Report: Dolphins extend Sparano through 2013

The Dolphins couldn’t beat out the 49ers for Jim Harbaugh, so they’re sticking with Tony Sparano as head coach. In addition to retaining him, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that Sparano’s contract has been extended through 2013.

The deal is not expected to include a large increase from Sparano’s previous salaries, which were in the $2.8 million range. Instead, Sparano will reportedly receive an “expanded role” in player personnel decisions, which coupled with the extension represents owner Stephen Ross’ apology to Sparano for trying to replace him all week.

Sparano was previously under contract through only 2011, so without the new years he would’ve been the lamest-duck coach in the league next season, assuming there’s NFL football.

Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland, who like Ross turned his back on Sparano — but arguably to a greater extent considering their roots in Dallas — will still have “final say” over personnel. So outside of what seems to be increased long-term job security, the Dolphins’ head coach will probably end up gaining very little ground within the organization.

But at least he’s not job hunting for line coach positions.

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  1. WTF!? Wow I am at a loss for words at this point. Davis, Snyder, and York have somebody they can really laugh at. Ross: “Hey we couldn’t get you replaced. Now that the world knows what a douche I am, I will never find a replacement for you. So we’ve decided the best option is to extend your deal!” Man, and I thought the bay area teams were screwed up. York actually pulled of the big splash move, and now Barnum & Bailey have taken over in Miami. Compound that with Davis actually being patient for his replacement after stupidly ousting Cable. In the end now even Undead Al will save face thanks to Ross. Not sure there’s hope for Snyder.

  2. This is the 3rd report on the subject.’I’ll wait for the press conference to be cancelled just the same, thanks.

  3. Get back on that plane and go get Josh Mcdaniels to come run your offense and pay Mike Nolan whatever it takes to stay and run your defense and let Sparano stand on the sidelines and cheer for TD’S instead of FG’S.

  4. What was the offer made to Harbaugh by the Fins??? I don’t see it reported anywhere, yet I see every reporter saying harbaugh turned them down??

  5. What a mess. And to think, Harbaugh was probably just using the ‘Phins for leverage.

  6. happy for Tony,

    but I was hoping to hear he had given Ross the “Bras d’honneur”

    …. the Ultimate Fist Pump ….

  7. Hey Tony….take it from your Pisano. Win win win. Hopefully the Superbowl in 2013 and tell your buddy Ireland and slippery snake moron owner Ross to stick it in their coulo!!!! Leave the bums for greener pastures in 2014!!!

    Ciao…Go Fish!

  8. Well now that we have that settled we need a guy to call the plays… a guy throw the ball… and a guy to run it. I hope we get Vince Young. Considering he can run, throw(ish) and improvises well I think he would fit well. Just a thought, maybe I’ve had a few too many drinkee winkees tonight.

  9. gottaplan says: Jan 7, 2011 10:35 PM

    What was the offer made to Harbaugh by the Fins??? I don’t see it reported anywhere, yet I see every reporter saying harbaugh turned them down??


    7-8 million and according to reports He would go higher if 49ers increased.

    ************************ AKA Slow Joe (Bucs fan) says: Jan 7, 2011 10:41 PM

    What a mess. And to think, Harbaugh was probably just using the ‘Phins for leverage.


    For what? He signed for the same deal he was originally considering even though the 49ers told him they would bump it to $6M a year. Sounds more like he just listened to Ross’ offer to be polite. Hmm if you are originally offered 4.5-5 million, then offer is bumped to 6 million, yet you still readily agree on the 5 million. Where was the leverage?

  10. They look like idiots, but I like this move. Sometimes the best trade is the one you dont make.

    The Dolphins need stability, not another big-name coach to come in and change everything again (while we the fans wait 3-5 more years to see if it works). I’m certainly not a huge Sparano fan, but I do think he can be a good coach. As long as THE REAL PROBLEM, Henning is gone and we get someone in here that can draw up more than 4 plays, we’ll be fine.

    I Personally would love to see them trade for Orton, but I dont see it happening so they need to take the damn training wheels off Henne and let him continue to develop. Draft Ingram and get a homerun hitting receiver like Sidney Rice. Not an elite team, but definitely a 10-11 win team with these offensive upgrades.

  11. Stephen Ross must be smoking some pretty good stuff if he thinks that im going to spend my money to go to any home games next season!!! To go watch Sparano pump his fist after each fieldgoal?!!!!
    F! U! Mr. Ross! The Dolphins will improve to a .500 team next year and Sparano will claim it a success! What a joke, I’m curious to see how many season ticket holders are going to pay for this crap. Thank God for the Heat!!!

    Miami just slipped into another 5 years of irrelevance!

  12. I still think Sparano should quit right after week 1. They would then be mandated to promote from within until the season ended. Essentially being stuck with Nolan as head coach. Ask 49ers how that worked out

  13. This is awesome. All of this irrational support Sparano is getting is hysterical. What part of “he sucks” dont you guys understand? Obviously, he has a losing record over three years. His team quit on him two years in a row. And he gets an extension.

    The good news? After the Fins go 4-12 or 5-11 in 2011 (or 2012 if there is no football next year) the rebuilding can start.

    The funny news….how all the moronic Fins fans are on justifying him staying. Stupid is as stupid does.

  14. Was Jim Harbaugh, the one who got away, really the best coach for the Miami Dolphins?

    To be honest, we don’t even know if he’s the best Harbaugh.

    Big brother John Harbaugh is a proven winner and a playoff participant with the Baltimore Ravens, while Jim, for all his Orange Bowl buzz, has no record whatsoever in the NFL.

    Harbaugh may be uncommonly bright and motivated and successful, but so were Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier when first they tried their hands at running NFL teams. Both were out after two seasons. Pete Carroll, another college wizard, finally has found a bit of a foothold in the league with Seattle, but his overall regular-season record as coach of three NFL teams is 40-40.

    That’s about where Miami’s consolation coach, Tony Sparano, figures to wind up if he ever gets that much of an opportunity with the Dolphins or some other team.

  15. This reminds me of Happy Gilmore where, he says, “I’m sorry babe I didn’t mean that, either it’s just some times I get SO scared.”

    No wonder Parcells left what a silly way to try to run a team.

  16. Here is another good one!

    Schefter: “Dolphins NEVER offered Harbaugh a contract”

    I watched hin on ESPN and he stated that it was just an exploratory meeting.

    ***********I believe Schefter**************

  17. He’s a failure as a head coach. He’s simply brutal in every aspect you would grade a head coach, including his own area of supposed “expertise,” the offensive line.

    So what does this moron owner do? He gives him more responsibility.

    Can’t even come close to handling what he’s already doing, so he’s given more. Genius plan.

    The only way this irrelevant franchise avoids eight blackouts next year is if there is no season.

    No matter what team you’re a fan of, you have the peace of mind knowing that it’s still in better hands and better run than the Dolphins.

  18. So what did Mangini have to say about this?

    How stupid to say “You suck, we want to replace you but we couldn’t, so how about an extension?”

  19. Sparano is a good coach…who will never win with that Rat Ireland beinbg in charge of personnel. His moves are the worst in NFL.

    Sparano am sure…is prepared to go thru this every week now…never mind yearly.

    Thats how dumb that Ross is

  20. I’ve been reading some of the comments (mostly on dolphin stuff) and noticed that finfan316 must be a bitter person who seems to always bash dolphin fans. You’re like a bad teammate who has a bad attitude and wants to be traded. Well, I’ll make it easy…You’re fired, so get the hell off the Dolphin bandwagon and go join the Jets. No wonder you have been banned on some Dolphin boards!

    Back to this article. You know how sometimes coaches will bring in another player to light a fire under the current player? Maybe Ross was doing the same to Sparano (by interviewing other “possible” coaches). I’m sure Sparano has heard the comments of some of his players and will probably change (his micromanaging). I do believe Miami’s main issue was Henning and Henne. Sparano was probably just trying to stay positive throughout the season and just didn’t have the balls to fire Henning, and didn’t replace Henne earlier in the season because Thigpen is not much better.

  21. #
    dcorlando says: Jan 7, 2011 10:32 PM

    Get back on that plane and go get Josh Mcdaniels to come run your offense and pay Mike Nolan whatever it takes to stay and run your defense and let Sparano stand on the sidelines and cheer for TD’S instead of FG’S.
    Not sure Mc Daniels would agree to be on another staff with Nolan considering he fired Nolan for god knows what reason in Denver.

  22. To give this guy an extension makes me believe that Mr. Ross is as dumb as he looks. For the last two years this team has foundered in mediocraty both on the field and in their personnel moves. Now he gives Pizza Maker another two years and more say in the personnel area. Give me some of what this guys’ smoking! Sporano has done nothing but screw up the oline since he started making those decisions, the offensive production has dropped in the last two years to almost non-exisitancy, and now the team quit on him against the Pats, and you reward him with a 2 year extension? Is this a great country or what! Cut your losses knucklehead, go find someone who wants to do it the right way, and clean house before it falls down. Jettison Ireland too, he’s just been living off of Parcells reputation anyway. The only way you’re gonna turn this ship around is by clearing the decks and starting over. I feel sorry for all those season ticket holders who will have to sit through 2 more years of what they had the last 2.

  23. Sparano must feel like a cheated on wife that gets a diamond necklace afterwards…

    As Bob Sugar would say, “its no show-friends, its show-business.”

    Congrats Tony, I think you will make the playoffs next year.

  24. I laugh at the Dolphin fans that think Josh McD would have any part of coaching as an OC in the AFC East standing on the opposite sideline against his mentor the best HC in the NFL.

    No one wants to be a part of this circus of a franchise run by the ringleader Ross and his minority owners that sit in their luxury boxes but couldn’t tell you how many players are on the field at any given time.

    I don’t believe Harbaugh was the answer and it looks like the Dolphins biggest obstacles that team will face going forward is the same things Redskins fans have faced for many years, an inept ownership that doesn’t have a clue on how to run a team.

    Its great to be a Patriots fan and know that we have a great owner that put the right people in place.

  25. Silva,

    Let’s get ONE thing straight. Ireland didn’t turn his back on Sparano. He works for the owner and this is what the owner wanted him to do. He’s an employee, if he wants to keep his job he does what the owner says.

  26. I can see Miami bringing in McNabb and promptly going 2-14. What a sham of an offseason, and it’s only been the first week. If they start trying to tell us that Thigpen is their quarterback of the future, I might vomit.

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