaugh will choose between the 49ers or Stanford, that Stanford is the favorite and that an announcement is expected as soon as today.

Tim Kawakami reported that it’s the 49ers or Stanford, and Stanford is pushing hard to keep Harbaugh.

CardinalReport.com reported that Stanford is now a heavy favorite to keep Harbaugh.

Jay Glazer reported that Stanford has upped its offer significantly, and Harbaugh is leaning toward staying. Glazer, showing the Harbaugh fatigue that a lot of us are feeling, added, “Wake me when it’s over.”

Obviously, this story is changing rapidly, and it’s entirely possible that we’ll hear something different before the day is done. But for now, Harbaugh seems to be leaning toward sticking with Andrew Luck and trying to win a national championship.

And the 49ers will get to work on Plan B.

29 responses to “Jim Harbaugh could choose Stanford over 49ers today

  1. For having proven absolutely nothing in the NFL as a coach, this guy sure gets a lot of press. Seems to have a pretty huge ego.

  2. 1). If it wasn’t for these types of goings-on, worthless morons like Jay Glazer wouldn’t have a job, so his attitude towards is simply stupid.

    2). Everyone came charging after Harbaugh. He didn’t go after them. How is he to blame for what’s been going on?

  3. This guy, and his agent, played the game perfectly. It was actually fascinating to follow his meteroic rise the last two or three weeks. He’ll make a run, with Luck leading the way, at a PAC-12 and National Championship this season. If they pull one off, or make another BCS game at least, he’ll bolt to the NFL in 2012 for whatever opening his finds best, while naming his price. Maybe 2012 is when we’ll see the Luck/Harbaugh packadge deal.

  4. he’ll choose Stanford if the money is about the same. With the potential lockout he may not be able to meet with players till summer or right before the season if there is one? He’s stayin since Luck did. RATS!!! Now I got to excited over Billick or Marty Morninglory? Ugh

  5. Staying at Stanford would be a bold move by Harbaugh. He has a lot more to lose by staying than Luck does. Luck in all likelihood will continue to improve with another year as a starting quarterback. While anything less than a BCS championship will ultimately hurt Harbaugh’s rise to the NFL.

    Come on man. Strike while the iron’s hot!

  6. It’s fairly obvious that nobody knows that they’re talking about. First it was Baalke had the inside track to hire Harbaugh for the 49ers, then it was Lombardi would be a better choice to lure him to them. Then it was John Elway would be able to get Harbaugh for the Broncos because of his connection with Stanford. Then it was Miami was going to get Harbaugh to come over because they were willing to double what the 49ers were offering him. Now that all of those others have fallen through its back to either Stanford or the 49ers (or if you’re a Raiders fan, the Raiders).

    But does anyone really know anything? Apparently not. Although it does seem people believe they know what’s going on in Harbaugh’s head. I guess now they have a 50/50 shot at being right since he’s turned down everyone else.

  7. It was bargaining leverage from the get go to stay at Stanford. Clearly obvious once Miami withdrew it’s mega deal followed closely by Luck’s announcement to stay at Stanford.

  8. Good luck at Stanford Harbaugh. I know my Niners could have really used you. But, if you feel the best choice is college, then I hope the best for you. Cheers.

  9. Well I’d guess that says alot about the mess in Miami…Harbaugh throws away $28+ mill because Ross/Ireland have demolished that once proud franchise.

    Cannot wait to see Irelands blockbuster moves this offseason.

  10. Andrew Luck gets hurt next year, Stanford does nothing without him, Luck gets drafted later than he would have this year, Harbaugh gets NO offers to coach in the NFL next year. Worst possible senario, however THAT is the reason to open the door when opportunity knocks…..

  11. PFTiswhatitis says:
    Jan 7, 2011 2:17 PM
    This is worse than the Lebron James decision drama…nobody cares.
    Everybody cares, except you. Actually you must care too, since you took the time to post a comment here.

  12. This guy is way way overrated…everyone in the media is acting like he has a track record of a Saban or Tressel…He had one good season and now he’s a proven winner? Geeesh

  13. If he goes back to Stanford, he is doing the right thing. The NFL will always be there.
    He’s not jilting anyone.
    He refused to even come here to Cleveland
    to kick our tires.
    Can’t blame him.

  14. So all fall we heard speculation about what teams Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden and Jim Harbaugh would be coaching in 2011. Thank you for useless speculation again blogosphere.

  15. if he chooses stanford at this point he’s a moron- recruiting is everything and going back would just give ammo to every other school recruiting against stanford with a great argument-

    do you (potential player) want the most important decision of your life, tied to a program that may change the moment the “right” NFL job opens? Or………….

    He should have looked at an NFL opportunity behind the scenes if at all, now the damage is done. Go to San Fran already

  16. “And the 49ers will get to work on Plan B.”

    Wasn’t Josh McDaniels their Plan B? Oops, thats going to leave a mark.

  17. Ole Jimmy Harbaugh turned down the Dolphins owner, Ross, for 7-8 million a yr. Harbaugh knowing all along he didnt want to coach in So Fla, still met with Ross. Ya think that was to jack up his asking price ? Ya know, kinda like a whore. Now Stanford is raising its offer. Coaches/players are all alike, its the money, dont let them tell u any different.

  18. Or…. NOT!

    Couldn’t be happier about this. Even if Harbaugh fails, we will have an identity restored and likely a QB worked out for the long term.

    Welcome, Jim.

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