Saints expected to be without Malcom Jenkins, Jimmy Graham

Sean Payton is probably wishing he rested his starters last week against the Bucs.

The Saints lost the game, lost running back Chris Ivory for the season, and it appears they’ve lost tight end Jimmy Graham and safety Malcom Jenkins for Saturday’s game against the Seahawks.

The Saints already left for Seattle, and it’s believed Graham and Jenkins made the trip despite not practicing all week, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.  They are long shots to play, but could be ready if the Saints advance.  Jenkins’ loss is especially massive.  Along with Jonathan Vilma, he’s been the Saints defensive MVP this year.

All the Saints injury news isn’t bad.  Wide receiver Marques Colston practiced all week despite knee surgery just two weeks ago.  It looks like he’ll return, as will tight ends Jeremy Shockey and David Thomas.

With Pierre Thomas and Ivory out, Reggie Bush figures to get a lot of work against his old college coach.

7 responses to “Saints expected to be without Malcom Jenkins, Jimmy Graham

  1. i hate to tell you but an upset is still very unlikely. We hardly run the ball anyway( which against better teams will hurt, but not against Seattle) Jenkins will be replaced with that old guy people seem to forget about. Darren Sharper, and Graham will be replaced by Jeremy Shockey. This team is deep in every position right noe except RB.

  2. .
    there cant be an upset when the seahawks are expected to win.

    anyone that pics the saints hasnt watched football this year.

    brees is on a record streak of INTs, he wont be able to communicate with his wide receivers and per usual the saints rb’s are out.
    reggie cant run up the middle so they can only throw him screen passes for -2 to +2 yards… such a dominant offense.

    2 turnovers by the saints gives seattle the win.

  3. I love all the talk about an upset. What a joke. The Saints won 6 in a row with a patch work of RBs. Julius Jones will be looking to make a statement against the team that cut him, and Reggie Bush, the ultimate decoy, is back full strength. I’m a Patriots fan, and if there is a coach in this league who knows how to use the talents of the players he has its Bill Bellicheck….and Sean Payton. They will destroy Seattle folks. Saints 38-Hawks 13

  4. ” Seahawks expected to win” LOL were they the favorite in any game this year. We have turned the ball over 2 times this year a couple times and won against better teams. Reggie is a great decoy and averaged 7 yds a carry last week. not to say that he can do that every week, but reggie does seem to turn it up a noch each post season.

  5. Funny stuff, bspurloc. But FYI, 11 point underdogs aren’t expected to win. (except by idiots like you). The Saints have had multiple injuries all year, and still managed to win 11 games in a highly competitive division. But I guess you already know that since you supposedly watch football.

  6. @bspurloc I can’t wait to hear your excuses and whining to explain when all the diarrhea that comes out of your mouth doesn’t come true.

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