Rams fire 44-year veteran equipment manager Todd Hewitt

We usually skip the comings and goings of equipment managers at this time of year, but we usually don’t come across stories about teams firing equipment managers who have been with the team for 44 years, as the St. Louis Rams have done.

Todd Hewitt, who started working for the Rams as an 11-year-old assistant to his father in 1967, has been let go by the team.

The Rams confirmed Hewitt’s departure in a brief announcement that also said assistant strength coach Chuck Faucette has been let go.

We have decided not to retain Todd Hewitt and Chuck Faucette going forward in 2011,” coach Steve Spagnuolo said in a statement. “We appreciate their efforts in the past and wish them well in the future.”

Hewitt has declined to comment and the team has given no reason for his termination.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz had a great take on Hewitt’s termination today.

“I’m sorry to learn that the Rams have fired their longtime equipment manager Todd Hewitt,” Miklasz writes. “There doesn’t seem to be any justification for this. I also know that 99 percent of the team’s fans don’t care about who is in charge of the equipment. But the Hewitt family had a strong, proud and loyal tradition of serving the franchise. Todd had been with the Rams for more than 40 years. His father, the late and beloved Don Hewitt, was the team’s equipment manager from 1967 through 1994. I don’t understand why such a good man and a loyal employee has to be treated so shabbily.”

Here’s hoping that Hewitt, who is married with four children, lands on his feet.

77 responses to “Rams fire 44-year veteran equipment manager Todd Hewitt

  1. There might be a lot more to this story. He may have done something like open his mouth (think Oakland punter), or got caught doing something he should not have.

  2. Clearly, he was caught whacking it.

    There must’ve been a copy of Glamour laying around.

  3. bad karma, Rams.

    Someone obviously wanted to give the job to a family member or close friend. Lousy fricken move by the Rams.

  4. equipment manager can’t be a full time job, can it? Can you really raise a family of 6 working as an equipment manager?

  5. Wow. Just let it lie. If there really is justification you’re only going to make the guys life worse by digging into it or bny encouraging others to dig into it.

  6. Either there’s more to the story that would justify his firing or, the Rams are gravy sucking pigs.

  7. More liberal media tripe … fitting for our newfound entitlement culture.

    Rather than acknowledge the Rams have EMPLOYED this dude for 44 years and SUPPORTED his wife and kids …they spin it their way … making a 44-year employee a VICTIM.

    The 60s generation can’t die soon enough.

  8. I hope my company gives me 44 years before letting me go. Come on, must a slow news day for the NFL, GEEZ!

  9. I’d say he probably did something to warrant being fired, and they are not saying anything out of respecet to his years of service to the organization. Otherwise, he would have said something about being canned

  10. Can’t wait for the first game next year–when they show up and have no jock straps or helmets

  11. Maybe he was bad at his job? Maybe he had a bad attitude? Geez, people get fired all the time. Not a big deal. I’m sure if he was great at what he did and added value they would keep him.

  12. Spags is a good guy, and before we judge, let’s see why this guy was fired. Did anyone ever think that maybe there could be a legitimate reason why the guy was let go?

  13. You accumulate a lot of raises over 44 years. I’m guessing they’d rather pay a 20 year old $10/hr.

  14. What little remaining smidgin of respect i had for the Rams is now gone. What a bunch of no-account sum-bichs. If i was him i’d write a book now and throw everybody i had any smut on right under both sets of the bus wheels. They lost to the scrub hawks and took it out on the friggin equipment manager. Crazy. What a world!

  15. Come on. He might’ve stealing or who knows what, and they are helping him by keeping their mouthes shut.

  16. #
    ghostofgilchrist says: Jan 7, 2011 2:17 PM

    He’d still have his job if he used that stuff that Dahani Jones sprays on jockstraps.


    bwaahahahaha. greatness

  17. PFT states:
    “Here’s hoping that Hewitt, who is married with four children, lands on his feet.

    is that a clue PFT… .his FEET?


    two guess:
    1. caught doing something

    2. yeah.. they have a ‘relative’ they want to give the job to…

    3. he forgot to pack the ‘good skills’ bag when they played seattle

  18. For the team to make an announcement about “firing” an equipment manager means something nefarious HAD TO have gone on. It’s almost as if the team is distancing themselves from the guy before some really sad/scandalous/embarrassing news hits the public.

  19. Have the Rams ever heard of the EEOC? You can’t just fire anyone in those types of positions for no reason. Because of his age, he is in a protected class.

    Maybe he has been sending cell phone pictures of his manhood to female employees. lol!

  20. chapnastier says: Jan 7, 2011 2:14 PM

    “Will they interview a minority before naming his replacement?”

    “Minority” is merely the PC word that they use to skirt the law. Black man is what they really mean.

  21. My lord there are some hilarious comments on this one (topped off by ghostofgilchrist).

  22. 4sacroc says: Jan 7, 2011 2:31 PM

    More liberal media tripe … fitting for our newfound entitlement culture.

    Rather than acknowledge the Rams have EMPLOYED this dude for 44 years and SUPPORTED his wife and kids …they spin it their way … making a 44-year employee a VICTIM.

    The 60s generation can’t die soon enough.

    I hate it when folks make political soapbox stands on stories like this. Obviously, he has been doing his job well. Well enough to be retained for 44 years! But because of your political blinders, you can’t see that there is something more to this story and is certainly NOT a case of entitlement. Stop listening to Glenn Beck!

  23. Why compells the Rams to even announce it in the first place? My company switched janitorial services this year, how is that anybody else’s business?

    After 44 years of picking up other people’s dirty laundry, he seems particularily well qualified to be BrINT Favre’s personal assistant.

  24. He’s been working for them since he was eleven? Really? Aren’t there laws against that?

    No one ever told me I had a job for life. He got the job through nepotism – I’m supposed to feel sorry for him? Someone else didn’t get that job because his dad was his connection.

  25. Sam Bradford’s sock was 1/4 ” too tight and cut off circulation to his foot. The Rams blamed this on their loss to the Hawks. Letting this man go was the only way they’d make it to the playoffs next year.

  26. @4sacroc ….

    Let’s hope when the 60s generation goes it’s in a psychedelic bus that crashes into your SUV. It would be poetic justice if their spirits serenaded yours with “What the World Needs Now is Love” as your bitter soul sinks into the pit.

    Hewitt has no reason to be grateful to the Rams for employing him 44 years. It was quid pro quo. He did a job for which he was compensated.

    The guy just lost his job. Maybe it was for cause–we don’t know. But do you always take pleasure in kicking people when they’re down?

  27. If it had been McDaniels doing the firing, I think the speculation might be warranted (rumor is he traded Hillis because Hillis hit on Josh’s wife), but Spags comes across as a pretty classy guy, so I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt. There could be a myriad of valid reasons that they let the guy go.

  28. tuckercarlsonisthevoiceofreason says:
    Jan 7, 2011 2:48 PM
    I heard he and the cleaning lady had sexual intercourse on the desk in his office. In his defense, no one told him when he was hired that that sort of thing was frowned upon.

    Nice work, Constanza…..made my day.

  29. He needant worry, now he will be eligible for Unemployment, Food Stamps, free Obama care, maybe even Job core retraining and a stimilus package!

  30. theytukrjobs says:
    Jan 7, 2011 2:29 PM
    Maybe he wasn’t doing very good at his job?
    Yeah, there was talk of a noticable drop off in production around year 38.

    There may have been good cause for this that they are trying to shield his name of, or they may just be ungrateful bastards with no soul for a 44 year employee. We’ll never know.

    It was a good gig while it lasted and he’s not likely going to see another job like this at this point in his life, but a good many of us have gotten the axe the past few years and no one ever promised any of us a job for life. It IS a little surprising that they even made this announcement though

  31. I lost my job a year ago and they didn’t announce it in the trade magazines. Boy, I was pissed but I got over it.

  32. the rams found out he was selling bradfords jocks at a local gay bar for a hundred bucks a pop…..one fifty if scented.

  33. “Assistant strength coach Chuck Faucette was also let go.”

    he had no comment….

    bring in Detective Columbo…


    meanwhile Ray Lewis is being questioned in the missing, disappearance of Ed Reed’s brother in Louisanna

  34. 15 or more years ago, the Cincinnati Reds fired their long time groundskeeper just days before he was eligible for a team retirement.


    I wonder if the Rams have a 55 and some years retirement policy?

  35. I’ve known Todd Hewitt since the Rams came to St. Louis. I’m just a regular guy that has loved the Rams since childhood. I am called Ramswingman because I bring hot wings to the players after a win. Todd is all about the players and the Rams. Believe me the firing was not about his performance in his job or about his relationship to the players. I’m sure the players are very upset as I am. After 44 years on a job the only way you are fired is 1. about money or 2. you want to put a realtive in the job. Georgia is turning in her grave right now!!! And all you people who make fun of this your just sick!! Remember all that the Hewitts took the Rams to THREE superbowls. I’ll miss Todd as will manywill. But with his experience and great personality he will be swooped up by a team tomorrow. You go Todd, you were treated badly and you know how it goes God keeps track and paybacks are a Bitc#. I just hope the team doesn’t suffer. Here’s to you buddy!! I don’t need to wish you luck..you are your own luck!!

  36. @ramswingman …

    Thank you. Leave it to billionaires to buy a football team and dump a 44-year employee. Unfortunately, that’s the kind of people who buy into teams these days. Georgia was a hoot–wish she was still around. I’m a Steelers fan and thankful the Rooneys were able to keep majority control. Hope you are right that Hewitt finds a good opportunity elsewhere. Good luck to you, too.

  37. hockeyhilite….thank you for saving me the typing. What an A-hole!

    ramswingman….as my high school history teacher/football coach would say, “You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.” I was never exactly sure what he meant, but I knew it was praise for a job well done.

    While I have to admit, there were some damn funny comments, we really shouldn’t be poking fun at another man’s misfortune regardless of how it came to be. We all have screwed up and we have all been victimized in one way or another in our lives. Just remeber that karma can be a bitch….. That said, I wish Mr. Hewitt and his family the best. Having lost my father this morning, I can relate to having a really bad day……

  38. I’m actually a few houses down from him and what evidently happened was that he refused to wash Spagnuola’s underwear and thongs so he fired him and hired some college grad for a few pennies.

  39. I personally think that no matter what mr. hewitt did he was gone .The head coach doesn’t even have the balls to say why he really wants him out,hewitt was probably loved by most of the organization.I can’t believe the owners allowed the HC to do this . Shame on them . If you truly are Ram fans ,is this really the type of team we want to support.You should put yourself in Mr. hewitts shoes then tell me if you feel the firing was fear . Get rid of this egotistical HC and get someone else.I wood rather lose then support this franchise.

  40. I grew up with Todd Hewitt and he lived a few blocks from me for many years. I went to high school and college with him and I am very proud to say I knew his late father Don. They are both very great people. Todd was always kind and never pushed the fact that his Dad was the Equipment Manager for the Rams. I cannot believe what the franchise has done to Todd, good guys do always seem to finish last. I have been a loyal fan of the Rams since they were the Los Angeles Rams, and now I am very sad to say I am ashamed of them. Whatever happened to company loyalty? I am sure Todd and his family will survive this mess and who knows maybe he will show up as the Equipment Manager of another pro team, maybe the Titans need you Todd!! Nashville is a lovely city!

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