Report: “Off-field concerns” for Ryan Mallett

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Arkansas fourth-year junior quarterback Ryan Mallett declared for the NFL draft on Thursday, and the announcement was met with mostly positive reactions. Mallett is a golden-armed passer with ideal size. He completed 64.7 percent of his passes in 2010, averaged 9.41 yards per throw, and compiled a 62:19 touchdown-to-interception ratio in his final two seasons under Bobby Petrino.

Albert Breer of NFL Network tosses cold water on the notion that Mallett is an ideal pro prospect, however, in a Friday column on Breer reports that Mallett’s draft stock will be adversely impacted by “off-field concerns.” Citing sources, Breer indicates that Mallett is unlikely to replace Andrew Luck as a potential No. 1 overall pick.

Breer does not go into detail about factors that may affect Mallett’s stock, but a quick Google search reveals that he was arrested for public intoxication as a third-year sophomore in March of 2009. It was Mallett’s first season eligible after a transfer from Michigan.

“I am very disappointed that Ryan Mallett put himself in a situation that doesn’t reflect positively on him or on our program,” Petrino stated at the time.

Mallett later pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge. While the arrest seems forgivable, it would not be surprising if more dirt on Mallett comes out prior to the draft. Breer seems pretty convinced that Mallett won’t be going as early in the draft as many have projected, and the comparison of Mallett to Ryan Leaf has been made more than once.

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  1. While I don’t think Mallett will go first overall, I think it has more to do with the fact that he’s just not as NFL-ready as Andrew Luck.

    The fact that public-intoxication while in college is considered a serious “off-field concern” further highlights the hypocritical gulf between the false standards of morality applied in the NFL and the reality the rest of us live. Michael Vick has off-field concerns. Getting drunk in undergrad is par for the course in America, for better or for worse.

  2. Well he will never be as big a bust. But Mallett could be the white JaMarcus (JaRobitussin) Russell……

  3. cup1981

    LOL….exactly. what one of us hasnt acted like a moron at some point or another while mallett’s age??? if THAT is the concern there’s no story here.

  4. Mallett will drop as “the process” unfolds. Gabbert will move to the top of the list (maybe the top of the draft) with Jake Locker as the second ranked QB.

  5. He kind of looks like Kerry Collins…. just saying…

    except i dont think he has the skills to be playing 15 years from now

  6. Wow…he might drop to the 3rd round now…cant imagine a yound guy that is BMOC getting in trouble…cant remember the last time that happened. Doh!

  7. Mallet has on-field issues too, like horrible footwork and a knack for throwing INT’S late in close games.

  8. One time, in college, I actually drank alcohol, but I did not inhale and I did not enjoy it.

  9. That’s it??!! Seriously, who in here didn’t drink and get a little wild in college?

  10. He has a John Elway arm on a Ben Rapesagirl body with Ryan Leaf brain. Go ahead and draft him in the first round, pay big money, and watch in horror as he self destructs taking his bonus money down the drain with his career.

    ya, I would love to see the Vikings draft this clown.

  11. Unless there was discharge of excrement on a local landmark…or perhaps an ‘exposure’ issue well, then I’m not sure this is too big a concern.

  12. What kind of jerk reports that a draft prospect has “off-field concerns” and doesn’t elaborate?

  13. I don’t think that one incident is a deal killer, but if there are more character issues that come up, he may start looking more like another Matt Jones type of guy.

  14. This is such a non story.
    I like my Qb’s to blow off some steam.
    What about his play on game day?
    Dan Marino was supposed to have tested positive
    for pot on a piss test and his stock dropped.
    How’d that work out?

  15. Off field concerns my ass. This kid can play, and someone should kick Albert Breer’s ass for his insinuations that could cost Mallett a lot of money.

    Do you think Dan Marino was a choirboy? Or Peyton Manning?

    Seriously, some reporters think that they only way they can get attention is by spewing garbage. I’d never heard of Albert Breer, but I’ll now lump him in with Glenn Beck.

  16. Boy, I am glad my team doesn’t need a QB. These “prospects”, and I use the term loosely, I would not draft with a fourth rounder. And this guy Mallet, reminds me of Drew Bledsoe. Big, with a strong arm, never had to try to get better because was handed the job due to the strong arm. On lower levels you can get away with it, but not in the NFL.

  17. Breer is an Ohio State homer, who started the Ryan Leaf comparison leading up to his alma mater playing Arkansas. Breer also constantly went on Boston radio saying Jerry Hughes will get 12 sacks his rookie year (Patriots should have taken) and Devin McCourty was a reach.

  18. I guess if I would have had NFL talent in college then I would have been fuked by off the field issues. I had several underage drinking charges. So the person who actually gets caught is bad? This is such a hypocritical view. I guess this is going to shock some people(sarcasm) but when your kids go off to college their going to break the law by drinking underage. But if they don’t get caught you can pretend like they are angels and spew venom at the ones who do.

  19. My issue with Mallett is that … he’s just not that good yet. He’s a strong armed QB who hasn’t shown top QB IQ and needs to improve in his footwork/mechanics a bit.

    To be honest, I’ve always thought of him more in that Andrew Walter, big arm mold.

    I wouldn’t touch any of these QB’s until the late first-2nd. That said, I think 2 QB’s go round 1, with Blaine Gabbert (who I think is getting overhyped a bit – he has work to do in understanding reads and progression as well) probably in the top 10 or so, and Cam Newton probably in the mid first range. After that, I think Jake Locker/Ryan Mallett are more late first-3rd type guys.

    Personally, I feel like all four of these guys are more of the “Aaron Rodgers 3 year development” school, and as such, I’m not so sure that teams wouldn’t be better off grabbing a developmental QB a bit later, say a Pat Devlin, Colin Kaepernick, or someone else. I would hate to be the head coach that has to turn to one of these kids in year 1.

  20. So, let me get this straight. Mallet got drunk as a freshman…and that’s a career killer.

    Cam “Show My Dad The Money” Newton can buy stolen property, cheat on tests, take money to play amateur (yeah, he didn’t know what his dad was doing…suuuuuure), and that’s just groovy?

    The world has gone mad.

  21. Often times a team that wants a certain player but doesn’t want to trade for an early pick will try to make a big deal out of a tiny deal so no one else wants him.

    That being said this is not such a great draft overall, but we knew this was coming. I think because Mallet is one of the top qbs he will go in the first round, but most years he would be a 2nd rounder at best.

  22. The real off-field concern should be Mallet’s inbred appearance.

    Teams need to do due diligence and find out which one of his relatives gave him their DNA.

  23. “i heard he is the reason all those birds are dead in Arkansas “- that was funny I’ll admit

    What are you people talking about? A college kid was caught drinking alcohol! This is big news in the world of collegiate sports. Its not like those other guys who knew they had to go to Pro Combine and still tested positive for pot. He was drinking alcohol four years ago!

    So let me get this straight, because he’s a tall QB with a strong arm and a southern accent he’s Ryan Leaf? This is some substandard character assassination CFT & the sports media is trafficking in.

  24. We don’t need a QB in Detroit, but if we did, and Mallett slid a couple rounds, sure, why not? Detroit has a solid locker room with great role models, and a kid ,like Mallett could mature well in those conditions.

    For you guys wishing Minnesota would take him, be careful what you wish for. Minnesota has a solid group of leaders, too, and Tavaris Jackson not withstanding, the new kids up there get it straight in short order.

  25. how dumb, a college kid got caught drinking!
    who cares everybodt drinks its fun.
    Iam doin it right now.
    I think this guy is gona be good, I felt bad for him his last game his WRs were dropping balls everywhere.
    Imagin if he had Shillins,DHB, Miller, Jacoby Ford.
    He would be better than brady ever was or is

  26. @pooflinging monkey
    Dan Marino’s off field behavior has always been rumored to why the big drop in the draft to the Dolphins.

    Agreed, I wonder if he’ll be required to apologize on national television like Pryor?


    that article is high comedy!
    I can’t take ANY sports analysts seriously when they say a QB (in this case Mallett) can’t close out a big game like such QBs as Peyton Manning. How many big games has Peyton Manning blown! He didn’t win a thing at Tennessee and his playoff record is 9-18 with a 28 TDs & 19 INTs. I guess all those Citrus Bowls he won at Tennessee were big games.

    Was the game against LSU that decided who would get the Sugar Bowl bid not count as a big game?

    “I confess that I didn’t see all that much of him this fall, but when I did I noticed his body language enough that I mentioned it to our consultants”-nothing I like more than a guy evaluating a person he didn’t see. Tell me more about this guy you didn’t watch.

  28. Well, for those of you implying that this will have nothing to do with Mallett’s draft stock, various reports indicate both that he has a profound sense of entitlement and he’s kind of jerk. Now, those aren’t the worst sins in the world, but aren’t they exactly the sort of concerns that made Jimmy Clausen fall all the way to the second round last April?

    IIRC, Clausen was perceived as a completely pro-ready prospect with great tools, but also as kind of a jackass, and unlike Mallett he was never actually arrested for anything… he’s just a hard dude (reportedly) to like.

    So if Clausen can plummet for this reason, why can’t Mallett?

  29. I don’t know much about this young man’s character, but this is a shameful piece of garbage article. That someone like Breer would make such couched accusations, and that Silva would write about it, and someone allow it to be posted here. Utterly without merit.

  30. Don’t know a thing about this dude but had to laugh at Petrino expressing even mock dismay at anyone’s “character issues” especially when they are so minor. I realize he probably had to make it look like he gives a crap to make the NCAA happy or whatever but it’s still funny that the cowardly prick had the nerve to say a word.

  31. His biggest off-field concern will be this comment he made… “Coach Petrino is a winner, a man of character and the hardest worker I have ever seen.”

  32. #
    secdominance says: Jan 7, 2011 11:31 PM

    So let me get this straight, because he’s a tall QB with a strong arm and a southern accent he’s Ryan Leaf? This is some substandard character assassination CFT & the sports media is trafficking in.


    You aren’t completely transparent. If we’re going this far out on a limb, be glad there isn’t a public stupidity ordinance. The South would be under martial law.

  33. Listen to Mallett speak. Some may consider it insignificant, but this guy presents like a high school kid. Goofy, poor grammar, immature. I would have major reservations drafting Ryan Mallett and paying him first round quarterback money. I want my QB to present like Peyton Manning, or Tom Brady. Professional, well spoken, serious.

  34. As a starting QB at a program such as Arkansas, how many times do you think he was caught drinking and they looked the other way because of who he was.. I’m sure the time he got punished wasn’t the first time he was caught… He’ll be out of the NFL in 3 years…

  35. This is being promoted either by the agent of another rookie QB or by a team with a lower slot in the 1st that wants him. Why else would an old violation just happen to be brought up? I’m of the opinion he will be an average pro but this is still ridiculous.

  36. I took this article to say that he was arrested 2 years ago for public intoxication, so what else has he done we don’t know about? Well, I can attest that I knew about his arrest for this offense about 10 minutes after he was arrested, as did everyone in the country that reads about Razorback news. That was it. That is all he did. He has been a boy scout ever since. This is not a logical assumption. What a joke. It is an attempt to push another player ahead of him in the draft. No worries, Mallett can handle whatever comes his way. I wish Ryan all the success in the world, he deserves it!!

  37. gbfanforever you hit the nail on the head! There’s a particular agent who came after him hard and when he went another direction, the agent signed another supposed great qb and just in time for the combine the rumors started flying……hmmmmmm?
    I’ll let you guess who the other qb is

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